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Some Things Looming: Handmade Holidays

Deadline: October 1, 2010 (POSTMARK)

1st ANNUAL Handmade Holidays
some things looming

Reading, PA
November 26th – December 22nd, 2010

OPEN TO ALL CRAFTS: Fiber, Metal, Wood, Ceramics, Glass
Items must be priced under $300.00

No need to cart your work to another show or trying to decide whether you have time to man another exhibit. We will take care of that for you!!

For the holiday season, ‘some things looming (STL)’ will turn the entire gallery and boutique (~500 sq ft) over to the presentation and promotion of your fine, handmade crafts. Our beautiful space, located just a few blocks from the Goggleworks to the west and City Hall and the Court House to the east, will provide just the right opportunity for you to display and sell your work. Your work will be available and publicized not just for a weekend but for several weeks during the best retail time of the year.

Rules for Entry: (truncated)
- All work must be original, one‐of‐a‐kind, made by the artist submitting entry.
- Artists may submit up to a maximum of three representative images, providing detail views of finishing work if appropriate.
- Entry fee of $25.

Selection of work: Artists will be selected by some things looming based on the quality and relevance to the goal/theme of the event.

Notifications will be sent out October 18th, 2010.

Selected Artists will be permitted to submit up to 12 pieces of work for sale.

STL takes 30% commission. All work is insured while at STL facility.

All questions concerning submissions may be directed to service@somethingslooming,com

Please see the complete prospectus for all requirements:

Visit website for full details:

some things looming gallery, studios & boutique
526 washington street
reading, pa 19601


Deadline: 31st March 2011 (POSTMARK)

European Tapestry Forum (ETF)

Copenhagen Denmark
Opens March 2012 then travels to several venues in Europe

European Tapestry Forum (ETF) is calling for entries for its third European tapestry triennial, ARTAPESTRY3.

ETF was established by tapestry artists for tapestry artists. The organisation works to encourage the continuing development of the art of tapestry weaving and holds regular Triennial exhibitions as part of its intention to demonstrate the versatility of this technique and to promote it to a wider audience.

ARTAPESTRY3 will open in March 2012 and will travel to several venues in Europe. ETF is negotiating with museums and will announce the exhibition schedule as soon as details become known.

DEFINITONS: The exhibition is open to professional tapestry artists who live and work in Europe.

EUROPE: Includes the EU plus Norway and Switzerland, Turkey and Russia.

TAPESTRY: For our purposes, we define tapestry as a hand-woven weft-faced material with completely covered warp threads and discontinuous wefts.

• Artists may submit digital images of up to three works for consideration by the jury.

• Works must have been made since 2009 (not earlier).

• Minimum size: Woven area of 1 square meter.

• Artists must commit their work for a maximum of two years.

• Entry fee: €30
(The entry fee must be paid in euros only by bank transfer at your cost to ETF’s euro account.)


The selection for the exhibition will take place in Copenhagen in April 2011. Participating artists will be notified of the decision of the jury by 1st May 2011.


Work will be selected by an independent jury of five experts including artists and curators:

*Architect Hannele Grönlund, Finland
*Professor Lesley Millar, UK
*Professor/tapestry-weaver Margarethe Persson, Austria
*Sculpture Kirsten Ortwed ,Germany/Denmark
*Yves Sabourin, France – Inspecteur de la creation artistique Chargé de mission pour le textile et l’art contemporain

The call for entries and the application form can be obtained by visiting the website: /

European Tapestry Forum
Kastelsvej 6, O.G.
DK-2100 Copenhagen

stickstich 011

Deadline: 28th February 2011 at 5 pm. (RECEIVE)

stickstich 011
internationaler designpreis plauen - vogtland

presented by partners und initiators:
Deutsches Innovationszentrum für Stickerei e.V.
Verein Vogtländische Textilgeschichte Plauen e.V.
Plauen - Germany
The jury session March 2011

The theme “Embroidered Living Space Construction” brings together embroidery technology and the 3rd dimension. Within the field architecture we are for example constructing for both outside and inside space. Our view of contemporary cities is seen through industrial development- constructive, clear lines, clean- transparent design elements, using construction materials such as concrete, steel, and glass. But not only in architecture can industrial development be seen, but also in machinery advancements in the expanding world of technical decorative design. Whether in the automobile industry, medicine, or advertising: embroidered textiles are everywhere often in combination with printed textiles and 3D forms, which are examples of contemporary achievement.

We are expecting presentations and material studies that make a statement, innovative embroidery technology that is functional and implies repeatability. The work should be machine produced. The design aspect is in the forefront along with the innovative product point through a free choice of materials and technologies. New materials and prototypes are not restricted.

The international dpvs is a international Design competition for creative and innovative solutions in the area of embroidery one of the textile industries prized modifying technolo ies. Designers and Students from Germany and elsewhere are being approached.

Size of the Work
Every participant or group can offer 2 or at the most 3 separate submissions. The submitted material sample/work should be presented with a short text concerning the idea and its design on no more than one A4 sheet of paper (1800 characters). The submitted 2 dimensional material sample/ work should not be smaller than 50cmX50cm and no bigger than 140cmX400cm.

The 3 dimensional presentation area has a minimum area of 50cmX50cmX50cm and a maximum area of 120cmX-120cmX120cm and should not be heavier than 20kg. For work that is is larger or heavier will be submitted as a model or on no more than three 70 X 100 cm sheets. The terms for the submissions for the final exhibition will be individually decided on.

Submitted apparel should be size 36/38.

Submissions do not have to be produced on either a shuttle embroidery machine or a multihead. Submissions produced on a home sewing machine fulfills the requirements.

The members of the international jury will be posted in the Fall of 2010.

Evaluation Criteria
The Jury will the judge submissions based on the following criteria.
- Design Quality
- Innovative intent and vision
- Technological usefulness
- Presentation

The submission deadline is 28th of February 2011 at 5 pm.
The jury session March 2011. Qualified participant will be notified by mail.

1st prize: 1.500,00 Euro
2nd prize: 1.200,00 Euro
3rd prize: 1.000,00 Euro

Prizes for honorable mention are possible. Prizes do not have to be awarded and they can be shared. The jury‘s decision is final.

