Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Moscow Biennale for Young Art

Deadline: November 1, 2009 (Online)

Moscow Biennale for Young Art

Moscow, Russia
July, 2010

Executive director: Olga Lopukhova
Co-curators: Daria Pyrkina & Daria Kamyshnikova

Moscow Biennale for Young Art is one of the largest and ambitious projects, realized on the Moscow art scene in the field of contemporary art at present. The Biennale unites artistic initiatives of the whole Russia, the countries of near and far abroad. Leading art centers of Moscow in collaboration with regional and international partners take part in its preparation and realization.

The key criteria for participant selection are not only age, but also in many cases phase.

The phenomenon of Boundaries and its possible interpretations were selected as the main theme of the 2010 Biennale. It is logical to talk about boundaries after the slogan «Stop! Qui vive?», the invariable motto of the Biennale.

It is timely to raise a problem of the divide between the «young» and «mature» art, to examine peculiarities of the development of art of the globalization era artists, who have been brought up after the symbolic date in the modern era, the fall of Berlin wall (it has been also a metaphoric border between two worlds). The idea of boundaries is connected with the problem of communication, artistic creativity in the epoch of new technologies, implying elimination of geographical barriers and putting artistic ideas into free circulation. Many other adjacent and related topics will be touched in the project.

The Biennale participants will be selected, based on the results of the open admission of applications. Individual or group artwork applications as well as curator project applications will be accepted.

Application rules: (truncated)

Applications for the Biennale, according to a set form, are accepted online by the Biennale organizers from June 1 till November 1, 2009.

The artworks of Russian and international new generation artists, who work in field of contemporary art, using the up-to-date strategies, concepts and technologies (personal, group or as a part of a curatorial projects), can be submitted for participation in the Biennale. New generation artists are the authors under 35 years old at the moment of the Biennale opening. As an exception, according to the decision of the board of curators the age limits may be raised to a little degree. The authors, who have not shown their works in large solo exhibitions, are most preferable.

The authors of the projects (artists and curators — in case of a curatorial project) and non-profit art institutions are entitled to apply for participation.

Each application form is to be accompanied by one or several images (*.jpeg or *.tif, no less than 300 dpi resolution, min. dimensions: 10×15 cm).

The completed and exhibited projects as well as incomplete ones, the projects in the detailed draft stage may be submitted for participation in the Biennale. There are no limitations in number, form, genre, technique.

Application is free of charge. Authors and curators are not paid fees. All rights are reserved to the authors.

Applying to the Biennale, in case if his or her artwork is selected to participate, the author agrees that:

•text materials, contained in the application form, will be used in the Biennale catalogue and press materials;
•images, enclosed to the application form, will be used in the Biennale catalogue and press materials.

The group of curators will examine all applications, select participants and form preliminary programme of the Biennale. The Biennale participants will be announced no later than April 1, 2010.

Website: www.youngart.ru/en

Application: www.youngart.ru/en/priem_zayavok1/

Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation
Department of Culture of the City of Moscow
National Centre for Contemporary Arts (NCCA)
Moscow Museum of Modern Art

NCCA public relations department:
+7(495) 254 8492
pr@ncca. ru

MMoMA public relations department:
+7(495) 694 6660
pr@mmoma. ru

Crafts at Bovey Tracey

Deadline: November 30 2009 (RECEIVE)

Crafts at Bovey Tracey
Devon Guild of Craftsmen
Mill Marsh Park
Bovey Tracey, Devon
United Kingdom
11-13 June 2010

The Contemporary Craft Fair is a truly inspirational mix of some of the finest crafts people in the UK. Maker categories: ceramics, glass, silversmithing, jewellery, Recycled materials, furniture, glass, textiles, metal, wood and leather.

Application forms for 2010 will be available in September.

Deadline for applications is November 30th, 2009.

To book a workshop place please call 0845 155 1014.

For any other enquiries please call 01626 830612 or email: craftfair@craftsatboveytracey.co.uk.

website: www.craftsatboveytracey.co.uk

The Contemporary Craft Fair
Bovey Tracey, United Kingdom, TQ13 9AF

Georgia Quilt Show

Deadline: September 1, 2010 (POSTMARK)

Georgia Quilt Show
2010 Quilt Contest – Seeking Color Harmony

Original Sewing & Quilt Expo
Westlake, OH 44145
October 14, 15 & 16, 2010

“Seeking Color Harmony” is a contest designed to let you discover your inner quilter. Be it traditional or contemporary, folk or art quilt – capture whatever motivates you to quilt and create a piece to be entered into one of three categories. “Seeking Color Harmony” is a juried show and will be the feature Gallery display at Georgia Quilt Show 2010. The quilts then become a focal point of Original Sewing & Quilt Expo Fall 2010 events and will travel to Kansas City, MO and Minneapolis, MN, finishing their trek in Chicago, IL at Original Sewing & Quilt Expo’s newest location, the Schaumburg Convention Center.

NOTE: Prize winning quilts are required to travel with Original Sewing & Quilt Expo Fall 2010 events and will not be returned until after December 1, 2010.

Submission Guidelines (truncated)
  1. Limit two entries per person, one quilt per category.
  2. All quilts must be quilted by hand, by machine, or both.
  3. Quilts should be in excellent condition and have been completed between August 31, 2008 and August 31, 2010.
  4. A quilt that combines two or more techniques (other than quilting) should be indicated as Mixed Techniques (i.e., piecing/appliqué, appliqué/embroidery, piecing/trapunto, etc.)

Techniques: (Hand OR Machine)
Pieced, Appliquéd, Mixed Technique, Quilted

  1. Bed-sized quilts must be 60" to 110" in width and a length of 80" or more.
  2. Large wall quilts must be 49" to 110" in width and a length of 40" or more.
  3. Small wall quilts must be 12" to 48" in width and a length of 18" or more.

Entry fee: $25.00 per quilt.

NQA certified judges will award a $1,000 Prize for Best of Show and an additional $4,500 for First, Second and Third place awards in each of three categories: Bed Quilt, Large Wall Quilt and Small Wall Quilt. Ribbons for Honorable Mention
and Judges’ Choice will round out the recognitions.

Complete information:georgiaquiltshow.com/contest

Rules and entry form: georgiaquiltshow.com/Explorations_Entry [pdf]

Open the door to your own inner or outer exploration and see the quilting world expand around you!

Questions? 800-699-6309 or info@georgiaquiltshow.com

Georgia Quilt Show
MS. Productions, Inc.
909 Canterbury Rd. Suite F
Westlake, OH 44145

North Pittsburgh Quilters Guild: Celebrate The Seasons

Deadline: February 1, 2010 (POSTMARK) or (RECEIVE)
Materials contained conflicting information so contact sponsors to clarify if deadline is postmark or receive.

Celebrate The Seasons

A quilt show sponsored by North Pittsburgh Quilters Guild
Ross Township Community Center
Pittsburgh PA
March 19, 20, 21, 2010

  1. Limit of (3) quilts per entrant. All entries will be juried and judged unless specified otherwise. All entries must have been completed since March 2005. Items entered in previous NPQG shows will not be allowed.
  2. Each entry must be entered in ONE category only (except any quilt that is eligible for the theme category).
  3. All entries must be quilted. A quilted entry consists of three layers, primarily fabric, held together by stitching. Do not submit cheater panel quilts, tied quilts or entries constructed in two layer techniques (such as Cathedral Window).

  • Bed Quilt - Predominately Pieced, following a traditional design. Size over 250” perimeter.
  • Bed Quilt - Predominately Appliqued Size over 250” perimete.r
  • Bed Quilt - Combined effort – the product of 2 or more persons. Includes all techniques, as well as quilting by a person other than the maker of the quilt top. Size over 250” perimeter.
  • Wall Quilt - Pieced. Size up to 250” perimeter. Quilts that are intended for use on a wall that follow a traditional design, including miniatures.
  • Wall Quilt - Appliqued. Size up to 250” perimeter. Quilts that are intended for use on a wall that incorporate traditional design or technique, including miniatures.
  • Wall Quilt - Combined effort – the product of 2 or more persons, any technique, as well as quilting by a person other than the maker of the quilt top. Size up to 250” perimeter.
  • Innovative - Any size. The quilt is non-traditional in construction or design, such as use of painting, photo transfer, significant amounts of embellishments, or unusual materials.
  • Wearable Art – Any wearable item that is quilted all or in part.
  • Creative Youth – Any quilt made by a youth 15 years of age or younger. Awards will be made within this category.
  • Professional – A quilter who falls into any of the following categories: has been published and/or featured in a national quilt publication; has designed and sold patterns; relies on teaching and/or selling quilts as a major source of income; is a quilt shop owner.

