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Valcellina Award 2009
Textile/Fiber Art Competition

Deadline: 30 November 2009 (POSTMARK)

International Contemporary Textile/Fiber Art Competition
Seventh edition

Le Arti Tessili Association
Exhibition begins: 15 May 2010

Le Arti Tessili Association is holding the usual international competition for the purpose of enhancing the knowledge and interest towards textile contemporary art among young people coming from different parts of the world, and encouraging new talents.

This edition requests that the submitted works follow this subject (theme): LINEA DI CONFINE / BORDER LINE

The competition is open to all young people who were born from 1 January 1974 on.

REGULATIONS (truncated)
Official languages: English and Italian
  1. The work submitted must be recent (dated not earlier than 2008) and never shown before.
  2. Works can be bi- or three-dimensional from a minimum of 30 cms. to a maximum of 150 cms., in the three dimensions (from 30x30x30 cms to 150x150x150 cms).
  3. By 30 November 2009 the following documentation must be mailed:
    a. fee of € 20;
    b. application form to participate in the competition;
    c. brief typed curriculum (max 20 lines);
    d. photocopy of identity card;
    e. CD containing the image of his/her work in jpg or eps;
    f. a black-and-white or color 13 by 18 cm. photo of the work;
    g. a typed text, in Italian or English, indicating the title of the work, dimensions, materials, a brief description of the technique employed, and possible motivations.
A jury of textile experts will select the works. Their decisions are not open to dispute. The names of the jury members will be made known in the press releases and during the prize-granting ceremony.

The following prizes will be awarded:
1. 2,000 € net value
2. 1,500 € net value
3. 1,000 € net value

The results of the selection will be announced by 15 February 2010.

The prize-granting ceremony will be held during the inauguration of the exhibition which is scheduled not later than 15 May 2010.

Textile art or fiber art is a particular form of contemporary art which takes form through the use of fibers processed with traditional and contemporary techniques and everything that refers to “textile”. For the purpose of celebrating the always growing participation in the Valcellina Award, and favoring the cultural debate on contemporary fiber art, collateral exhibitions and didactic presentations are planned to be held before and during the seventh edition of the Award.

For information on all the collateral events referring to 2009 Valcellina Award, please visit:

Download the prospectus: bandopremiovalcellina2009 [pdf]

Info Valcellina Award 2009
Ufficio Turistico, c/o Museo dell’arte fabbrile e delle coltellerie
Via Maestri del Lavoro, 1 - 33085 Maniago (PN) - Italia
Tel +39 0427 709063 / fax + 39 0427 707200 / cell +39 333 7679515 / /

Quilt Nihon 10th Exhibition

Two Deadlines: (RECEIVE)

Category A & B: July 31, 2009
Students Category: October 30, 2009

Quilt Nihon
The 10th Exhibition

Japan Handicraft Instructors' Association
Tokyo, Japan
Exhibiton: February 6―11, 2010

Entry Categories

Category A: Traditional
Category B: Contemporary

Students Category: Junior & Senior High School Students'

Entry Term
Category A & B: July 1-31, 2009
Students' Category: October 1-30, 2009

Other Information
Award-winners' Exhibition will be held at Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum and several other sites upon schedule.

Everyone, whether professional or amateur is welcome, regardless of nationality or age (excluding Junior & Senior High School Students' Category).

Entry Rules Category A & B
  • Size of the work must be 120cm (47 1/4in.) to 230cm (90 1/2in.) both in the width and the length.
    Work must consist of a top, the batting, the backing and these three layers must be held together by hand-or-machine quilting or other methods.
  • Work must have been completed after July 31, 2007, and must be an original work. Works that have appeared in any copyrighted publications (such as magazines, books, newspapers), any contests, any competitions, any exhibitions (excluding private exhibitions) and/or any internet site other than quilter's own site are not eligible.
  • Quilt must be constructed and quilted by the person named on the entry form.
  • Entries are limited to 2 entries per person.

1. The first round of screenings will be juried by photographs.
2. The second round will be juried by actual works.

Entries will require an entry fee of 6,000yen to cover packing and return shipping fees, etc.

Honorable Judge
Michael James (Quilter, Ardis James Professor and Chair, Department of Textiles, Clothing and Design, College of Education and Human Sciences, University of Nebraska – Lincoln )

Emiko Toda Lobe (Quilter), Katie Pasquini Masopust (Quilter), Keiko Goke (Quilter), Hideki Mitsui (Professor of School of Art & Design, University of Tamagawa), Suzuko Koseki (Quilter)


Students of the junior high school or senior high school. The young quilters from the age 15 to the age 18 at the end of March 2009.