There is no participation fee.

Visit website for additional information:

Download application form with complete entry details:


Obstgartenweg 1
08529 Plauen
Telefon: 03741 443187
Fax :03741 384311

Contemporain textile Arts of Tournai

Deadline: 1st February 2011 (RECEIVE)

Contemporain textile Arts of Tournai

Halle aux Draps, at the Grand Place
Tournai – Belgium
Summer 2011

7th Triennial of Contemporary Textile Arts of Tournai will be held in Tournai, Belgium. The ‘‘5 continents’’ theme has been selected for this event. For this international exhibition, prestigious buildings of the city of Tournai will host the works of guest artists from the five continents of the world.

Through its international reputation, the Triennial wishes to help promote contemporary textile art.

The Triennial wishes artists to be granted maximum freedom regarding the creation of works. The following regulations however are needed owing to certain constraints regarding dimensions or presentation instructions for purpose of display.

All works selected for this competition will be presented to the public as a single exhibition in one of the venues hosting the Triennial, the Halle aux Draps, at the Grand Place, in the very heart of Tournai.

THEME: ‘’Continere’’.
Continere in Latin means holding together. The submitted textile works should therefore illustrate this theme, though without excluding other techniques, except for painting and sculpture.

The work must demonstrate high technical and aesthetic qualities.

The form is free as long as it complies with minimum and maximum dimensions, as indicated below:
Minimum height: 150 cm Maximum height: 220 cm
Minimum width: 100 cm Maximum width: 220 cm
Maximum thickness: 30 cm

Any materials or techniques are accepted provided they meet the basic principle of weaving threads in its widest interpretation.

The back side of the work should offer a perfect finish.

The entrants in the competition should provide the support and materials needed to hang the work in the best possible conditions, bearing in mind that the work will be hanged from a continuous bar 60cm from and parallel to the wall.

The participants in the competition are requested to send a sample of the future work so that a textile mosaic can be produced, which will be exhibited alongside with the selected works and remain the property of the Triennial.

The sample of the work should be representative of the technique and materials used.

1. Artists taking part in the competition should present a single work that meets the themes and technical data.
2. The submitted works will only be taken into account by the panel of judges, if accompanied by a registration file including the following:
· A registration form
· A concise Curriculum Vitae (in French or English) with a photograph of the artist attached
· 1 CD-ROM with 2 digital photographs 300 DPI minimum
· 1 colour paper photograph of the work (25x20cm)
· 1 sample representing the work measuring 15 x 15 cm

Downloads (in English):
Competition Rules
Registration Form

Visit website for French versions of above forms and to obtain additional information:

Further information can be obtained from:
Contemporary Textile Arts of Tournai
1, Boulevard des Frères Rimbaut

Secretary: Patricia CARLIEZ
TEL: +32 69 84 61 05
FAX: +32 69 84 64 11


Deadline: November 15, 2010 (RECEIVE)

Montreal Centre for Contemporary Textiles (MCCT)

Montréal, Québec
January 24 to February 18, 2011

Do you use the techniques of folding in your creations? Are your textile artworks foldable or transformable or do they convey the idea of folding? If so, you are cordially invited to submit your entry for the exhibition fold/unfold (plier/déplier) which will to be held from January 24 to February 18, 2011 at the gallery of the Montreal Centre for Contemporary Textiles (MCCT).

This group exhibition is open to all professional artists whether from the worlds of crafts, visual arts, fashion or design. A jury of professionals will select the artists and the artworks to be exhibited.

The entry submitted must contain:

Your curriculum vitae (maximum 3 pages).

A description of your artistic approach explaining how the artworks submitted fall within that scope.

A CD containing pictures of the artworks submitted (maximum 10). The pictures must be in JPEG format at 300 dpi.

A detailed description of each artwork: title, year, material(s) used, technique(s) used, dimensions, sale price and photo credit. If necessary, a plan of the setting up of the artworks should be included in the application.

A pre-paid envelope for the returning of your application, if you want us to return your submission.

Complete detailsa available at website:

For more information, please contact Etienne Proulx at (514) 933-3728 or at

Montreal Centre for Contemporary Textiles (MCCT)
5800 St. Denis street, studio 501
Montréal (Québec)
H2S 3L5 Canada

Women’s Studio Workshop Art-in-Education Fellowship

Two Deadlines: (POSTMARK)
Spring Fellow - November 15, 2010
Fall Fellow - March 15, 2011

Art-in-Education Fellowship
Women’s Studio Workshop

Kingston, NY
Spring Fellow (April - June)
Fall Fellow (September - February)

This opportunity is for artists with teaching experience and knowledge of intaglio, silkscreen, or hand papermaking who are interested in creating their own work while also working with local public school students.

Women's Studio Workshop's Art-In-Education Program, Hands-on-Art (HOA), is a collaboration with the Kingston City School District and has become a national model for arts education. HOA provides a high quality arts experience by bringing students to a professional arts space to spend concentrated time learning printmaking, papermaking, and book arts.

Spring Fellows Requirements: Must have teaching experience and knowledge in one of the studio areas (silkscreen, etching, or papermaking). Fellows teach two days per week for three weeks. In exchange fellows receive housing and access to the studio of their choice (during open studio hours) for five weeks.

Fall Fellows Requirements: Must have teaching experience and knowledge in one of the studio areas (silkscreen, papermaking, or etching). Fellows teach one day per week and pay $300 for a four week fellowship. In exchange they receive access to the studio of their choice (during open studio hours).

Notification Dates :
Spring Fellow: January 1
Fall Fellow: June 15

Download application form:

Visite website for complete details:

Women's Studio Workshop
PO Box 489
Rosendale, NY 12472
tel 845.658.9133
fax 845.658.9031

Women's Studio Workshop Studio Fellowships

Two Deadlines: (POSTMARK)

Spring Fellow - October 15, 2010
Fall Fellow- March 15, 201

Studio Fellowships
Women's Studio Workshop
Kingston, NY
Spring Fellow (January - March, May - June)
Fall Fellow (September - December)

Women's Studio Workshop Fellowship opportunities are designed to provide concentrated work time for artists to explore new ideas in a dynamic and supportive community of women artists.