Fee: $10.00 entry fee per quilt

Download the Entry Form and Show Rules: www.npqg.org/2010QuiltEntryForm [pdf]

Visit website for full details: www.npqg.org

North Pittsburgh Quilters Guild
P.O. Box 101747
Pittsburgh, PA 15237

Handweavers Guild of America: Enchanted Yardage Exhibit

Two Deadlines: (POSTMARK)
US: February 15, 2010
International: January 25, 2010

Enchanted: Yardage Exhibit

Convergence 2010 Albuquerque
Handweavers Guild of America
Albuquerque Convention Center
Albuquerque, New Mexico
July 22 - 25, 2010

An international juried exhibit featuring lengths of constructed and/or embellished yardage.

New Mexico is known as a “Land of Enchantment” — a place where the colors of the earth and the sky, the contrast between the light of day and the dark of night, the beauty of the mesas and the mountain ranges provide opportunities to see and inspiration to create. Because of the unique scenic beauty and the rich cultural history of the state, New Mexicans often describe the phenomenon with a knowing smile and a shrug because they know the land is enchanted.

Juror: To be announced

Exhibit Coordinator: Cat Brysch , Las Arañas Spinners and Weavers Guild, Albuquerque, New Mexico


This exhibit is open to all artists working with constructed and/or embellished yardage.

Three pieces may be entered per artist. Pieces must be originally conceived and created by the entrant: work should be one-of-a-kind, of exhibition quality, not previously exhibited at a Convergence, and completed within the past two years (since January 2008) and not previously published.

The size of the finished work must be a minimum of 18 inches (45.7 centimeters) in width and 3 yards (2.7 meters) in length and may not exceed 60 inches (1.5 meters) in width, 10 yards (9.1 meters) in length and 40 pounds (18.1 Kg) in weight.

For each entry, send an 8 inch x 8 inch (20.3 cm square) swatch with edges finished neatly and ready for display. An identification tag needs to be attached to the back of the swatch. Entries submitted without a swatch will not be considered.

Work executed under classroom/educational guidance or supervision is not eligible.

Entry Fees $25 HGA member, $40 non HGA member, Student (attach copy of student ID from accredited educational institution),no fee.

Awards: First, second and third place awards will be selected by the juror. Additional special criteria awards may be available.

Sales: Work on exhibit will not be for sale.

Download the Entry Form: weavespindye.org/Enchanted_2010 [pdf]

Visit website: weavespindye.org

or Questions: Call HGA at 678-730-0010 or email HGA

Handweavers Guild of America, Inc.
1255 Buford Highway, Suite 211
Suwanee, GA 30024

Handweavers Guild of America: Eye Dazzlers -- All Fiber Exhibit

Two Deadlines: (POSTMARK)
US: February 22, 2010
Outside US: February 15, 2010

Eye Dazzlers -- All Fiber Exhibit

Convergence 2010 Albuquerque
Handweavers Guild of America
Albuquerque Convention Center
Albuquerque, New Mexico
July 22 - July 25, 2010

International juried exhibit open to work created using any fiber arts technique.

Eye dazzling rugs and blankets are among the earliest types of Navajo textiles to be woven with manufactured yarns and synthetic dyes. Because of their fine texture and wide range of color, these “Germantown” yarns lend themselves to fine weavings and infinite detail. When these fine yarns with their exciting array of colors combined with the new Saltillo designs the Navajos were learning from the Spanish Colonial weavers during the transitional period (1880-1900), colorful complex textile designs resulted. Let the inspiration of outside influences, change of environment, new materials, and the incorporation of neighboring ideas inspire you for this Multimedia Fiber Arts exhibit, which is open to work created using any fiber arts technique.

Three pieces may be entered per artist. Pieces must be originally conceived and created by the entrant. The work should be one-of-a-kind, not previously exhibited at a Convergence, and completed within the last two years (since January 2008) and not previously published.

Submitted work may exhibit one or more of any fiber technique, including, but not limited to, weaving, knitting, basketry, braiding, crochet, surface design and shibori.

The size of finished work may not exceed 60 inches (1.524 meters) in any dimension and it may not exceed 30 pounds (13.6 kilograms) in weight.

Awards: First, second and third place awards will be selected by the juror. Additional special criteria awards may be available.

Sales: Work on exhibit will not be for sale.

Juror: TBA

Fees: $25 HGA member, $40 non-member, no fee for students of accredited institutions.

Download the Entry Form: weavespindye.org/Eye_Dazzlers [pdf]

Visit website: www.weavespindye.org/All_fiber_Eye_dazzlers

For Questions:

Call HGA at 678-730-0010 or email HGA

Eye Dazzlers
Handweavers Guild of America, Inc.
1255 Buford Highway, Suite 211
Suwanee, GA 30024

Handweavers Guild of America: Small Expressions 2010

Two Deadlines: (POSTMARK)
US: February 8, 2010
Outside US: February 1, 2010

Small Expressions 2010

Convergence 2010 Albuquerque
Handweavers Guild of America
Albuquerque Convention Center
Albuquerque, New Mexico
July 22 - July 25, 2010

Small Expressions is an annual international, juried exhibit featuring high quality, contemporary small-scale works. Small Expressions is sponsored by the Handweavers Guild of America, Inc., to showcase fiber art of a small scale not to exceed 15 inches (38 cm) in any direction.

Eligibility: Three pieces may be entered per artist. Pieces exhibited in previous Small Expressions exhibits are not eligible. Submitted work is limited to fiber techniques (interlaced, felted, paper, etc.). All work must be of exhibition quality, completed within the last two years (since January 2008) and not previously published.

The size of the finished work may not exceed 15 inches (38 cm) in any direction including any mounting or display devices.

Awards: First, second and third place awards will be selected by the juror. Additional special criteria awards may be available.

Sales: Work on exhibit will not be for sale.

Juror: TBA

Fees: $25 HGA member, $40 non-member, no fee for students of accredited institutions.

Download the Entry Form: Small_Expressions_2010 [pdf]

Visit website: weavespindye.org/Small_Exp_2010

For Questions: Call HGA at 678-730-0010 or email HGA

Small Expressions 2010
Handweavers Guild of America, Inc.
1255 Buford Highway, Suite 211
Suwanee, GA 30024

Handweavers Guild of America: Walk In Beauty

Two Deadlines: (POSTMARK)
US: February 15, 2010
Outside US: February 8, 2010

Walk In Beauty

Wearable Art Fashion Show and Exhibit
Handweavers Guild of America
Albuquerque Convention Center
Albuquerque, New Mexico
Runway Fashion Show: July 21, 2010
Exhibit: July 22 - 25, 2010

With Beauty, may I walk.
With Beauty before me, may I walk.
With Beauty behind me may I walk.
With Beauty above me, may I walk.
With Beauty all around me, may I walk.

This traditional Navajo prayer accompanies a weaver’s work. Encompassing beauty, balance, order, and harmony is the essence of Navajo philosophy in weaving and in life. Let the rich colors and textures inspire you to create beautiful wearable art.

Juror: To be announced

Fashion Show Coordinator: Ruth Ronan, Las Arañas Spinners and Weavers Guild, Albuquerque, New Mexico

Exhibit Coordinator: Nancy Paap, Las Arañas Spinners and Weavers Guild, Albuquerque, New Mexico

Eligibility: This exhibit is open to all fiber artists. Fashions need to be created using fiber techniques. Pieces must be originally conceived and created by the entrant: the work should be one-of-a-kind, not previously exhibited at a Convergence. Three pieces may be entered per artist. All work must be of exhibition quality, completed within the last two years (since January 2008) and not previously published.

Work executed under classroom/educational guidance or supervision is not eligible.

For each entry, send an 8 inch by 8 inch (20.3 centimeter square) swatch with edges finished neatly and ready for display. An identification tag needs to be attached to the back of the swatch. Entries submitted without a swatch will not be considered.

Awards: First, second and third place awards will be selected by the juror. Additional special criteria awards may be available.

Sales: Work on exhibit will not be for sale.

Download the Entry Form:weavespindye.org/Walk_In_Beauty_2010 [pdf]

Visit the website:weavespindye.org/Fashion_Walk_in_beauty

For Questions: Call HGA at 678-730-0010 or email HGA

Walk In Beauty
Handweavers Guild of America, Inc.
1255 Buford Highway, Suite 211
Suwanee, GA 30024

Vox Populi: Guest Artist Exhibitions

Deadline: Ongoing, Second Friday in January
Next due date: January 8, 2010 (RECEIVE)

Guest Artist Exhibitions

Vox Populi
Philadelphia, PA

Vox Populi offers artists living outside of the Philadelphia area the opportunity to extend and challenge their artistic development and exposure to new audiences. Proposals for solo or small, curated group exhibition will be considered for one or two month long exhibitions. Vox is particularly interested in offering exhibitions to artists who work in experimental materials and/or employ alternative methodologies, whose work is less likely to be shown in a commercial setting.


Applications must include the following:

Selection of 10-20 jpegs (no larger than 1024x768 pixels and 72 dpi) or DVD cued to selection (up to 5 pieces, each no longer than 2 minutes).
Corresponding numbered check list of works; including title, date, materials and dimensions
Current resume
Artist statement and/or proposal (optional, but encouraged)

Applications will be reviewed by the artist-membership of Vox Populi and must be received by the above dates. Incomplete applications will not be reviewed. Emailed submissions will not be reviewed. Please only submit requested materials as submissions will not be returned.

