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Artistbook 2012|2013

Deadline: October 31, 2012 (EMAIL)

Artistbook 2012|2013
NOPX & Phos

Torino, Italia

NOPX|limitededitionpics in collaboration with Phos, Multipurpose Center for Photography and the Visual Arts, announces the International Competition of Artist Book NOPX|artistbooks 2012.

Competition Rules

Art. 1 - Purpose
The aim of the competition is to stimulate and encourage research into the artist's book and promote the selected artists with an exhibition at the exhibition space NOPX in Turin and an artist residence (aimed at creating a project and an exhibition) at PHOS Multipurpose Center for Photography and Visual Arts in Chieri.

15 artists, selected by the jury, will take part to a group exhibition in NOPX and a contribution of 300 euro will be given for the project selected as the winner. !e competition also provides a special prize, the PHOS prize, which consists in a residence at the guesthouse in the center PHOS in Chieri.

The residence will have a duration of 2 weeks (in spring of 2013), precise date to be agreed between the artist and members of PHOS. The residence provides coverage of housing costs plus the expenses for the realization of the exhibition (not covered board and travel expenses). The artist residence represents a moment of great confrontation and training for the artist himself, being connected to the direct experience in the host territory.

Art. 2 - Eligible Participants
No specific qualifications are required from the artists in order to apply. The Competition is addressed to any artist or group of artists, professional or not, Italians or foreigners, that are at least 18 years.

Art. 3 - Eligible Artworks
Each artist or group of artists can apply with just one book project. Subject, shape, size, materials and technique of the book are up to the artist and not restricted by any condition. The book project must not have been already awarded a prize or mentioned in any previous competition at the time of the application.

Registration Fee: € 10.00

Download regulations 2012|2013.pdf
Download application form.pdf

Visit website for more details:

Via Saluzzo 30
10125 Torino

Via Garibaldi 35bis
10023 Chieri_Torino