•Fellowships are awarded through a jury process.
•The cost to Fellowship recipients is $200 per week plus materials.
•The award includes on-site housing and all-hour access to our studios.
•The facilities feature complete studios in intaglio, silkscreen, hand papermaking, photography, letterpress, and ceramics.
•Four- to six-week sessions are available each year from September through June.
•Artists are given a studio orientation, but should be able to work independently.
•Technical assistance is available for $35/hour.
•A thorough WSW studio introduction is provided at no charge.

Notification Dates:
Spring Fellow: January 1
Fall Fellow: June 15

Application must include:

•The application form, including signed box agreeing to payment of studio use fees incurred resultant from award. Applications will not be reviewed for consideration without this signed agreement.
•A one page letter of intent explaining your planned project while at WSW, the studios you would like to work in, and your level of experience
•10 images of recent work with an image script, which should include title, media, dimension, and date. Check our FAQ sheet for digital specificatons.
•S.A.S.E. for return of materials

Download Application Form:

Visit website for complete details:

Women's Studio Workshop
PO Box 489
Rosendale, NY 12472
tel 845.658.9133
fax 845.658.9031

Rag Revolution!

Deadline: 15 October 2010 (RECEIVE)

Rag Revolution!
AUFSTAND! der nichtsnutzigen Textilien

Exhibition in workshop hannover e.v.
Hannover, Germany
11. March – 15. April 2011

Recycling fabric is the central theme of the exhibition entitled ‘Rag Revolution’ to be held in March 2011 by workshop hannover e.v. creativity centre. Textile artists and fine artists are invited to take part.

The use of everyday objects, found objects and recycled materials or more generally speaking the aesthetic disuse and reuse of objects, the study of cycles and recycling play a major role in the field of cultural and artistic productivity. Our exhibition focuses on how contemporary artists approach this topic using fabrics as a medium, a technique, as a material or metaphor.

The term ‘rag’ in the title of the exhibition conjures up the notion of uselessness and at the same time impertinence and misbehaviour. It is the ambivalence held therein of worthlessness and defiance, of passivity and activity that interests us, rags rehearsing revolution and threatening: We will be back. With a vengeance!

The exhibition, Rag Revolution, is to be held as part of the joint project ‘textour 2011’, organized by workshop hannover e.v. in collaboration with the Handwerksform Hannover (Crafts Forum Hanover), and other institutions in association with the ETN (Euroean Textile Network) and the journal ‘Textilforum’ (Textile Forum). It follows on from the successful concept of ‘textour 2008’ in which our exhibition ‘Tales in Fabric – the Fabric of Tales’ was flanked by further exhibitions and events.

Conditions of Entry (truncated)
  1. Artists may submit up to three works. Include a short cv.
  2. Two dimensional works shoud not exceed 2.50m x 2.50m. Three dimensional works may have a base area of 2m x 2m and a height of 3m. All artworks must be provided with any necessary hanging or installation fixtures.
  3. Participants will be selected by a jury. The members of the jury:
    • Beatrijs Sterk (Textilforum)
    • Gundula Manson (artist)
    • Ewe Dornis (artist)
    • Frank Rosenthal (artist)
    • Silke Boerma (art historian)
Further details about the exhibition will be available by telephone 0049 (0)511 344711.

Please read the conditions of entry read carefully before filling in the application form.

workshop hannover e.v. Zentrum für kreatives Gestalten
Lister Meile 4
30161 Hannover
Tel. 0511 34 47 11
Fax 0511 - 388 83 38

Workshop hannover e.v., modelled on the Dutch creativity centres was founded by artists in 1971. Here artists offer courses for adults, organize sociocultural art projects and hold exhibitions. The studios and exhibition rooms are situated in the Kulturzentrum Pavillon in the centre of Hanover.

20 x 20 (2nd edition)

Deadline: October 15, 2010 (RECEIVE) or (Hand Delivery)

20 x 20 (2nd edition)
Centre for Contemporary Textiles in Montreal

Montreal, Quebec
November 15 to December 7, 2010

As part of celebrations of its 20th anniversary in April 2010, we created an exhibit earnings or regrouping works textile fragments measuring 20 cm by 20 cm, from designers here and abroad. Over 275 works have been exhibited and have dazzled the audience! This event memorable and colorful We raised over $ 8,000!

By popular demand, we organize the second edition of the exhibition benefit 20 x 20. We present again works or textile fragments 20 cm x 20 cm. The walls of the gallery will be fully lined these testimonies textiles. From 15 November, the public will have the chance to bet in order to acquire works and the auction will close Tuesday, December 7, 2010 by a benefit event full of surprises!

We hope that the funds raised from this exhibition benefit allows us to acquire equipment to enrich the creative potential and Development Centre. We hope this event becomes a annual tradition. Your participation is a positive support and recognition of a sign marking the contribution undeniable Centre to promote textile design in Quebec and elsewhere in the world.

Here are the conditions of participation:
! This exhibition is open to everyone. All works or textile fragments received respecting technical constraints described on the registration form can be exposed and exploited.
! All the techniques and all types of materials in the field of textile design will be accepted.
! NEW We recognize that artists are often asked to arts funding. In this context, you can choose to donate your work OR you can choose that you furnish the third CTCM the amount of the sale.

Technical Requirements:
! The textile works or fragments should measure 20 cm by 20 cm, no more, no less.
! Works must be light and must not be framed as they will simply pinned to wall of the gallery. The works presented as a series may not be shown together.
! The three-dimensional works are not accepted
! Each work piece textile must be identified with the initials of the creators and a number. For example, Audrey Collin presents three works: AC-1, AC-2, AC-3.

The shipment must include:
! Works or textile fragments. Please note that the number of works is in no way limited. Only lack of space could prevent us from exposing all the works by the same artist who would have provided a large number.
! The attached form and printed form.
! Your resume paper (maximum 3 pages).