Entry Rules Student Category
  • Size of the work must be 50cm (19 3/4in.) to 230cm (90 1/2in.) both in the width and the length.
  • Work must consist of a top, the batting , the backing and these three layers must be held together by hand- or machine quilting or other elements.
  • Work must have been finished after 30, October, 2007, and must be an original work. Any work that have appeared in any copyrighted publication (such as magazines, books, or newspapers) any contests, any competitions, any exhibition (excluding private exhibitions), and/or any internet sites other than quilters’ own site are not eligible . The works which has exhibited in the school festival or school exhibition are eligible.
  • Quilt can be constructed and quilted both by the sole person or the group named on the entry form.
  • Entries are limited to two per person or group (please complete the Entry Form and send it together with two photographs; a full frontal photograph and detailed photograph).

Mieko Miyama (Quilter), Yoko Okamoto (Quilter) Mitsuharu Hirose (Knitter)

Free entry fee is applied only to the Category of Junior & Senior High School Students.

All entrants will be notified the results of the second round by letter in mid-December.

Prizes: Several awards see entry brochure

Download the entry forms: [pdf format]

Category A: Traditional
Category B: Contemporary

Students Category: Junior & Senior High School Students

Visit website for complete details:

Japan Handicraft Instructors’ Association
3-23, Ichigayahonmura-cho Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 162-0845 Japan
Tel: +81-3-5261-5096 Fax: +81-3-3269-8725

Supporter’s organization: Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology
Collaboration: NIHON VOGUE CO., LTD.

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Earth’s Palette: Natural Colors for Fiber and Fabric

Various Deadlines: Consult brochure and links

Conference & Workshops
Earth’s Palette: Natural Color for Fiber and Fabric

The Mountain and Valley Wool Association
Taos, NM
September 26-28, 2009

Download Conference Brochure with full details: [pdf]

The Mountain and Valley Wool Association is pleased to announce a special event this year: a two and a half day conference that features presentations, panel discussions, exhibits and vendors, all centered on the subject of natural colors and dyes.

Workshops before and after the conference will provide us with in depth, hands on experiences, and we can all look forward to going home with new information and new friends!

Click here for the workshop/conference registration form.
Click here for a list of workshops.
Click here for the 2009 Complete Catalog of the Taos Wool Festival and the Earth’s Palette Conference.

Earth’s Palette Keynotes
Pamela Feldman: Pushing the Horizon/Doing New Research in Natural Dyes
Luisa Gelenter: Old Way, Good Way: Manifesting Ancient Traditions with Natural Dyes
John Marshall: PIGMENTS/ Reliable Color Since Earliest Times
Michelle Wipplinger: The Revitalization of Natural Dyes

Other topics will include:
 Japanese Ikat and Indigo
 Medicinal Uses of Natural Dye Plants
 Making Natural Egg Tempera Paints
 Natural Dyes and Felting
 Natural Dye Applications in Clothing
 Acid & Base Experiments with Natural Dyes
 Indigo Dyeing in Western Nigeria
And much more!

The conference will take place at the Sagebrush Inn, in Taos, New Mexico which offers a beautiful conference facility, plenty of venues for socializing, and wonderful lodging with a free full breakfast. We have secured discounted lodging rates for the conference, as well as the workshop times, so please refer to Earth’s Palette or the Wool Association when making your reservations. Sagebrush Inn: 1-800-428-3626 or 1-575-758-2254

Click here for the workshop registration form.
Click here for the presenter’s workshop proposal form.

Want to help? We’ll have a few work study positions available, and some classes will require assistants. In addition, anyone can volunteer to help out during the conference. Also, making a donation to the scholarship fund will enable those who could not otherwise afford to attend to be with us.

More to share? We’ll include as many presentations and vendors as possible. To learn more about presenting at Earth’s Palette, or about having your work in a local gallery, or for more information or to volunteer contact Liesel Orend,, 505-753-9744.

Click here for Vendor Information

For more vendor information, contact Coralie Silvey Jones,, 575-758-9465.

