Friday, April 27, 2012

30th Annual New Legacies Art Quilt Exhibition

Deadline: May 20, 2012 (EMAIL) or (RECEIVE)

30th Annual New Legacies Art Quilt Exhibition
Lincoln Center Galleries

Fort Collins, Colorado
July 3 – September 5, 2012

This juried exhibition features the current work of the finest national and international contemporary quilt artists. Art quilts accepted for exhibition will exemplify innovation in quilting and surface design techniques as well as excellence in artistic composition and craftsmanship. The goal of the exhibition is to recognize the world’s finest contemporary quilt artists and to advance the art form. The exhibition dates are July 3 – September 5, 2012.

Entry Rules & Requirements (truncated)

􀂃 $30 Entry Fee is required for up to three (3) entries. Maximum of three (3) entries allowed.
􀂃 Entries must be of the artist’s original design, completed after August 1, 2010.
􀂃 No student work, or work created as the result of a class or workshop will be accepted.
􀂃 The quilt must be predominately fabric or fabric-like material and be composed of at least three layers held together by stitching.
􀂃 2-D quilts must have a four-inch (10 cm) finished double casing (sleeve) sewn in the top edge of the quilt, leaving approximately 1” on either side for the hanging slat to be affixed to the wall. If possible, please include your own hanging slat. The Lincoln Center can supply one, if this is not possible to include.
􀂃 3-D quilts must be identified as such and include detailed hanging or installation instructions.
􀂃 A panel of qualified jurors will select the works for the exhibition. The jury’s decision is final. The jury reserves the right to refuse any work that does not match the image sent for jury. Lincoln Center reserves the right to reject or accept any quilt for exhibition upon delivery.
􀂃 Artists are responsible for all costs of shipping and insurance of accepted quilts during transit to and from Lincoln Center. Lincoln Center will not assume customs and/or brokerage charges and it is understood that international artists will reimburse Lincoln Center for any charges thus incurred.
􀂃 Lincoln Center will not insure any work for more than 70% of its stated retail value and reserves the right to limit the amount of insurance coverage on a particular piece. NFS (Not For Sale) works must include a stated insurance value.
􀂃 The Lincoln Center will retain a 30% commission on all works sold as a result of the exhibition.

Entry Fee: $30 for up to 3 entries

$1,000 Best of Show Award presented by Vicki Anderson of Machine Quilting Unlimited
$500 Prize for Creative Artistry – exceptional artistic expression and craftsmanship
$500 Prize for Creative Innovation – exceptional integration of new materials, techniques and design and additional prize awards will be announced during the Opening Reception Awards Presentation.

Awards Judges: Louisa Smith, Patty Hawkins, and Carol Shinn

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Lincoln Center Galleries
417 W. Magnolia
Fort Collins, CO 80521