You can send your works and your textile fragments from now until the deadline, October 15, 2010. Please deliver or mail to the following address:

Centre for Contemporary Textiles in Montreal
Exhibition 20 x 20 (2nd edition)
5800, rue Saint-Denis, space 501
Montreal (Quebec) H2S 3L5 Canada
Information: Stephen Proulx
(514) 933-3728

To know more and download description and entry form:

Visit website for more details:

Worldwide Embroidery Design Competition 2010

Deadline: 1st October 2010 (EMAIL)

The Worshipful Company of Broderers

Worldwide Embroidery Design Competition 2010

BRIEF (truncated)
The competition is to create your own ORIGINAL design, which will be interpreted in hand embroidery by the experts at the Royal School of Needlework, for the Worshipful Company of Broderers` commemorative table-top Lectern Fall to celebrate the 450th anniversary of their original Royal Charter in 1561, granted by Queen Elizabeth I.

Who can Enter
This is a Competition open to anyone from anywhere in the world who is interested in design for embroidery. Entrants must be over 18 years of age. Entries must be submitted by an individual. No group entries allowed.

The underlying meaning of the Brief indicates that successful applicants will embrace the suggestion that the judges will be looking for innovation and a very contemporary feel to the designs submitted. It is worth remembering that for over 500 years The Worshipful Company of Broderers has championed the creation of embroidered artefacts which have reflected the spirit of the moment. In so doing they have encouraged and supported cutting edge and forward looking contemporary embroidery design, all the while maintaining the highest quality from design to completion.

Good design, though fashionable, will endure. The present Master and the Liverymen of the Broderers wish to mark this occasion with a new embroidered table-top lectern fall. The winning design will celebrate all that is meaningful, forward looking, innovative and creative and will reflect the best of textile thinking at the beginning of the 21st Century.

Research Material
Much of the Broderers` history was lost in the Great Fire of London of 1666 and more was lost in the Blitz of 1940 during the Second World War. Your design should be informed by your own research. You should begin by visiting the website of The Worshipful Company of Broderers on

Size and Dimensions
The Embroidery Design is to be suitable to be a fall in front of a table-top lectern
The lectern fall will be mounted, but not framed, on a board measuring 14” (36cms) high and 18” (46cms) across

Artist`s Statement
You are requested to supply an artist`s statement of not more than 100 words to accompany your design in order to help inform the judges.


One entry per contestant
Entries must be submitted by an individual. No group entries allowed
They must be the entrant’s own original work
They must not infringe any copyright
They will be judged to establish that they have met the Brief
The winning design will become the property of The Worshipful Company of Broderers to adapt, modify, publish, reproduce and promote in any way it sees fit without reference or compensation to the entrant

The Royal School of Needlework Studio will have final creative control of the interpretation of the design as embroidery, whilst endeavouring to follow the designer’s aim. This will also apply to the techniques and materials used.

Judging of Entries

Judging criteria:
0 - 35 Visual impact, bearing in mind macro and micro perspective
0 - 25 The originality of your work
0 - 20 Use of colour
0 - 20 Suitability of your design for interpretation as embroidery

Judging will take place during October 2010. All entries will be judged anonymously.

Download the Entry Form:

Visit website for complete details concerning this competition including prizes and instructions for emailing entries:

Who are the Broderers?

The Worshipful Company of Broderers is one of the ancient Livery Companies of the City of London. Broderers were workers in embroidery and the organisation of Broderers is known to have existed as far back as 1331. The Broderers received their first Royal Charter, granted by Queen Elizabeth I, in 1561.The Company is now, as are most Livery Companies, a charitable foundation. Its motto is ‘Omnia Desuper’, Latin for All From Above.

What is the Royal School of Needlework?
The Royal School of Needlework is the international centre for embroidery teaching based at Hampton Court Palace in south-west London. Its mission is to teach, practise and promote the art of hand embroidery to the highest standards, within both historical and contemporary design contexts. The RSN Studio undertakes hand embroidery commissions. The RSN is a registered charity.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Fiber Directions 2011

Deadline: December 13, 2010 (POSTMARK)

Fiber Directions 2011

The Wichita Center for the Arts
Wichita KS
March 25 - May 8, 2011

Media Limitations: Artists are encouraged to enter handwoven or handmade fi ber forms. The exhibition is open, but not limited to, the following: uniquely designed functional pieces such as coverlets, pillows, tablecloths, garments, rugs, etc., and nonfunctional tapestries, wall hangings, 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional works which have been printed, painted, embellished, felted, woven, knitted, twined, cast paper, quilted, stitched, or other forms of manipulating fi ber for art. All artwork must be display ready with display hardware included. All artwork, crates and cartons included, must fi t through a standard 39” x 6’10” doorway.

Eligibility: The exhibit is open to all fi ber artists living and working in North America. Each entry must be wholly designed and executed by the artist.

Entry Procedures: Each artist may enter up to three (3) artworks. Each artwork may be represented by digital photo in JPEG format, with images of all entries copied onto one single CD or e-mailed to

Entry Fee: $30.00 (U. S.) per artist for up to three (3) artworks. The entry fee is nonrefundable.

Download prospectus:

Visit website for more details:

National Fiber Directions Exhibition 2011
The Wichita Center for the Arts
9112 East Central
Wichita, KS 67206
(316) 634-2787

For the Love of Quilting VI

Deadline: April 8, 2011 (RECEIVE)

For the Love of Quilting VI

Penn Oaks Quilters 2011 Quilt Show
Griffith Hall at Ludwig’s Corner
Glenmoore, PA
April 29-30, 2011

You do not have to be a Penn Oaks Quilters (POQ) member to enter a quilt in the show for display or to be judged!

RULES FOR ENTRY (truncated)

  1. Quilts may be entered in any one of the categories listed on the attached sheet, with a limit of two entries per category for judging. Entries will be accepted on a space-available basis. POQ reserves the right to limit the number of entries from any one individual, and/or to change the category in which the quilt is entered.