Questions? Contact: exhibitions@voxpopuligallery.org

Website: voxpopuligallery.org

Vox Populi
Guest Artist Exhibition
319 North 11th Street
3rd Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19107
T: 215-238-1236

Vox Populi: Project Space

Deadline: January 30, 2010 (RECEIVE)

Project Space

Vox Populi
Philadelphia, PA

The Vox Populi Project Space (VPPS) serves as a versatile incubation space within the gallery, open to artists, curators, gallerists, designers, and others seeking to pilot a project. The Project Space aims to mitigate risks involved in these upstarts by providing administrative support and the physical space needed to realize discrete projects which have as a primary focus an interest in fostering contemporary visual art, dialogue and debate in Philadelphia.

Duration: Projects are two years in length with a potential for extension and/or re-application.

Eligibility and Requirements: Applications are open to anyone for whom access to space and supports is crucial to realizing a discrete project. Travel and material costs are the responsibility of participants and Vox Populi does not provide or arrange living space. Each person/group taking part in the program is expected to contribute to the Philadelphia community and give a public presentation at Vox Populi at the completion of the residency.

Residents will be selected based on the quality of the work/idea being proposed, the availability of the necessary tools and skills to support the work, and in consideration of the overarching goals and themes as identified by the membership of Vox Populi.


Submissions should include:

Description of project concept, including timeline and activities
Statement of objectives
Supporting materials such as writings, images, publications, etc.
Current resume
Statement describing project needs and why being a resident at Vox is necessary for to undertake your project.
Please provide the name, email address, telephone # and address of three professional references who can comment on your recent work and artistic development.

Applications will be reviewed by the artist-membership of Vox Populi and must be received by the above dates. Incomplete applications will not be reviewed. Emailed submissions will not be reviewed. Please only submit requested materials as submissions will not be returned.

Questions? Contact: director@voxpopuligallery.org

Website: voxpopuligallery.org

Vox Populi
Project Space
319 North 11th Street
3rd Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19107
T: 215-238-1236

Quilt Visions 2010 - “No Boundaries”

Deadline: January 30, 2010 (RECEIVE)

Quilt Visions 2010 - “No Boundaries”

Oceanside Museum of Art
San Diego, CA
October 24, 2010 through March 13, 2011

QUILT VISIONS 2010 is a juried exhibition of quilts celebrating the art of the quilt. Jurors will select the quilts from digital images of work submitted for consideration. Preliminary selection will be finalized
when the quilts are received for photography. A full color catalog of the exhibition will be published. Cash recognition awards will be presented.

Rules of Entry (truncated)
  1. You may enter up to three (3) cloth quilts by submitting the required materials.
  2. A set of coordinated pieces may be considered one work or entry.
  3. Entries must have been completed on or after January 1, 2008. A maximum of one (1) quilt per artist will be selected.
  4. An entry is considered to be a quilt if it is composed of three layers, two layers of cloth filled with “batting material” and held together by “stitched” design. Quilts may be embellished with materials other than cloth. All entries must meet the definition of a quilt.
Entry fees (for up to 3 quilts) $30 - Members | $70 - Non-members (includes a one year individual QV membership.)

Jason Busch is the Curator of Decorative Arts at the Carnegie Museum of Art in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Linda Colsh is an American artist residing in Everberg, Belgium since 1990. She currently serves on the Board of Directors of Studio Art Quilt Associates having been its first European Representative.

Penny McMorris has extensive experience as an art curator. She is co-author of The Art Quilt, the first book focusing on quilt design development. She helped form the contemporary quilt collections of Ardis and Robert James, now part of the International Quilt Study Group Collection and that of John Walsh III.

Download the prospectus: quiltvisions.org/2010EntryForm [pdf]


Quilt San Diego/Quilt Visions
2825 Dewey Road, Suite 100
San Diego, CA 92106
Phone/Fax: 619-546-4872
Email: visions@quiltvisions.org

abecedarian gallery: Artists’ Book Cornucopia

Deadline: January 20, 2010 (EMAIL) & (RECEIVE)

Artists’ Book Cornucopia

A Juried Show of Artists’ Bookworks
abecedarian gallery
Denver, CO
April 1 • May 6, 2010

Abecedarian Gallery is located in Denver’s Santa Fe Arts District. The gallery presents local & national artists working across multiple disciplines with an emphasis on contemporary book arts, works on paper, assemblage & collage.

Artists’ Book Cornucopia is a juried show of artists’ bookworks open to artists at least 18 years of age who can provide a US shipping address.

Eligible are any bookworks other than altered - limited edition, one-of-a-kind, sculptural, book as object all are eligible, interactive or passive. There is a size limit of 24 inches any dimension when closed, and a weight limit of 30 pounds.

Jurors & Awards
Entries will be juried by Michael Levine-Clark, collections librarian at University of Denver, Penrose Library. In addition to a purchase award from University of Denver, up to $600 of purchase and exhibition awards, including an award of merit provided by Kozo Art Materials in Denver, will be given at the discretion of gallery director Alicia Bailey. Other awards pending.

Entry Limitations
A maximum of two artworks may be submitted per artist.

A $25 non-refundable entry fee must accompany each entry.

All artworks entered must be for sale. All work is sold on consignment. The artist receives 60% of the sale price.

Contact Alicia with any questions.

abecedarian gallery
910 Santa Fe, #101
Denver, CO 80204
720.282.4052 or 303.340.2110

Smithtown Township Arts Council: Juried Fine Arts 2010

Deadline: November 06, 2009 (RECEIVE)

Juried Fine Arts 2010

Smithtown Township Arts Council
Mills Pond House Gallery
St. James, New York
January 9 - February 5, 2010

Open to all artists working in 2D and 3D media, except photography and crafts(*). Entries may not have been shown previously at Mills Pond House Gallery.

Work may not exceed 60” in width.
Sculptures weighing over 50 lbs. must be delivered and installed by the artist.

*The Juror will consider fiber entries.

First Place ($300) and Second Place
($150) . Winners are invited to participate in our Winner’s Showcase Exhibition.

Juror: Joan Young, Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York

$45 for up to 3 entries
$30 for STAC artist members **Artists may join at time of entry.

Work will be insured for the duration of the exhibition. STAC will receive a 30% gallery commission on all work sold. All work must remain on display through February 5, 2010

Prospectus: stacarts.org/Juried Fine Art 2010 Prospectus

Entry Form (word)
Entry Form (pdf)

Questions? Call(631)862-6575 or email exhibits@stacarts.org

Mills Pond House Gallery
660 Route 25A
St. James, New York 11780
Phone: 631-862-6575
Fax: 631-862-8730
Email: exhibits@stacarts.org
Web: www.stacarts.org

The Schuylkill Center: Nest and Branch

Deadline: October 30, 2009 at 5:00 pm (RECEIVE)

Nest and Branch
A juried gallery exhibition of artwork relating to birds and their habitats

The Schuylkill Center
Philadelphia, PA
December 5, 2009 - April 3, 2010

Curated by Zoe Cohen, Art Program Manager

The Schuylkill Center’s 340 acres of woodlands, fields, streams and ponds is an oasis for birds in Philadelphia. Our landscape supports over 100 species at various times of the year, with over 50 bird species that nest on our property. The Schuylkill Center hosts a number of bird species of concern, species whose numbers have declined over recent years because of habitat loss. According to Audubon Pennsylvania, habitat loss and fragmentation are the most serious threats facing birds around the world, across America, and here in Pennsylvania. Preserving bird habitat is key to preserving the variety of species that we know today.

This exhibition invites visual artists working in all media to present artwork that reflects the realities and mysteries of birds. In preparing submissions, artists should consider The Schuylkill Center’s two mission-driven objectives: Land Preservation and Environmental Education. Our Art Gallery is located within our main Education Building, and exhibitions are viewed by visiting school groups as well as adult visitors. Artists are especially encouraged to submit work that deals directly with bird habitat and behavior, and that relates to birds native to the Philadelphia region.

Visual artists from any disciplinary background may apply, and submissions of any gallery-based media are welcome, with installation proposals encouraged.

Each artist's submission may include up to 3 separate artworks, with up to 3 views of each work.

Listing of birds sighted at The Schuylkill Center: http://www.schuylkillcenter.org/programs/birding/birdsfound.html

Read more about the Environmental Art Program at The Schuylkill Center here: http://www.schuylkillcenter.org/departments/art/

Important Dates:

Entries must be received by (not postmarked by): Friday October 30th, 5 pm
Artists notified by email: November 4th
Drop off work: Monday November 30th and Tuesday December 1st, 9 am - 5 pm
Opening Reception: Saturday December 5th, 5-7 pm, with an artists' talk at 6 pm
Citizen Science Lecture on Birds with an artists' talk: Thursday March 4th, 6:30 pm
Pick up work: Saturday April 4th & Monday April 6th, 9 am - 5 pm

Artwork Specifications:
Wall-hung work must be framed or mounted and ready to hang.

