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5th European Competition for a Bobbin Lace - 2013

Deadline:  July 31, 2013 (RECEIVE)

5th European Competition for a Bobbin Lace - 2013
Associazione per il Museo della Seta di Como

Como, Italy
October/November 2013

Aim of the competition

“Associazione per il Museo della Seta di Como” is promoting the 5th European Competition for a bobbin lace - 2013. The decorative theme is suggested by a printing block, whose photo and the relative conditions can be downloaded from the web site The aim of such competition is to preserve traditions, materials and techniques connected with silk bobbin lace.


The competition is addressed to countries from the EU and Switzerland, in particular: schools, groups, associations, educational institutions, museums, craftsmen, artists, designers, etc.

The competition is made up of 2 sections:
·  Traditional: the continuity in the traditional designs, colours and techniques of the participant’s own area.
·  Modern: the interpretation of designs and traditional techniques by using various materials, coloured yarns and so on. Three-dimensional works are also accepted.


1. All entries to the competition shall be delivered by 31th July 2013. It is fundamental to send the receipt of fee settlement together with the Application Form.
2. The participation fee is € 30.00

Delivery and work-eligibility (truncated)

Only one work shall be submitted by each Participant.
1. The work shall be original and hand made by using the bobbin lace technique mainly. Silk shall be used as chief material but, in addition to it, other materials can be chosen by the Participant (excluding fragile materials such as glass, crystal, etc.).
2. All works, including three-dimensional ones, shall not exceed the maximum dimensions of 25x25x25 cm.
3. All works shall be examined in advance by the Museum staff in order to assess their eligibility in the competition. The works deemed ineligible shall not be displayed and, then, returned to the Participant with clear explanation.

Awards and prize-giving

3 prizes are awarded for each section of the competition.
1st Prize “traditional” section € 500,00
1st Prize “modern” section € 500,00
2nd Prize “traditional” section € 300,00
2nd Prize “modern” section € 300,00
3rd Prize “traditional” section € 200,00
3rd Prize “modern” section € 200,00

Each competitor shall be awarded of one prize only.

The award-winning works shall become property of “Associazione per il Museo della Seta di Como”, and shall be included in the Museum lace collection.

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For further information
Museo didattico della Seta
Via Castelnuovo 9, 22100 Como (Italia)
Tel./Fax 0039 (0)31 303180