Thursday, April 12, 2012


Deadline: June 8, 2012 (RECEIVE)

Residências Rurais Artísticas
Tondela, Portugal
2nd  half of 2012

The ARTErra is a project hosting and encouraging interdisciplinary artistic creation trough artistic residencies, result of a private effort open to partnerships and communication with other entities. Set in a small countryside village of Portugal, it is a place with rural aspects and extremely quiet.
The enjoyment and the inclusion of the community are the main goals of this project, so we develop proposals of activities that could contribute to these objectives, in the form of promote or co-produce performances, workshops, informal presentations of ongoing projects, etc.

The ARTErra is a rural art residency structure that  supports and encourage artistic creation and production. Housed in a small rural village, you will find in ARTErra physical spaces and tools for the reception of the project / proposal of the artist or collective of different artistic disciplines.
In addition to a house with several recreational areas and facilities, the ARTErra has a "creation yard" area where are the work spaces (sound studio and recording booth, studio room, black & white box, glass room and atelier) framed by a garden, a small vegetable garden, an orchard and poultry.
With privileged contacts with institutions and companies, we enhance and ensure a artist in residency to respond the needs and expectations of the projects accepted.

The application must contain the following elements:

- C.V. artist
- Portfolio, videos, photos ...
- Description of the project to be undertaken ARTERRA out, including the project's objectives, needs and expectations of residence and all the details necessary to understanding the proposal.
- Dates and Duration of residence
- Details (need for meals, work characteristics, number of persons, additional information relevant to the work process)

ARTErra – Residências Rurais Artísticas
R.Nossa Srª. do Crasto,380 | Lobão da Beira | 3460-207 Tondela, Portugal
GSM +351 963 779 054