    Category Definitions: (Perimeter is the sum of all measured sides of the quilt)
    • Group entries-- include those that are designed, created and/or quilted by more than one person. Examples include quilts made from blocks of the month, kits, round robins, pieced or appliquéd by one and hand or machine quilted by another.
    • Pieced and Appliquéd-- include those quilts either exclusively pieced or appliquéd (by machine or by hand)
    • Large quilts – more than 270” in perimeter.
    • Mixed Techniques include entries featuring a combination of piecing and appliqué, and/or embroidery, whole cloth, thread
      techniques, paint, stenciling, trapunto, etc. Pieced and appliquéd quilts using significant amount of both techniques should be entered under this category (e.g., 40% pieced, 60% appliqué.)
    • Wall quilts – maximum of 270” in perimeter—also any small quilt not qualified as a miniature.
    • Professional Quilts – POQ defines this category as quilts of any size that have been made by national and regional award winning creators or hand/machine quilters. Also included in this category are fee paid quilt book authors.
    • Pictorial Quilt is one that depicts a recognizable person, place or thing.
    • Miniature quilts are a maximum of 21” on one side and must be miniature in scale (i.e., 1” = 12”)
    • Wearable Art includes any pieced, appliquéd or quilted item that can be worn (e.g., vests, clothing, scarves, etc)
    • Crib / Juvenile Quilts are made to be used for a baby/juvenile and ARE NOT intended as a Wall Quilt.
    • Youth Entry (display category only) – made by a child under 15 years of age—not judged.
    • POQ Challenge Quilts (Display only) include any quilts that were entered in the 2010 and 2011 POQ Challenges.
  2. A Photograph of your quilt must be submitted with this form to assist the hanging committee in planning the show. A digital /computer printout is acceptable.
  3. Entrance Fee MUST accompany Entry Form. Entrance Fee for items are: -- Display only: $10 (Member -- $3); -- First judged item: $15; -- Additional judged item: $10-- Youth Entry: $5-- POQ Members first judged item: $10; additional judged $7 (full annual POQ dues must be up to date). All fees are non refundable.

Download QUILT ENTRY FORM 2011:

Visit website for additional details and opportunities:

The Pfister Hotel Artist in Residence Program

Deadline: December 1, 2010 (RECEIVE)

Artist in Residence Program

The Pfister Hotel
Milwaukee, WI
2011 Season


The Pfister Hotel’s Artist-In-Residence program features a working art studio and gallery and is open to hotel guests and visitors to enjoy. Long known for its expansive Victorian art collection, The Pfister is now entering the second year of the program. The Pfister’s Artist-In-Residence program is a member of the International Alliance of Artists Communities, the service organization for the field of artists’ communities and residencies.

The Alliance includes more than 250 members – a diverse field of artists’ communities, residency programs, individuals, and institutions that support living artists in the creation of new work – from across the U.S. and in more than a dozen countries worldwide.

The Pfister Artist-In-Residence receives a $1000 monthly stipend and complimentary meals within the hotel's cafeteria.

Download the Artist in Residence application:

Visit website for complete details including information regarding 2010 Artist in Residence Katie Musolff and 2009 Artist in Residence Reginald Baylor:

Pfister Hotel
424 East Wisconsin Ave.
Milwaukee, WI 53202

Small Works for Holiday Giving

Deadline: October 15, 2010 (RECEIVE) or (EMAIL)

Small Works for Holiday Giving

Blue Door Gallery
Yonkers, NY
November 20 to December 30, 2010

TO SUBMIT WORK: E-mail attachments of up to 6 images to Blue Door Gallery with files labeled with your Last Name, Medium,Title, and Size. (Size of artworks NOT to exceed 16" height, width, or depth. IMAGE FILE SIZE: 4 to 6 inches, long size of work @72 ppi.


You may also send a CD of all images with files labeled with your last name, title, size in a Word Doc, with your contact information and installation fee check to Blue Door Gallery.

Include the retail price for each item ($500 or under). Blue Door Gallery's commission on each sold artwork is 35%.

FEES: $50 installation fee for each artist. Pay installation fee safely online.

Visit website for complete Call for Artist details:

13 Riverdale Avenue
Yonkers, NY, 10701
Tel: (914) 375.5100

The Blue Door Gallery is a NOT-FOR-PROFIT exhibition and performance space. We are the only gallery in Downtown Yonkers and are proving to be an educational and inspirational presence for our community. We showcase and support artists from the tri-state area and have become a destination for the wider audience exploring the arts and activities in the Yonkers Downtown Waterfront area.

Out of the Loop

Deadline: October 21, 2010 (RECEIVE)

Out of the Loop

West Hartford Art League
West Hartford, CT
November 11- December 5, 2010

The West Hartford Art League is pleased to announce a call for entries for its first broad-scale fiber arts show to showcase out-of-the-ordinary, contemporary fiber works that advance traditional techniques through radically innovative interpretations. In other words, definitely out of the loop!

Entries can include (but are not limited to): surface design, felting, quilting, knotting, weaving, knitting, fiber sculpture, basketry, handcrafted paper and needlework. We encourage two and three-dimensional works including sculptural pieces. The juror will be looking for exceptional craftsmanship as well as "out of the box" thinking, design and execution.

Eligibility: All work must be the original work of the artist and must have been completed within two years of the entry deadline and not previously exhibited in a WHAL juried show. All work must be at least 50% fiber or textile that has been hand-manipulated. All entries must be installation-ready with appropriate hanging rods or mounting devices if necessary. No complex installations.

Entry Fee: Fee for each entry: $20 non-members, $15 members. Up to four pieces may be submitted.

Juror: Ed Johnetta Fowler Miller, Fiber artist, quilter, teacher, curator, and lecturer.

Sales: All artwork must be for sale. A 30% commission is taken on all sales.

Download the prospectus:

Visit the website:

Inquiries: Roxanne Stachelek, or call (860) 231-8019.

West Hartford Art League

New Quilts From An Old Favorite 2011 Contest

Deadline: November 1, 2010 (RECEIVE)

New Quilts From An Old Favorite 2011 Contest
Theme: Orange Peel

The National Quilt Museum
Paducah, KY
Winning Quilts travel on exhibition through December 31, 2012

Quilters around the world are invited to enter outstanding quilts in the 18th Annual Competition coordinated by The National Quilt Museum of the United States. The 2011 competition is open to quilts that are innovative interpretations of the traditional Orange Peel pattern.

Quilts are selected for their excellence in design and techniques, their innovations, and their contributions to an exhibit showing the wide range of designs and styles the selected traditional pattern can inspire.

In cooperation with the American Quilter's Society, a catalog is published, featuring the award-winning and finalist quilts in full color, with a photo of the maker, information about the quilt's development and patterns and tips. This competition gives quilters an excellent opportunity to share their work with people across the country. The quilts selected as finalists will receive awards and make up a traveling exhibition. The exhibit will open at The National Quilt Museum and travel to other venues.