Installation work must be installed by the artist on Monday November 30th or Tuesday December 1st.

Each artist will be allowed a maximum total area of roughly 5 ft x 5 ft.

Pedestals with vitrines are available for sculpture or other objects. Each pedestal is 43" high, with a base of 12"x12" or 19"x21". Plexiglas vitrines are 14" to 19" high.

For an entry form, please contact:

Rachel Dobkin
Art Program Coordinator
The Schuylkill Center for Environmental Education
8480 Hagy's Mill Rd
Philadelphia, PA 19128
215-482-7300 x113

Fallbrook Art Center: Art of the Holiday

Deadline: October 16, 2009 (ONLINE) & (POSTMARK)

Annual Art of the Holiday

Fallbrook Art Center
Fallbrook, CA
November 27 - December 23, 2009

Seeking works by regional artists and artisans for holiday boutique featuring hand-made works for holiday gift-giving.

• 3-5 images indicative of the work you plan to display. Images can be in any format – slides, prints, or digital (website reference is OK)
• Application completed & signed – keep a copy for your records
• Biography and/or Artist Statement
• Entry Fees: $25 Jury Fee (one fee/ not per image submitted). Non-refundable | $80 Entry Fee. Refunded if your work is not
accepted for the show

For details and submission guidelines, download the Show Prospectus and Show Application.

Show Prospectus: Prospectus Art of the Holiday 09 [pdf]

Show Application: Art of the Holiday Application 2009 [pdf]

Apply Online: annual-art-of-the-holiday-2009-application

For Further Information, contact: Mary Perhacs, Executive Director, (760) 728-1414, info@fallbrookartcenter.org

Fallbrook Art Center
103 South Main
Fallbrook, CA 92028

Stampington & Company: Art Quilting Studio

Multiple Deadlines: (RECEIVE) & (ONGOING)
October 15, 2009
January 15, 2010
April 15, 2010
July 15, 2010

Art Quilting Studio

Stampington & Company
Publishing Opportunity

Art Quilting Studio offers readers the opportunity to be published in several departments, including Art Quilt Walking (quilts incorporated into artwear), The Quilting Studio (creative spaces), Stamped Quilts (quilts utilizing art stamps), The Good Quilt (quilts that raise awareness or funds for a worthy cause), Quilt Tops Found (vintage quilt tops and/or segments that become transformed into a utilitarian object), Transfer::mations (quilts utilizing image transfers), All by Hand (quilts made without sewing machines), and On the Surface (quilts with unique surface techniques such as painting, dyeing, stamping, stenciling, embroidery, beading, appliqué and other embellishment techniques).

The premier issue hit newsstands June 1, 2009, the second issue of Art Quilting Studio will be released in December (submission deadline: July 15, 2009). Thereafter, Art Quilting Studio will become a quarterly publication to be released every March (submission deadline: October 15, 2009), June (submission deadline: January 15, 2010), September (submission deadline: April 15, 2010) and December (submission deadline: July 15, 2010).


Around the Quilting Block: The Car
Right after you look inside the refrigerator, we challenge you to look inside your car to find inspiration for Around the Quilting Block. From gym shoes to an umbrella, to a tissue box and more, we ask you to use inspiration from items found in your car to create a quilt top block that is no larger than 8" x 8". Deadline: October 15, 2009.

Inspired By
For our next installment of Inspired By, we ask that you turn to the lyrics of Walk the Line —the song made famous by legendary artist, Johnny Cash. Deadline: October 15, 2009.

Triptychs are an interesting design format that allows art quilts to be created to tell a rich and compelling narrative. We invite you to consider telling a narrative of your own through a triptych art quilt. Deadline: October 15, 2009.

Quilts in a Jar
So inspired are we with Cynthia Shaffer’s quilts in jars (to be revealed in the premier issue on page 144) that we would like to challenge our readers to submit quilts in jars to be considered for future issues of Art Quilting Studio. The jars you use can be any size — big, small, tall, short, fat, skinny. And the quilts you create to place within the jars can be letters (like Cynthia’s) or any other subject matter that your muse inspires you to create. Deadline: January 15, 2010.

Visit website for complete details and submission guidelines: www.stampington.com/wanna_get_published

Monday, September 28, 2009

New Brewery Arts: Pop Up Studio Shop

Deadline: Unspecified

Pop Up Studio Shop
New Brewery Arts

Brewery Court, Cirencester
Gloucestershire (UK)
Marketplace Opportunity

Pop Up Studio Shop is offered to makers, artists or photographers to make, show and sell their work without committing to a long term licence. It is offered on a fixed hire period for a minimum of two weeks and differs from our gallery spaces in that we don’t take commission and we even provide plinths for you to display your work.

You can advertise your Pop Up Studio Shop on New Brewery Arts website. And because Pop Up Studio Shop is brilliantly placed just next to our main entrance, it benefits from being between the main Cirencester shopping area and Tesco’s car park and gets all the passing trade.

It gives you the opportunity to show and sell your work, test the market, to try out a new range, promote a new product or service or work in partnership with other artists and makers. You can even do demonstrations and talks about your making or artwork and hold a launch party. You don’t have to “give up” your existing studio - you can just try an alternative venue and we positively encourage you to be as funky or quirky as you like.

The Pop Up Studio Shop is 362 sq feet. It is heated by electric wall heater, has hot and cold running water and electrical sockets.

Length of hire
Hire must be in multiples of 2 weeks.

New Brewery Arts is open seven days a week. Ideally, your Pop Studio Shop needs to be open at the same time.

The Pop Up Studio is available for hire at the following rates:

Jan – Feb £150.00
March – Oct £175.00
November £250.00
December £350.00

All rates are per week plus VAT inclusive of electricity.

We also require a Key and Decoration deposit of £50.00 which is returnable at the end of the hire period.

For further information contact Ali Russell on ali@newbreweryarts.org.uk or telephone 01285 657 181

To apply, complete the application form and send it to us by email or in the post.

Pop Up Studio application guidelines and rates for 2010

More details at the website: newbreweryarts.org.uk

New Brewery Arts
Brewery Court, Cirencester
Gloucestershire GL7 1JH
Admin: 01285 657 181
Fax: 01285 644 060

The Schuylkill Center: Artist in Residence/Exhibition Proposals

Deadline: Ongoing

Exhibition Proposals &
Artist in Residence
The Schuylkill Center

Philadelphia, PA

The Schuylkill Center accepts exhibition submissions and Artist-in-Residence applications on an ongoing basis. This category is open to any artist interested in applying their creative vision directly to issues that concern the natural environment through materials, concept or imagery.

Artists interested in submitting for the exhibition program should demonstrate in the submission statement how their work addresses the environment and nature. All 2 or 3-dimensional wall mounted media in small to medium scale are eligible including: sculpture, paintings, works on paper, fiber arts, mixed media, photography, paper arts, and digital/electronic media. The Center will host an opening for the selected artist(s) and will promote the exhibition through press releases, our web site, monthly e-newsletter, and postcards . The Schuylkill Center will take a 30% commission on art sales.

Your submission to this program should include a one page proposal describing a project or activity involving a community or school group . Proposals should also include a description of the body of work or piece that the artist is interested in developing individually. While the project can be for both exterior and interior locations, outdoor installations are especially encouraged. Community-based project submissions should address nature or the environment and include a description of the type of community group that will be involved. Project submissions proposed for student groups should indicate how the project relates to environmental academic subjects and how the project will address learning in these areas. Residencies are only scheduled when funding becomes available, and s elected artists receive an honorarium, studio space and a housing stipend, all of which are subject to funding levels.

Submission Check List:
•Include your name, email address and phone number on all submission documents.
•Images of Existing Work: 10-20 jpg on a CD - images no larger than 300 dpi and 4 x 5 inches.
- Label each jpg with a title or number that corresponds to the attached image list.
•Image List: List each image with the titles or number that corresponding to the jpgs .
- Include title, date, dimensions, medium, and price if for sale.
- Include a sentence or two describing each piece.
•Professional Resume, 1-2 pages
•Artist’s Statement, 1 page, on your work and its relationship to nature
•If applying for the Artist-in-Residence program, also include:
- 1-page Proposal describing the project activity for the Residency.
•Submission fee: $15 check made payable to The Schuylkill Center.
- The submission fee is tax deductible and nonrefundable.

Mail submissions to:
Environmental Art Program
The Schuylkill Center for Environmental Education
8480 Hagy's Mill Road
Philadelphia, PA 19128

Please note:
Submission of your application does not guarantee selection, and submission materials will not be returned.