For questions regarding the Taos Wool Festival:


or write to: P.O. Box 2754, Taos, New Mexico 87571

or call toll free: 800-684-0340 or

visit website:

D.U.M.B.O. Art Under the Bridge Festival

Deadline: JUNE 1, 2009 (RECEIVE)

D.U.M.B.O. Art Under the Bridge Festival®

Brooklyn, NY
September 25, 26, 27, 2009

The ART UNDER THE BRIDGE FESTIVAL® was launched as a grassroots initiative by Dumbo artists in 1997. The success of that first event, which drew thousands of visitors and media attention to the then unknown neighborhood of Dumbo (= Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass), spawned the Dumbo Arts Center (DAC) . In addition to its year-round gallery programs, DAC has been the exclusive producer of the festival since. While the neighborhood has undergone rapid transition in the interim years, the festival has continued to capture the public imagination and attracts approx. 100,000 visitors to Dumbo each year. The historical area spans the East River waterfront between the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges and is bordered to the north by the Brooklyn Queens Expressway. Circumscribed by these boundaries, it is a contained neighborhood. By virtue of its stunning vistas, the backdrop of the Manhattan skyline, monumental bridges and 19th century warehouse architecture, Dumbo is also one of the most photogenic and cinematic neighborhoods in New York City.

The festival is multi-site throughout Dumbo and presents 60+ new outdoor art projects each year as well as video_dumbo, the non-stop marathon of cutting edge video art. Hundreds of local artists open their studios as do Dumbo’s visual arts residencies. The event is about experiencing the visual arts via a neighborhood, and experiencing a neighborhood through the visual arts. It is free and accessible to all while allowing visual artists unparalleled freedom and access to spaces and environments normally off-limits.

In its role as producer, DAC provides access, assistance, insurance, marketing and PR. To date, DAC’s limited budget does not allow for artists’ stipends or production funds, but be assured, it is a goal we continue to work on relentlessly.

Here is a list of the proposal categories (surprise us with new ones if you wish). All visual arts media accepted. Remember, DAC loves risk, innovation, site-responsive/specific ideas. Go for it!

• PROJECT GLOW: Installations and sculptures in light that illuminate the waterfront, Empire Fulton Ferry State Park and Brooklyn Bridge Park.

• SITE-SPECIFIC INSTALLATION AND SCULPTURE: Site-specific sculpture, installations and environ¬mental interventions for the waterfront, bridges, streets, parks, and elsewhere. Artists are encouraged to use sound, light and encourage audience participation.

• ELEVATOR / LOBBY ART: Projects that use lobbies and elevators located in Dumbo, while engaging festival visitors in existing corporate environments. Past projects have included lights, sound, projections and soap.

• ROVING / PERFORMANCE / LIVE ART: Live art activities throughout the weekend of the festival. You may schedule specific times and locations for your performance, or act as a wandering art piece.

• INTERACTIVE ART: Projects that change the role of an audience from spectator to fellow collaborator.

• SIMULTANEOUS PROJECTIONS: Slides, film loops, video and motion graphics to simultaneously illuminate streets, buildings and windows.

• WATER ART: In, on, over, under the water, onshore and offshore, artists are urged to explore the possibilities of art on the river within Brooklyn Bridge Park, Empire Fulton Ferry State Park and elsewhere in the neighborhood.

• LEAD A GUIDED TOUR! Propose your take on the concept of a “guided tour,” to entertain, educate and engage visitors.

• VIDEO_DUMBO: This event is primarily designed to showcase new work of video artists living in the greater New York City area. All genres are eligible, however, the focus of the festival is on video art. Accepted formats: DVD and MiniDV. (visit website for forms)

• OPEN STUDIOS: Artists with studios in Dumbo may register by dropping off or mailing a $25.00 fee with registration form to the Dumbo Arts Center gallery (visit website for registration deadline)

Detailed proposals are required for all categories. Proposals MUST include all of the following to be considered:

1. Brief description of the project/ statement of intent.
2. Visuals of proposed project: renderings, manipulated photographs, drawing, video
3. Technical diagram: dimensions, materials, installation requirements, and all other technical information
4. List of three possible locations in Dumbo.
5. Examples of previous work as related to proposed project.
6. CV
7. Completed application form.

Please submit TWO COPIES of each proposal.

Drop off or send proposals to:
Festival Proposal
Dumbo Arts Center
30 Washington Street,
Brooklyn, NY 11201

Project proposals that do not adhere to the guidelines or are sent after deadline will be not be considered. No exceptions.

DAC’s curatorial staff is available year-round to meet with artists interested in participating.

For more information call: 718.694.0831 or email:

Download the application form: artist_form2009.pdf

Visit website for complete details: DAC - Art Under the Bridge Festival

Modifications – The Aarhus Art Building

Deadline: June 5, 2009 by at 12:00 noon (RECEIVE)

Open Call for Proposals 2010

The Aarhus Art Building


Modifications – The Aarhus Art Building, Center for Contemporary Art, 2010

Visual artists and curators working within all media types are hereby invited to submit proposals for exhibitions of existing or new projects for the year 2010 under the heading Modifications.