1st place: $3000
2nd place: $1500
3rd place: $750
4th place: $500
5th place: $300
Finalists: $100

RULES FOR ENTRY (truncated)

• Anyone can enter a cloth quilt by submitting digital images (one full view and one detail), a completed entry blank and an entry fee. These must arrive at the museum by November 1, 2010. CDs will not be returned.
• The quilt must be constructed and hand or machine quilted by the person(s) named on the entry blank. No kits, please.
• Limit: one entry per person or team.
• The quilt must have been finished after December 31, 2007, and be in excellent condition.
• The quilt must be an interpretation of the Orange Peel pattern and should be recognizable in some way as related to that pattern. All quilts must be original designs, no adaptations of copyrighted patterns.
• The quilt must be a minimum of 50in or 127cm in each dimension and not exceed 80in or 203.2cm in any one dimension. It must not be framed with wood, metal, etc.
• Quilts accepted for the exhibition will be chosen by digital images; notification of the jurors’ decision will be by mail or telephone. CDs will not be returned.

The entry fee for Friends of the Museum is $10. Others must enclose a $40 entry fee with their entry blank. A contestant can make a donation to become a Friend of the Museum when entering and enter for $10.

Download 2011 Entry Form:

Visit website for additional information:

Unravel 2011

Deadline: September 30, 2010 (RECEIVE)

Unravel 2011
Farnham Maltings

Farnham, Surrey
26 and 27 February 2011

Unravel 2011...a festival of knitting

Unravel enables everyone to indulge for 2 days in all things woollen! Activities will include a marketplace, talks, demonstrations, workshops and a knitting surgery amongst others.

If you are interested in becoming involved by exhibiting at Unravel 2011, please download the application form and return by 30 September 2010. Forms can be returned either by email to or by post to Unravel, Farnham Maltings, Bridge Square, Farnham, Surrey, GU9 7QR.

We hope you would like to take part in Unravel 2011 and look forward to hearing from you shortly.

Download application form: ApplicationForm(3) [doc]

Visit website for additional information:

For more information:
t: 01252 745444

Sunday, September 05, 2010

Materials: Hard & Soft

Deadline: September 10, 2010 by 5:00 pm (RECEIVE)

Materials Hard & Soft

National Contemporary Craft
Competition and Exhibition
Greater Denton Arts Council
Denton, TX
February 5 – April 3, 2011

This annual competition and exhibition of contemporary crafts is now in its 23rd year. Recognized nationally, Materials: Hard & Soft attracts hundreds of entries from every state in the union. Nationally recognized jurors select the show from slides and then award $5,000 in prize money. The juror has always selected the winning pieces on-site.

Works produced in any of the craft media: clay, fiber, glass, metal, paper, wood, or any combination of craft media, are acceptable. Entries must be the complete work of the submitting artist. Kits or commercially designed works will not be accepted. All work must have been completed within the past two years and not previously exhibited in the Center for the Visual Arts. Artists must reside in the United States or its possessions.

Entries must be submitted in digital format ONLY.

Tom Lauerman is currently a Visiting Lecturer at SMU Meadows School of the Arts.

Download the entry form: MaterialsH&S_2011Prospectus.pdf

Visit website:

Greater Denton Arts Council
400 East Hickory Street
Denton, TX 76201
All other inquiries:
(940) 382‐2787

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Denali Artist-in-Residence Program

Deadline: October 31, 2010 (RECEIVE)

Denali Artist-in-Residence Program
Alaska Geographic

Denali National Park, Alaska
2011 Program Season

Program Overview
The Denali Artist-In-Residence program was created in 2002 by the National Park Service and artist Kesler Woodward, who was the program’s first artist-in-residence. Since its inception, Kesler has served as the program’s advisor and on the selection committee.

The Artist-In-Residence program at Denali National Park began in 2001, and offers professional artists the opportunity to pursue their work amidst the natural splendors of Denali Park. The park currently provides the use of the historic East Fork Cabin for ten-day periods from June through August. Other accommodations may be available in the future. No stipend is provided.

Selection Process
The program is currently open only to visual artists. As there is already another program for professional photographers, this year’s program will not accept applications from artists working in the medium of photography. We expect to include a wide range of other types of media in future years.

A panel of artists and National Park Service personnel appointed by the Superintendent of Denali National Park reviews applications from professional artists annually. Selection is made on the basis of required entry materials, vision, new and innovative ways of responding to the park, and recognized accomplishment as demonstrated in those materials.

Calendar and Deadlines
Entries will be accepted with from May 15, 2010 through October 31, 2010. Applications submitted after the deadline will not be considered. Notification of the selections will be made by November 30, 2010.

Online Application:

For further information, please contact:

Annie Duffy
Arts Coordinator
Alaska Geographic
Phone: (907) 474-8133

The Artist Project

Deadline: October 15, 2010 (RECEIVE)

The Artist Project
Pier 92
New York, New York
March 17 - 20, 2011

The Artist Project offers unrepresented artists an opportunity to present their work amongst a juried list of artists to an experienced and knowledgeable audience in New York City.

The show will be held at Pier 92, part of the Piers complex which also includes Pier 94. The venue provides artists with an upscale gallery style exhibition space with hard walls, track lighting, carpet, and drayage.

Unlike art fairs that only allow art galleries to exhibit, the artist project provides artists with the opportunity to reach the contemporary art world directly in spaces that maintain gallery and museum-like production values with state of the art exhibition walls, lights and generous public spaces.

The four-day exhibit includes a curated selection of talks covering the challenges of the current art world along with special artist project and exhibitions.

• Oils & Acrylic
• Encaustic
• Watercolor
• Mixed Media
• Drawing/Illustration
• Printmaking
• Photography
• Digital Media
• Textile
• Sculpture

Exhibitor Package
The package includes a gallery-like space with hard walls and exhibition lighting to ensure the best possible conditions for exhibiting art works.