Webite: http://www.schuylkillcenter.org/departments/art/opportunities

The Schuylkill Center for Environmental Education
8480 Hagy's Mill Road
Philadelphia, PA 19128
Phone: 215-482-7300
Fax: 215-482-8158
Email: scee@schuylkillcenter.org

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Museum of the Living Artist

Deadline: Ongoing/Unspecified

San Diego Art Institute
Museum of the Living Artist

Exhibition Opportunities

All artists, SDAI members or the general public, are encouraged to submit artwork for exhibition consideration. On the average, a new exhibit is featured every six weeks. Typically, each exhibit consists of work submitted by regional artists in two forms - a one foot piece and a larger piece, no bigger than 8 feet in any dimension. Two regional artist's solo work are also displayed in tandem during the exhibit. The jurying process is typically on a weekend, with the installation of the show occurring the following week. All Exhibits begin with an Opening Night reception for the general public. All participating artists are encouraged to attend.

Artwork categories and submission :

On a regular basis SDAI: Museum of the Living Artist has two categories for members to enter artworks for our exhibitions. They are the One-Foot show and the Regional show. You may enter one artwork for each show. Below is a brief description of both of these categories:

The One-Foot Show: The artwork cannot be over 12 inches in any one dimension, including the frame. This restriction applies to sculptures or other three-dimensional artworks.

The Regional Show: The artwork cannot be over eight feet in any one dimension, whether it is a two or three-dimensional work.

Please remember that any artwork over 40 pounds is the responsibility of the artist to have it placed on the gallery floor for display for the juror and for removal from our gallery.

Non-SDAI Member Artwork Submission Requirements: (truncated)

- $20 entry fee
- Submission may not be larger than 8 feet in any dimension.
- Non-SDAI members are not eligible for One Foot Submissions.
- Glass is permissible if artwork is 2 feet in size or less, in a wooden frame.
- Sculpture/Installation submissions over 40 pounds must be transported to and from the gallery floor by the artist.
- Photography, mixed media, installations, digital imaging, 3-dimensional work are all acceptable.

SDAI Member Artist Submission Requirements: (truncated)

- No entry fee (with exception for International Show or Southern California Regional Show, where cash prizes are awarded.)
- One Foot submission: no larger than 1 x 1 feet in any dimension, including the frame.
- Glass is permissible if artwork is 2 feet in size or less, in a wooden frame.
- Sculpture/Installation submissions over 40 pounds must be transported to and from the gallery floor by the artist.
- Photography, mixed media, installations, digital imaging, 3-dimensional work are all acceptable.

Visit website for complete details: www.sandiego-art.org

Ivory Street Exhibition Space

Deadline: Ongoing/Unspecified

Call for Expressions of Interest
Ivory Street Exhibition Space

Fortitude Valley Queensland

Would you like your creative output exposed to 10,000 people per day? Artisan is currently inviting individuals, groups and curators to submit applications for the Ivory 24/7 exhibition program.

To make the most of this opportunity, it is important for applicants to be familiar with the dimensions of the space and the impact of the work for passing street and pedestrian traffic. Interested applicants are invited to visit the gallery to consider the suitability of their project, and to discuss is with the Exhibitions Officer prior to developing their proposal.

Applications will be assessed according to the Gallery Policy. The project must demonstrate high standards of excellence in design and production, present original and distinctive work, possess a strong conceptual basis and explore innovative exhibition presentation. This does not preclude small scale works, but such works will require strong installation design to support them.

Your proposal must include a completed Expression of Interest form, current CV, up to ten images on a CD/DVD and an artist statement.

The fee for hiring Ivory 24/7 for one month is $550 (inc. GST). Presentation and promotion grants are available from NAVA and Arts Queensland.

For more information contact:

Gabriella Szablewska
Exhibitions Officer
artisan idea:skill:product
381 Brunswick Street
Fortitude Valley Q 4006
Freecall 1800 172 080 (Regional Queensland only)
Ph: 07 3215 0805
Fax: 07 3215 0802
Email: gallery@artisan.org.au

Documents to download:

Complete application pack


Individual forms:

Ivory 24-7 Expression of interest
Ivory 24-7 Floorplan
Grant Information
Gallery Policy

Visit website for additional details: www.artisan.org.au

Poplar Gallery Online

Deadline: Unspecified/Ongoing

Exhibition Proposals
Poplar Gallery

Critical Writing & Reviews

Poplar gallery.online showcases the work of craftspeople and artists working in all disciplines.

Poplar is currently accepting proposals for exhibitions of original work. Craftspeople, artists, curators and studio collectives are encouraged to submit proposals. Two spaces are available for alternating six-week exhibitions. Submissions of critical writing and reviews will be considered for ArtClothText a forum for textile, fibre and mixed media artists.

Visit website: Poplar Gallery Online

Visit blog: ArtClothText

For information on how to submit your work, contact curator Mackenzie Frere at info@mackenziefrere.com

The Society for Contemporary Craft

Deadline: Ongoing/Unspecified

Various Opportunities
The Society for Contemporary Craft

Pittsburgh, PA
One: Gallery
Exhibitions at SCC are scheduled one to two years in advance and are thematic or media specific. Most are invitational, however there are some juried opportunities available.

Artists who would like to be considered for future exhibitions should send six slides or digital images, an artist statement, resume and support materials to:

Kate Lydon, Director of Exhibitions
Society for Contemporary Craft
2100 Smallman Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15222
412.261.7003 x 15

Two: The Store
As The Store’s reputation for featuring unique work by nationally recognized craft artists has grown, we have become increasingly selective about the artists whose work we choose to feature. Artists interested in representation in The Store should submit six slides or digital images, an artist statement, resume, support materials and pricing structure to:

Store Manager
Society for Contemporary Craft
2100 Smallman Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15222
412.261.7003 x 15

Three: The Studio
The Studio offers three semesters annually of day, evening and weekend classes in contemporary and traditional craft media for adults and teens. SCC instructors include university professors, internationally known visiting artists, and production studio craftsmen. The Studio’s primary focus on distinctive offerings developed around four key themes: urban experience, artist and process, art and the environment, and crossing cultural boundaries deepens SCC’s craft niche, and strengthens ties to SCC’s exhibitions of work by national and international artists for a complete educational experience.

Artist instructors interested in sharing their enthusiasm and expertise with students in The Studio are asked to provide a class proposal, samples of your work, and references. Instructors must possess excellent organizational, communication, and teaching skills.

Visit website for complete details: contemporarycraft.org

For more information or to submit materials please contact the Education Department at 412.261.7003 x 25 or email
thestudio@contemporarycraft.org subject=teaching.

Rijswijk Textile Biennial 2011 *UPDATED*

Deadline: August 30, 2010 (RECEIVE)

Rijswijk Textile Biennial 2011

Museum Rijswijk
summer of 2011

In the first Rijswijk Textile Biennial, the work of sixteen contemporary fine artists who use textiles in their work was shown. Originally a painter, sculptor or graphic artist, they each realized at a particular point in their careers that textile fibres were the ultimate means of expression for their ideas. In order to achieve this, they had to first familiarize themselves with new techniques and master other materials. They employed time-honoured textile-making skills and materials (often in an unorthodox ways and from a modern viewpoint) with the computer frequently playing an important role.

The next Rijswijk Textile Biennial will be organized in the summer of 2011. If you would like to participate, please send us a cd-rom with pictures of your recent artworks and a curriculum vitae in English before August 30, 2010. Please send it to:

Museum Rijswijk
Rijswijk Textile Biennial 2011
Herenstraat 67
2282 BR Rijswijk

For complete details visit the website: www.museumryswyk.nl

View details of 2009 Exhibit: museumryswyk.nl/htb2009

At the end of September 2010 a jury will meet and make a choice for the Rijswijk Textile Biennial 2011.

Chowan University National Juried Exhibition 2010

Deadline: January 8, 2010 (RECEIVE)

Chowan University
National Juried Exhibition 2010

Murfreesboro, NC
March 1- April 1, 2010

The exhibition is open to all artists, 18 years or older, residing within the United States. All work must be original and created without the aid of an instructor. Paintings, mixed media, ceramics, sculpture, original hand-made prints, photography, and drawings are all acceptable media for submission. All two dimensional work must be framed or created on a gallery wrapped canvas. Each artist may submit up to three pieces for consideration.

Works must not exceed 6 feet (72 inches) in any direction, and must not exceed 60 lbs. All 2D work must include suitable hanging mechanisms, and either be framed or created on a gallery wrapped canvas. All 3D work must be assembled and ready for exhibition upon arrival. We reserve the right to reject work for the exhibition that differs signifi cantly from the submitted images and/or for craft issues.

Artists are allowed to submit up to three (3) artworks for consideration, and the exhibition fee is $40.00.

The Department of Visual Art Gallery does not take commission on artworks that are sold.

Jurying Process
The Department of Visual Art faculty will jury the exhibition.

Download the prospectus: www.chowan.edu/ChowanJuried [pdf]

Visit the website: www.chowan.edu/school-arts-sciences-visual-art

Please direct any questions to: Carolyn Phillips at phillc@chowan.edu.

