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Contemporain textile Arts of Tournai

Deadline: 1st February 2011 (RECEIVE)

Contemporain textile Arts of Tournai

Halle aux Draps, at the Grand Place
Tournai – Belgium
Summer 2011

7th Triennial of Contemporary Textile Arts of Tournai will be held in Tournai, Belgium. The ‘‘5 continents’’ theme has been selected for this event. For this international exhibition, prestigious buildings of the city of Tournai will host the works of guest artists from the five continents of the world.

Through its international reputation, the Triennial wishes to help promote contemporary textile art.

The Triennial wishes artists to be granted maximum freedom regarding the creation of works. The following regulations however are needed owing to certain constraints regarding dimensions or presentation instructions for purpose of display.

All works selected for this competition will be presented to the public as a single exhibition in one of the venues hosting the Triennial, the Halle aux Draps, at the Grand Place, in the very heart of Tournai.

THEME: ‘’Continere’’.
Continere in Latin means holding together. The submitted textile works should therefore illustrate this theme, though without excluding other techniques, except for painting and sculpture.

The work must demonstrate high technical and aesthetic qualities.

The form is free as long as it complies with minimum and maximum dimensions, as indicated below:
Minimum height: 150 cm Maximum height: 220 cm
Minimum width: 100 cm Maximum width: 220 cm
Maximum thickness: 30 cm

Any materials or techniques are accepted provided they meet the basic principle of weaving threads in its widest interpretation.

The back side of the work should offer a perfect finish.

The entrants in the competition should provide the support and materials needed to hang the work in the best possible conditions, bearing in mind that the work will be hanged from a continuous bar 60cm from and parallel to the wall.

The participants in the competition are requested to send a sample of the future work so that a textile mosaic can be produced, which will be exhibited alongside with the selected works and remain the property of the Triennial.

The sample of the work should be representative of the technique and materials used.

1. Artists taking part in the competition should present a single work that meets the themes and technical data.
2. The submitted works will only be taken into account by the panel of judges, if accompanied by a registration file including the following:
· A registration form
· A concise Curriculum Vitae (in French or English) with a photograph of the artist attached
· 1 CD-ROM with 2 digital photographs 300 DPI minimum
· 1 colour paper photograph of the work (25x20cm)
· 1 sample representing the work measuring 15 x 15 cm

Downloads (in English):
Competition Rules
Registration Form

Visit website for French versions of above forms and to obtain additional information:

Further information can be obtained from:
Contemporary Textile Arts of Tournai
1, Boulevard des Frères Rimbaut

Secretary: Patricia CARLIEZ
TEL: +32 69 84 61 05
FAX: +32 69 84 64 11