Applications are available through
 or through our web site at

Download the prospectus:

Please contact Reed McMillan, Director of Sales, at, 646.778.3237

Nightingale Gallery Call for Artists

Deadline: October 4, 2010 (RECEIVE)

Call for Artists
Eastern Oregon University
La Grande, OR
2013-14 and 2014-15 Exhibition Seasons

The Nightingale Gallery of Eastern Oregon University is reviewing artwork in all media for solo, 2 person and curated group exhibitions for the January 2013-February 2015 schedule. This call-for-entries is open to all established or emerging artists who are 21 years old or older. Proposals must demonstrate both a strong conceptual and formal grounding.

Submission Details
Each submission must include: an artist resume(s)/CV, artist statement(s), 15-20 still image work samples OR 2-3 two-minute segments of video (or appropriate combination of images, and video), work sample list, application fee and SASE.

Submission Fee
A non-refundable submission fee of $10, payable to Nightingale Gallery, is charged to cover handling and processing of submissions. The fee must be submitted in the form of personal check or money order.

Additional Information
A floor plan of the gallery space is available on our website. We do not require you to propose a layout nor do we suggest that your proposal should involve the entire gallery space. The plan is available for your information.

Shipping reimbursement and honoraria for lectures and workshops are handled on a case-by-case basis to be negotiated with the artist by the Nightingale Gallery. Accepted artist applicants may be in solo or group exhibitions. Curatorial proposals may or may not be accepted as a whole, but may be whittled down or augmented in cooperation with the proposing artist and the curator.

Please visit and click on the Nightingale Gallery link before calling or emailing with questions. If you still have questions please contact Cory Peeke, Nightingale Gallery Director at

Download the Call for Artists:

Nightingale Gallery
Eastern Oregon University
One University Blvd.
La Grande, OR 97850

9 x 12 Works on Paper Show

Deadline: November 15, 2010 (POSTMARK)

9 x 12 Works on Paper Show

Fort Worth Community Arts Center
Fort Worth, TX
December 3 - 27, 2010

The Fort Worth Community Arts Center announces an open call for entries for the 2010 FWCAC 9 x 12 Works on Paper Show.

Artworks may be any size, but they MUST fit in a 9” x 12” envelope to be mailed, although they may be folded, 3D or multi-part. More than one work may be mailed in each envelope. Acceptable mediums include unmatted, unframed photography, drawing, painting, printmaking, collage, mixed media, cast or folded paperworks or digital prints.

All artwork sent should be original - no reproductions. Art not on/of paper will not be displayed (although other materials may be attached to the paper). No age or geographical restrictions. All work will be shown.

Entry fee is $5US/piece; 5 entries per artist. All artwork will be for sale for $100 US and the artist receives 80%.

Download the prospectus:

More information is available at website:

Fort Worth Community Arts Center
1300 Gendy
Fort Worth, TX 76107

International Prize "Arte Laguna"

Two Deadlines:
16th November 2010 (POSTMARK)
10th December 2010 (ONLINE)

5th International Art Prize Arte Laguna: OPEN CALL

The Italian Cultural Association MoCA (Modern Contemporary Art), in collaboration with Arte Laguna, organizes the Fifth International Art Prize “Arte Laguna”, aimed to the contemporary art promotion and valorization. The Prize is organized with the patronage of, among others, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Veneto Region, the European Institute of Design.

The Prize offers: money prizes; the organization of an important collective exhibition in the Arsenale of Venice; many exhibition in Art Galleries/Exhibition Spaces; the possibility to stay in Art Residencies and the official Catalogue pubblication.

The Prize is divided in five sections: painting, photographic art, sculpture, videoart and performance. Participants can choose the theme of their artworks.

Eligible media
The Prize is open to all artists, without any limits of age, sex, nationality or other qualifications. Each artist can participate with one or two works, at one or more sections. Technical details:

Painting – works realized with technical and stylistic freedom (oil, tempera, acrylic, ink, vinyl, watercolor, graphite, pencil, collage, etc.) on whichever support (canvas, paper, wood, plastics, iron, etc.).
The max dimensions allowed per each work are 150x150 cm.

Sculpture and installation – whichever organic or inorganic material. In the works you can use sounds, lights, videos, mechanical or electrical movements. The max dimensions allowed per each works are: base 4 meter, depth 4 m, height 4 m, weight 150 kg.

The artist, in case of being selected as finalists for the collective exhibition, has to provide to the Organization all the necessary materials in order to exhibit the artwork and he should supervise the setting up.

Photographic Art - color and b/w analogical photos, color and b/w digital photos, color and b/w digital elaborations, works entirely created by computer. The max dimensions allowed per each works are 150x150 cm.

Video Art and animation - film, video and works with all the animation techniques on any digital and analog support. The works has to last as maximum 15 minutes, opening title and closing credits included. For the exhibition the artist has to send original works saved on DVD in high quality and in formats compatible with popular reading systems.

Performance - Each artist or group of artists can participate with one or more performances that can be performed using any technique, expressive form and with any support materials (video, music, etc.. to be provided and arranged by the artist in the case of beeing selected as finalist). Each performance has to last as maximum 10 minutes and to involve as maximum five artists. Should be provided all copyright and SIAE rights.

The Jury
The selection of the artworks will be carried out by the Jury composed by experts and important professionals of Contemporary Art:
Prize Curator: Igor Zanti – Art Critic
Chiara Barbieri – Publications Director Peggy Guggenheim Collection
Rossella Bertolazzi – Director of IED
Monika Burian – Director of the International Contemporary Art Festival Tina B in Prague
Gianfranco Maraniello – Director of MAMbo of Bologna
Luca Panaro – Art Critic
Ludovico Pratesi – Director of Visual Arts Centre Pescheria of Pesaro
Maja Skerbot – Art Critic and curator
Valentina Tanni – Critic and one of the Exibart Founders
Matteo Zauli - Director of the Zauli Museum Italy

Application fee
For the partial support of the organization expenses, the application fee is 50,00 euro for 1 work and 90,00 euro for 2 works proposed for the same section.

For the student under 25 and if they are attending in Art Schools, Fine Arts Accademies and IED, the application fee is 45,00 euro for 1 work and 80,00 euro for 2 works (Certificate of enrollment and attendane is required).