Carolyn Phillips
Department of Visual Art
Chowan University
One University Place
Murfreesboro, NC 27855

The Pump House Regional Arts Center

Deadline: January 31, 2010 (RECEIVE)

Exhibition Proposals for 2011
The Pump House Regional Arts Center

La Crosse, WI

The Pump House Regional Arts Center is now accepting exhibition proposals for 2011. The deadline for applications in January 31, 2010.

To be considered during the next jury session, please include the following materials with your application:

  1. One or two paragraphs describing title and plans for your show (exhibitions will be 4-6 weeks each).
    • Please indicate which gallery you are most interested in—the Kader Room, Front Gallery or the Balcony Gallery (often reserved for emerging artists).
    • Please call for more information on gallery dimensions.

  2. Artist’s bio and artist statement. Please be sure to include your personal contact information, including telephone number, email address, mailing address and website (if applicable).
  3. Please submit a CD containing the following information (CD will not be returned):
    • 5-10 images representing work you intend to exhibit. These should be in .jpg format at 72 ppi resolution.
    • List of works. Please include a document listing the title, media and dimensions of the works.

  4. Application fee. Include a check payable to the Pump House for $30 (application is free for Pump House members)
Work chosen for a show must have been created within the past 2 years, be unified in theme, and not have been exhibited within a 50 mile radius of La Crosse within 1 year.

Pump House retains a 40% commission on sold works (artist receives 60%).

Applicants will be notified of accepted proposals by March 1, 2010.

Please contact the Pump House Regional Arts Center if you have any questions at (608) 785-1434 or by email, arts& entertainment@thepumphouse.org.

More information available at the website: thepumphouse.org
The Pump House Regional Arts Center
119 King Street
La Crosse, WI 54601
Tel: (608) 785-1434
Fax: (608) 785-0085

Bead + Fiber Gallery: 100 UNDER 100 & HANDLE WITH CARE

Two Deadlines: (RECEIVE)

100 UNDER 100: November 1, 2009
HANDLE WITH CARE: December 1, 2009

Bead + Fiber Gallery

Boston MA

Bead + Fiber Gallery seeks artists working in bead, fiber or a combination of the two, for upcoming shows.

2nd annual Holiday Show "100 UNDER 100"
The annual holiday show, seeks artists who produce original work in a range of prices, with at least one item $100 or under.
Deadline for receipt of materials: November 1.

The Handbag Show "HANDLE WITH CARE"
The handbag show, seeks artists who create handbags, purses, backpacks, anything that can be interpreted as a carrier for daily personal items.
Deadline for receipt of materials: December 1.

The work does not have to be functional. The only criterion is originality.

To apply for each show, submit up to 5 digital images, resume and, if available, an artist's statement to info@beadandfiber.net.

For more information call (617) 426-2323 or visit website: beadandfiber.net

Bead + Fiber Gallery
460 Harrison Avenue
Boston MA 617/426-2323
Open Tue-Sat 11-6 Wed 11-9

Fabrications Six

Deadline: November 14, 2009 (RECEIVE)

Fabrications Six
A Jewelry and Textile Exhibition

Crossings Gallery
Zumbrota, MN
December 1-31, 2009

Crossings is calling all textile, fiber and jewelry artists for submissions to the annual juried December exhibition "Fabrications". Entries can include artwork such as contemporary gallery pieces, wall hangings, 3-dimensional fiber sculpture, wearable art of all types, handcrafted jewelry, and holiday ornaments. Artists are encouraged to explore new boundaries and technologies, and challenge common categories! Jurors will focus particularly on innovative designs and craftsmanship.

This exhibit is open to all fiber and jewelry artists interested in displaying and selling their work. Fiber arts may include batik, surface design, felting, quilting, rug hooking, spinning, weaving, knitting, fiber sculpture, handcrafted paper and note cards, and needlework. Jewelry arts may include fiber, beading, metal, paper and multimedia.


All entries must be original. No imports, commercial or manufactured items, or items created from kits or copied from published patterns will be accepted.

Submit 3-5 original pieces MAXIMUM, with an entry form and $15 entry fee per person (not per piece).

All submissions will be juried.

Download entry form: Fabrications Entry Form

Visit website for prospectus: crossingsatcarnegie.com

For more information call 507-732-7616, or e-mail crossings@crossingsatcarnegie.com.

320 East Ave
Zumbrota, MN 55992

Flat Rock Playhouse Craft Show

Deadline: December 1, 2009 (RECEIVE)

Flat Rock Playhouse Craft Show

Flat Rock Playhouse/InspiredArts
Flat Rock, NC
May 7 – 9, 2010

Expanding its tradition of bringing quality art to Western North Carolina, Flat Rock Playhouse is proud to partner with InspiredArts to stage the first Flat Rock Playhouse Craft Show. InspiredArts is a collective of craft artists who want to share their passion and artistry by collaborating with other local and regional artists. The Flat Rock Playhouse Craft Show is their first major endeavor intended to create an event unique the community while supporting the non-profit Vagabond School of the Drama, parent company to Flat Rock Playhouse. All interested artists are invited to submit an application to this annual juried fine craft show being held on Mother’s Day weekend 2010.

General eligibility of artists: Open to artists of fine, contemporary craft working in a media listed.

Media includes: basketry, ceramics, fiber decorative, fiber wearable, furniture, glass, jewelry, leather, metal, mixed media, paper, photography, printmaking, sculpture, wood

Jury Fee (Non-refundable): $20.00

Applying for more than one category: Artists submitting work in more than one category must submit an application/jury form for each category and a $20.00 fee for each category.

Artists will be emailed notification of jury decision during the week of January 18.

Percentage of sales: 30% of sales, to be donated to Flat Rock Playhouse.

Call For Artists (pdf)
Craft Show Registration Form (pdf)

Applications can also be picked up at the Playhouse Box Office, or by contacting Penny Baugh at 828.692.0610 or artjourney@att.net.

For more information: Contact Penny at 828.692.0610 or artjourney@att.net

Website: flatrockplayhouse.org

Annual Small Works Invitational Exhibition

Deadline: December 4, 2009 (RECEIVE) & (Hand Delivery)

Annual Small Works Invitational Exhibition

Arts West Gallery
Elon University
Elon, NC
December 8, 2009 through February 4, 2010

The Annual Small Works Invitational is an open exhibition that celebrates small works of art from across the country. size must not exceed 100 square inches. Artwork of all mediums are accepted in this exhibition (excluding video). This exhibition grows in scale every year-- All artists that show work in the exhibit will receive an invitation to participate in the following year’s SWI exhibition.

Prospectus of Eligibility: Requirements & Standards
  1. Non-juried exhibition: The Annual Small Works Invitational is a non-juried exhibition with no fees.
  2. Original Works: All entries must be original by living artists 18 years old or older.
  3. No awards
  4. Elon will not handle sales, but will refer interested party to the appropriate artist.
  5. Works Quantity Limit: Each artist may enter a maximum of 5 works.

Show Standards:
  1. Image size may not exceed 100 square inches including optional frame. Frame depth will not be considered.
  2. Each framed entry must be ready to hang with either a wire or single point hardware (such as a single screw eye or a “D” ring on the back). If a frame is not included, t-pins will be used to hang two-dimensional works. Art works will be hung salon style within the gallery.
  3. Sculpture may not exceed 10”x10”x10” including base and must be firmly attached to the base or stand freely if no base is needed. The gallery provides pedestals.
  4. Elon University reserves the right to make curatorial decisions concerning subject matter.
  5. Elon reserves the right to photograph all works for publicity purposes.

Download the prospectus:
SmallWorksInvitationalExhibition [doc]

Visit website: Art + Art History

For Further Information contact Michael Fels at mfels@elon.edu

AltCraft Artists for American Craft Council

Deadline: October 15, 2009 (RECEIVE)

AltCraft Artists for American Craft Council

Atlanta Show
March 12-14, 2010

Baltimore Show
Febuary 25-28, 2010

The American Craft Council is now accepting AltCraft applications for our flagship show in Baltimore and, new this year, our show in Atlanta.

This bustling section celebrates the innovative techniques and materials of the burgeoning handmade movement. This is an opportunity for talented artists and indie designers to gain national exposure at a well-established show. We will be accepting 15 artists for Baltimore and 10 for Atlanta. As part of the Council’s commitment to indie crafters, the cost of participation includes pre-setup of a skirted table, seating, electricity, lighting and trusses. Plus, there’s no application fee!

Atlanta, Georgia
Write up: www.americancraftmag.org
The show dates are Friday to Sunday, Mar. 12-14, plus an evening event on Thursday, Mar. 11. The cost of a table in the marketstyle space on the showfloor is $400 and includes pre-setup of a skirted table, seating, electricity, lighting and trusses.

Baltimore, Maryland
Write up: www.americancraftmag.org
This year, retail will run 4 days, from Thursday to Sunday, Feb. 25-28. The cost of a table in the marketstyle space on the showfloor is $600 and includes pre-setup of a skirted table,seating, electricity, lighting and trusses.