If the artists participate with 2 works in the Prize in wichever section they can also participate, without any additional charge, in the Special Prize "ReiL" and in the “Special Prizes Artist in Residence” as written in the art.4. Artists must keep a copy of the payment. Application fees are no-refundable.

Download the application:

Visit website for complete details:

ARTE LAGUNA - Via Roma, 29/A - 31021 Mogliano (TV) - ITALY

Bookmark Project 2010: Amulet

Deadline: October 4, 2010 (RECEIVE)

Bookmark Project 2010: Amulet
Koffler Gallery
Presented with the 34th Annual Toronto Jewish Book Fair
October 23 to 31, 2010

Guest Curator: Anisia Avram

For the ninth consecutive year, the Koffler Gallery presents The Bookmark Project, an intervention of artist-designed bookmarks concurrent with the annual Toronto Jewish Book Fair organized by the Koffler Centre of the Arts. Unique bookmarks and multiples created by practicing artists and visual art students will be inserted clandestinely into the thousands of books for sale at the 34th Annual Book Fair. The bookmarks will also be presented in an online exhibition at

This year's theme, Amulet, considers the role of the bookmark as a talisman throughout the adventure of reading. The book, an intricate construction of text and ideas, is designed to capture and bring the reader into another world – a world through which only the bookmark can provide safe passage.

Anisia Avram is a graduate student at York University, concurrently pursuing a Curatorial Studies in Visual Culture Diploma and an Arts and Media Administration Graduate Diploma. She also has a Bachelor of Fine Arts with Honors from York University, with a dual specialization in Print Media and Photography. As the past Director/Curator of the Samuel J. Zacks Gallery, Avram has organized many student exhibitions at York University. She is also a founder and board member of the InPrint Collective in Toronto.

Submission Requirements
Bookmarks should be functional and not damage or scratch the books on display. Artists are requested to submit one original bookmark for the public intervention that will not be returned. Artists whose bookmarks are selected for this project will receive a nominal artist fee, the amount of which is dependent on the number of participating artists. Fees will be issued by mail within 30 days of the close of the project.

Download the submission form:

Visit website for more information:

or contact Anisia Avram at bookmark2010@kofflerarts

The Bookmark Project 2010
Koffler Gallery
Koffler Centre of the Arts
4588 Bathurst Street
Toronto, Ontario, M2R 1W6
t 416 638 1881 x4270 | f 416 636 5813

2011 Chattahoochee Biennial of Textiles--Extraordinary Things

Deadline: February 28, 2011

The Chattahoochee Handweavers Guild
Art Institute of Atlanta- Decatur
Decatur, GA
April 15 to June 2, 2011

The Chattahoochee Handweavers Guild is pleased to announce a southeastern juried textile exhibition exploring fiber art and work that references or utilizes fiber or fiber techniques in innovative ways.

Juror: Charlotte Vestal Wainwright, honorary AIA (formerly Brown) is the founding director of the Gregg Museum of Art & Design at North Carolina State University, where she has built a design and decorative arts collection that includes historical as well as contemporary objects and which focuses on American accomplishments and connections abroad.


*Open to fiber artists residing in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia, and the District of Columbia.

Entries must be executed and completed by the applying deadline. Entries must have been completed no earlier than June 2009.

Pieces must be of original design, executed by the entrant, and one of a kind.

Three dimensional pieces must arrive complete with armature and clear instructions for display. Both two and three dimensional work shall be limited to a weight of 40 pounds, including any mounting hardware and armature. No screws or bolts for hanging are allowed.

Entry Details:

Entry Fee for up to two pieces: CHG Members-$25, Non Members-$30,
Students-$20 (provide copy of student ID from accredited educational institution)


$400 Best in Show
$250 Second Prize
$150 Third Prize
Chattahoochee Student Award: $400
The Handweavers Guild of America Award

Selling Pieces:

Artists may sell their work through the show by submitting a price for the accepted pieces. The gallery will provide the entrant’s contact information to interested purchasers. No commission will be charged.

Submission guidelines and entry form available on website:
or email:

Contact Information:

Lynn Pollard
CHG Exhibits Chair
1211 Heritage Court
Atlanta, Georgia 30327

Lux Center for the Arts Residency

Three Deadlines: (POSTMARK)

November 1, 2010 {Session 1}
March 15, 2011 {Session 2}
June 15, 2011 {Session 2}

Residency Program
LUX Center for the Arts
Lincoln, Nebraska

LUX Center for the Arts offers three-month to two-year residencies to artists at any stages in their career in ceramics, printmaking, painting, fibers and metals. Resident artists receive studio space, exhibition opportunities and teaching experience, while they work to launch their careers as professional artists.

Financial Support
While there is no monthly stipend offered through our residency program, residents have the opportunity to teach community adult and children’s classes for pay. In addition, residents have the opportunity to contract with Doane College-Lincoln to teach classes they offer at the LUX Center in printmaking, ceramics, painting and metal arts. Artists-in-residence are responsible for their own personal living expenses, (including apartment rental and associated expenses), for some supplies and materials related to the cost of producing artwork unique to the artist, and shipping expenses. These are outlined in detail in the contract.

Residency Requirements (truncated)
Artists are required to assist with opening receptions and special events, prepare for and teach community classes, perform studio management and maintenance, and other tasks as requested, for up to ten hours per
Residents are required to teach one class of kid’s art week per session offered at the LUX Center unpaid.
Residents are urged to teach children’s and adult classes for pay.
Artists are expected to develop a body of work by maintaining consistent studio hours, give at least one informal public slide presentation about their work, and leave a piece of work made during the residency as a donation to the LUX Center. The donation will be selected by the artist and the Executive Director and/or Exhibition Director.

Selection Process
Residents are selected by a panel consisting of the Executive Director, Education Director, Exhibition Director, and other invited jurors. Residency periods are arranged by staff according to position openings. The typical residency term is one year, but may range from three months to two years.

Application fee: $15 (non-refundable)

If you are interested in becoming an artist in residence, contact Natalie Nelson via email: or phone: 402-466-8692, or

Download the residency application ( and submit your slides.

Visit website for additional details:

Lux Center for the Arts
2601 N 48th Street
Lincoln, NE 68504
Phone: 402-466-8692
Fax: 402-466-3786
Email: info AT luxcenter DOT org