Applicants are eligible only if they have NOT shown in an American Craft Council show previously. Embellished commerically-bought items (such as t-shirts and notecards) are not eligible.

The deadline is Thursday, October 15.

Please submit:
 (3) low-resolution images of your work
 a brief description of your work (materials, dimensions, techniques)
 contact information (mailing address, email addresses & website)
 if the application is for the Baltimore, Atlanta or both

Send submissions and inquiries to Erika at altcraft@craftcouncil.org.

Finalists will be announced in mid-November.

The American Craft Council is a national, nonprofit public educational organization founded in 1943 by Aileen Osborn Webb. The mission of the Council is to promote understanding and appreciation of contemporary American craft. Programs include the bimonthly magazine American Craft, annual juried shows presenting artists and their work, a leadership conference, the Aileen Osborn Webb Awards honoring excellence,
workshops, seminars, and a research library. www.craftcouncil.org

Current Trends In Print

Deadline: October 20, 2009 (RECEIVE)

Current Trends In Print

Isabella Cannon Gallery
Elon University
Elon, NC
December 1, 2009 through February 7, 2010

A juried biennial exhibition that celebrates printmaking in its many derivations —all forms of traditional and non-traditional printmaking techniques are accepted (including monoprints).

Prospectus of Eligibility: Requirements & Standards
  • Original Works: All entries must be original by living artists 18 years old or older.
  • Best of Show: $500.00.
  • Elon will not handle sales, but will refer interested party to the appropriate artist.
  • Works Quantity Limit: Each artist may enter a maximum of 3 works.
Show Standards:
  • Each framed entry must be ready to hang with either a wire or single point hardware (such as a single screw eye or a “D” ring on the back. If a frame is not included, t-pins will be used to hang two-dimensional works.
  • Elon University reserves the right to make curatorial decisions concerning subject matter.
  • Elon reserves the right to photograph all works for publicity purposes.

A check or money order of $25.00 payable to Elon University.

Jean Sanders, an Artist and associate Professor of Art at the Pennsylvania State University. Ms. Sanders has been teaching printmaking for the past eighteen years and, in the last seven years, has focused on the art of photogravure and other related print and paper processes. Founder of Sixteen Paws Press, a small printmaking workshop located in Central Pennsylvania.

Download the prospectus:

CurrentTrendsINPrint [doc]

Visit website: Art + Art History

For Further Information: Contact Michael Fels at mfels@elon.edu

Friday, September 18, 2009

Desotorow Gallery: Show & Tell

Deadline: October 9, 2009 by 5:00 p.m. (RECEIVE) & (EMAIL)

Show & Tell

Desotorow Gallery
Savannah, GA

A juried exhibition that explores the use of narrative in a variety of media.

Eligibility: This juried exhibition is open to national and international artists (professionals, emerging, and student).

Media/Genre: Open to narrative art of all media

Entry Fee: You may submit up to five pieces for a non-refundable entry fee of $12. The entry fee may be paid online or with cash, check, or money order.

Sale of Work: Desotorow Gallery, Inc. will not take commission on the sale of artwork. Payment will be made directly to artists.

In order to be considered for the exhibit, you must submit the following:

1. Entry Form: show & tell [pdf]
2. Entry Fee
3. Digital Images
4. Artist Statement

Desotorow Gallery, Inc.
Show & Tell
2427 De Soto Avenue
Savannah, GA 31401

Lark Books Craft Challenge: Scarves

Deadline: October 15, 2009 (RECEIVE)

Craft Challenge: Scarves

Lark Books
Senior Editor: Nathalie Mornu
Publishing Opportunity

We’re looking for fresh, original designs sewn from upcycled vintage scarves to publish (along with how-to instructions) in an upcoming book geared toward the beginner/ intermediate stitcher. The tone of this 132-page paperback will be clean and sophisticated, with an urban edge. We want to include a range of sleek wearables and home dec items that are distinctive and eye-catching. Unlike in the first two books in this series (Craft Challenge: Dozens of Ways to Repurpose a Pillowcase and Craft Challenge: Dozens of Ways to Repurpose a Tea Towel), urbane, chic, sassy designs are more likely to be accepted than sweet or cute ones. There is no entry fee, and early entries are encouraged.

Interested in working with us? We invite you to submit project proposals! Here’s how:

By October 15, 2009 submit to Lark one proposal form per proposed project—there’s no limit to how many proposals you can send—along with a digital photo of your already-stitched design, or a scan of a sketch with a photo of the scarf/scarves you’ll use. Pretty simple, huh?

Download the proposal

Artist Submission Page

If you have questions, please contact Kathleen McCafferty, Editorial Assistant; kathleen@larkbooks.com

National Quilting Association Grant Program

Deadline: October 15, 2009 BY 4:00 p.m. (RECEIVE)

The National Quilting Association

NQA Grant Program
Columbus, OH

Each year, The National Quilting Association offers financial support in the form of grant awards for projects that fall within the following areas:

•Education of quiltmakers
•Original research into the historical documentation of quilts, quiltmakers and subjects related to quiltmaking
•Research on social history related to quilts
•Outreach to the community through the art of quiltmaking.

The availability of grant funds is dependent upon the success of the annual Little Quilt Auction, held in conjunction with the annual quilt show. Therefore, the number of grants awarded each year, and their amounts, varies with the success of those fundraising efforts.

Applications for the 2010 Grant Program are now available. Completed applications must be received no later than 4 PM, OCTOBER 15, 2009.

All applicants will be notified in January 2010. Funds for successful grant seekers will be paid as soon as their award contract is returned.

You do not have to be tax-exempt to apply for a grant. However, we are required to report to the IRS the amount of grant monies awarded.

Complete information available on the Grant Application Page.
Download the 2010 Grant Application.

The National Quilting Association, Inc.
PO Box 12190
Columbus, OH 43212-0190
Phone 614-488-8520 Fax 614-488-8521
Email nqaquilts@sbcglobal.net

Piecework Magazine Publishing Opportunity

Three Deadlines: (RECEIVE)
October 5, 2009
December 7, 2009
February 1, 2010

Piecework Magazine

Interweave Press
Publishing Opportunity

PieceWork is a bimonthly magazine with high visual impact focusing on the historical aspects of needlework around the world.

People with a passion for traditional knitting, embellished clothing, and beautiful lacework—all made by hand—are PieceWork magazine’s core audience. PieceWork explores the personal stories of traditional makers, what they made, and how they made their creations, and investigates how specific objects were crafted and the stories behind them. In-depth
how-to techniques and step-by-step projects make the traditions come alive for today’s knitters, embroiderers, lacemakers, crocheters, and quilters.


Feature Articles
We invite submissions of complete manuscripts. Manuscript length may vary from 1,500 to 4,000 words depending on the subject matter.

We invite submissions of design sketches, or color charts, or actual samples/projects for step-by-step techniques or original projects that directly relate to an associated article; stand-alone projects rarely will be accepted. Projects should display technical expertise in the technique.


A follow-up to our very successful 2009 special issue on historical reenactment: We’ll explore historically accurate handmade clothing, accessories, and gear from Renaissance Europe to the settlement at Jamestown. Knitted and crocheted bags, reticules, and clothing, metal-thread embroidery, and period-correct accessories in a variety of techniques will be the focus.
Submission deadline: October 5, 2009

The various forms of lace—tatted, needle, bobbin, knitted, crocheted—have adorned and brightened for centuries. Lace also has been a catalyst for intrigue, higher taxes, and war. A knitted lace bridal veil, a bobbin-lace shawl, a crocheted lace collar, a tatted edging, and a needle lace insert are just a few of the projects that will celebrate beautiful lace.
Submission deadline: December 7, 2009

July/August 2010—SAMPLERS
Before pattern books became available, needleworkers recorded their stitches, patterns, and motifs on samplers and in bound sample books. We’ll examine actual knitted, crocheted, embroidered, and lace samplers and books and delve into the lives of the makers and how they used their samples.
Submission deadline: February 1, 2010

Download Contributor Guidelines
Download 2009-2010 Editorial Calendar

PieceWork Submissions
201 East Fourth Street
Loveland, Colorado 80537-5655
Phone: (970) 613-4650
Fax: (970) 669-6117
Email: piecework@interweave.com

2009 National Sewing Month Contest

Deadline: September 30, 2009 (RECEIVE)

2009 National Sewing Month Contest

Reuse, Remake, Restyle Challenge

We want to see your most creative ideas for how you implement environmentally-sound sewing into your life.

Have you designed a clever method to reuse a garment that you made and no longer wear? Do you shop thrift stores and garage sales for designer garments that you restyle into bags, totes or ‘vintage’ style garments for yourself? Have you found a way to remake an everyday product into something unique and eco-thrifty? Sew up your best ideas for National Sewing Month and you could be a lucky winner!

One entry per person
Maximum two photographs per entry
Photos must be in jpg format

Winners will be chosen by a panel of judges and pictures of the winning entries will be posted on www.nationalsewingmonth.org and on www.asg.org.

By submitting your information and photos, you are granting permission to show your photos online and to publish your name and project information with the photos. No other identifying information will be published and your contact information will not be distributed to any other party without permission.

Visit website for complete details and online entry: nationalsewingmonth.org

Prize packages for the top 3 winning entries will include equipment, fabrics, tools, notions and more.

Winners will be notified by October 20, 2009

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Hello Readers:

Our posting schedule has been delayed slightly. However, we hope to post "a vast array" of (okay, not really VAST but several) new opps later today or early tomorrow.


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Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Infinity Art Gallery

Deadline: September 15, 2009

Infinity Art Gallery
Online Exhibition
October 15, 2009
It is our intention to choose the very best art in terms of composition, technique, concept and overall excellence regardless of style or medium. Submissions are encouraged to include a wide range of style, medium and content and selected work will likely include a broad range of art.

Finalists will be selected for artistic excellence which includes concept and mastery of technique. Artwork will be selected solely on its own merit without regard to the artists' names.

All exhibits take place online at http://www.infinityartgallery.com/ and showcase artwork by international contemporary artists. All jury selected artwork will be exhibited for six months at Infinity Art Gallery.

All eligible entries submitted by artists may be displayed online during the Call-to-Artists. Artists may choose not to participate in the pre-exhibit show.

All juried exhibits are open for artists everywhere to submit. Artists must be 18 years of age or older. Publishers, galleries, agents, and collectors may not submit artwork on behalf of artists. Media (video/film/audio) not accepted. All works submitted must be created within 36 months prior to the deadline. The original design and concept must have been created by the submitting artist, have been created without the use of a kit, and may not have been created under supervision or instruction. Artists may submit work that was submitted for previous exhibits, but may not submit artwork previously selected by the jury as a finalist in any exhibit at Infinity Art Gallery.

Qualified Artwork:

An unlimited variety of subjects and styles are eligible including traditional, contemporary, abstract and conceptual art. Submissions may include sculpture, painting (oil, acrylic, water media, pastel and egg tempera), drawing, printmaking, glass, mixed media, photography, computer generated art and fabric art.

Craftwork will not be accepted. The exploration of traditional craft materials used in an artistic realm is acceptable, but will not be accepted if the work is deemed to be a 'craft' piece. One way artists may determine if their work is craft is to inquire whether the piece is poetic in 'concept' and 'emotional response'.

Grand Opening:
October 15, 2009
Up to 60 juried artists will be exhibited. Award winners will be announced and the artwork, artist statements, and contact information of selected finalists will be exhibited. At this time the artwork of non-finalists is no longer exhibited in the gallery.

Finalists will be select by a jury committee of art professionals (including Infinity Art Gallery's Art Director). First, second and third place winners will be selected by the jury committee. The Founders' Choice, Art Director's Choice, and Gallery Director's Choice awards will be selected by the founders and directors of the gallery.

Creative works of art will be selected for artistic excellence, which includes concept and mastery of technique. Award winners will be announced at the Grand Opening.

$2500 Total Cash Awards
Seven winners will be selected from all submissions and will receive awards as follows:
First Place $1000 USD
Second Place $600 USD
Third Place $300 USD
Fourth Place $200 USD
Founders' Choice $200 USD
Art Director's Choice $100 USD
Gallery Director's Choice $100 USD
(Awards will be sent by either check or PayPal)

Submitting Entries:
Artists must submit an entry fee of $25 US dollars (payable by PayPal). Artists may submit no more than twice for a maximum of 4 pieces.

Proceed to Submit Artwork

Julie for clarification, problems or information.

Download the PDF version of the Prospectus.

Deck the Halls: Handmade Ornaments/Radius Gallery

Deadline: October 18, 2009 (RECEIVE)

Deck the Halls: Handmade Ornaments
Radius HACC Gallery and Museum Shop

Harrisburg, PA
November 1 - December 31, 2009

Please submit handcrafted ornaments of any craft medium.

Terms of Entry:
  • No entry fee
  • Must be a Pennsylvania resident
  • Digital entries only. Send entries to jlwatson@hacc.edu
  • Submit up to four entries
  • Work must be for sale under Radius consignment terms
  • Delivery and pick up responsibility of the artist
  • With digital entry include:
    Title and dimensions of Work
    Contact information
  • Work will be reviewed by Radius Selections Committe
  • Please submit files as jpgs
  • Work will be displayed in Radius

Radius is located on the ground floor of the State Museum of Pennsylvania.

Visit website to view complete call for entry: www.radiusgallery.com

Radius Gallery
The State Museum of Pennsylvania
300 North Street
Harrisburg, PA 17120

OH + 5 '10

Deadline: OCTOBER 30, 2009 (RECEIVE)

OH + 5 '10
All-media, juried art exhibition

The Dairy Barn Arts Center
Athens, Ohio
January 15 - February 28, 2010

OH+5 is The Dairy Barn’s seventh biennial, all-media, juried art exhibition featuring artists from Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Pennsylvania and West Virginia. OH+5 was created with the goal of featuring a wide array of contemporary art that varies in size, style, and media. This year’s OH+5 exhibition will expand viewers’ awareness and appreciation of the variety of media, techniques and innovative trends in contemporary art.

Work may be created in any media. Innovative, contemporary work is encouraged.

Works eligible for consideration must be the result of independent effort. The work must be an original design, not a copy or a variation on the original design of another artist working in any medium.

All entries must be NEW work – completed after Sept. 1, 2008. Work with any publication or exhibition history prior to Sept, 2008 is ineligible.

A non-refundable entry fee of $35.00 must accompany the entry submission.
This fee entitles entrants to submit as many as three works. No artist may submit more than three works.

Jurors include:

Brian Harper (IN) - Assistant Professor of Fine Art and Ceramics Area Head at Indiana University Southeast. Additionally, he is the founder of Artaxis.org, an online network of artists that showcases the work of over 150 artists influential in the current development of contemporary ceramic art.

Dennis Harrington (OH) - Director of the Alice F. and Harris K. Weston Art Gallery.

Simone Osthoff (PA) - Associate Professor of Critical Studies at the Pennsylvania State University. She is a Fulbright Fellow and a frequent lecturer in the United States and abroad having participated in dozens of conferences worldwide. Osthoff is the author of Performing the Archive, Atropos Press, forthcoming 2009.

The judges will select works based on originality and innovation, design, technique, and craftsmanship.
Acceptances will be granted on the basis of digital images.

Click here for a printable entry form and rules: dairybarn.org/RULES_ENTRYFINAL [pdf]

website: dairybarn.org

Jill Smalley, Exhibitions Director
Telephone: 740.592.4981
or e-mail: jill@dairybarn.org

P.O. BOX 747
ATHENS , OHIO 45701 - 0747 USA

Craft Victoria

Deadline: 30 September 2009 (RECEIVE)

Craft Victoria
Exhibition ProposalS

Melbourne, Victoria
July-December 2010

Craft Victoria promotes contemporary craft and design. Our exhibition program provides professional opportunities and support for emerging and established artists. We support projects that reflect innovative work, which demonstrates new ideas and techniques, while extending critical debates. Our program also provides opportunities for exhibitions that include historical references relevant to contemporary practice. Craft Victoria fosters creativity and experimentation to a local, national and international audience.

Craft Victoria accepts exhibition proposals from local, interstate and overseas professionals, collectives and curators. Artists engaged in part-time or full-time study are eligible to apply providing the proposed exhibition is not the basis of a final assessment. Please note that applications for the period outlined above will be considered for that period only.

Successful applications will only be considered for the program outside these dates when impossible circumstances arise and at the discretion of Craft Victoria.

Program Structure
Craft Victoria is a not-for-profit organisation funded by state and federal governments. A panel, consisting of artists, curators, academics and writers, the Craft Victoria Artistic Director and Coordinating Curator assess exhibitions.

The gallery is a flexible space that can be configured into 3 individual exhibition spaces. You may request the entire gallery space or individual galleries, commensurate with the scale of the project. Craft Victoria will arrange the combination of exhibitions and final allocation of gallery space will be at the discretion of Craft Victoria
staff. Exhibitions are of approximately six weeks duration.

As of 2009 there is no fee to exhibit at Craft Victoria.

Commission on Sales
Exhibition work can be made available for sale. Craft Victoria shall deduct and retain a commission of 50% for all exhibitors on sales of artwork. GST will be added to the sale amount.

We encourage you to discuss your proposal beforehand with Craft Victoria staff.
Proposals for exhibitions in the second half of 2010 are now open with a closing date of 30 September 2009.

To apply, download the following [pdf] documents:

Exhibition Proposal Guidelines
Exhibition Agreement Exhibition
Site plan

All enquiries regarding exhibition proposals should be directed to the Coordinating Curator, Nella Themelios.

Nella Themelios
Coordinating Curator
Craft Victoria 31 Flinders Lane Melbourne 3000
p: 03 9650 7775
f: 03 9650 5688
e. nthemelios@craftvic.asn.au
w. craftvic.asn.au