With the theme Modifications the Aarhus Art Building focuses on the artistic field between distorting appropriation and revolutionary intervention and the historical origination of these fields.

We therefore seek suggestions for group and solo exhibitions plus artistic, documentary or animated films etc. for a special film program under the same heading.

Read the entire introduction here.


Applications can be submitted for the category “Curated exhibitions, group and solo exhibitions” and the category “Film program”. In the first category it’s possible to apply with existing as well as new projects. The film program is open for productions belonging to genres such as artistic film, documentary and animation. The heading for both categories is Modifications.

Proposals will be evaluated by the artistic director and curator of the Aarhus Art Building plus representatives from the Aarhus Art Building exhibition committee.

Curated exhibitions, group and solo exhibitions:

The exhibition proposal must include:

* Completed application form. application form [doc]

* Project description. Max 3 pages plus a short CV for all participating artists.

* Photographic documentation for all participating artists.

* Budget for the entire exhibition project.

We do not accept photographic documentation on CDs or similar media types. If photographic material is sent in digitally, it must be embedded in a document in a printer-friendly format.

Proposals for projects can be sent via regular mail or e-mail to: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Film program:

The proposal must contain:

* Completed application form. application form [doc]

* Film on DVD (or mail)

* Short CV of applicant.

Proposals can be sent via regular mail on DVD or CD.
Film and videos up to 10 MB can be sent via mail to: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Additional instructions and guidelines:

All proposals must be in the hands of the Aarhus Art Building by Friday, June 5, 2009 at 12:00 noon.

In the event the application does not meet the above-mentioned criteria, the applications will receive an administrative refusal.

Proposals can be sent electronically to or by regular mail to
The Aarhus Art Building, J. M. Mørks Gade 13, 8000 Aarhus C, Denmark

* Submitted materials will not be returned.

* Decisions will be sent by e-mail before August 10, 2009. Refusals will not be negotiated.
Please do not inquire about the status of exhibition proposals by telephone.

The Aarhus Art Building offers:

Almost 1,000 square meters and 4 exhibition halls. See floor plan here. Floor plan

Technical assistance related to setting up the exhibit will be offered by arrangement. The Aarhus Art Building has various exhibition materials and tools plus different kinds of technical equipment at its disposal; these will be available to the exhibitors by arrangement.

The Aarhus Art Building cannot offer financial aid or support for the production of works, but provides and finances travel, accommodations, honorarium, insurance, documentation of the exhibition, PR, presentation materials and a catalogue.

The Aarhus Art Building is an exhibition venue for contemporary art focusing on experimental qualities and approaches. In general The Aarhus Art Building acts as a seismograph for the current trends on the art scene. By simultaneously creating a debate around these trends the venue seeks to play an active part in the generation of new ideas. As a non-commercial exhibition venue the Aarhus Art Building meets its audience with the same amount of openness and challenge.

Visit website for full details:

The Aarhus Art Building
J.M. Moerks Gade 13
DK - 8000 Aarhus C
+ 45 86 20 60 50

Country Arts WA: Quick Response Grant Program

Deadline: Ongoing

Quick Response Grant Program

Country Arts WA
Cloisters Square WA

The Quick Response Grant Program provides up to $1,500 for small-scale arts development initiatives and professional development opportunities for individual artists and arts organisations in regional Western Australia.

Priority will be given to isolated and Indigenous communities to increase access to arts development, professional development and training opportunities.

Applications may be lodged at any time. A decision will be made within 48 hours and the applicant will be advised within 5 working days.

You can apply for projects that increase access to professional artists and arts experiences for regional communities. If submitting a professional development proposal you must provide a current CV that demonstrates several years experience in the field or relevant training.

A Quick Response Grant allows groups and regionally based individuals to take up an extraordinary arts
opportunity that has presented itself and needs to be responded to quickly. Often these opportunities emerge
during an existing project or in preparation for an event. Or there might be a special opportunity for an
individual artist or arts worker that has arisen at short notice.

However, Quick Response Grants are NOT intended to overcome lack of foresight in project planning or to
supplement project income. Therefore, the application will need to clearly demonstrate why the opportunity is
special for your community and why it requires immediate response. Funding can cover any reasonable
expense such as artists’ fees, materials, travel and accommodation, conference registration fees.

Regional membership-based, community groups or networks working in a not-for-profit setting, individual artists and regional Local Governments may make applications. Applicants can now apply for a maximum of $1,500 per grant and $2,500 per applicant during any 4 year period.

The program is targeted at supporting opportunities for arts development activities that come up unexpectedly and you must demonstrate that there is no other funding program for which the proposal is eligible either because of its form or due to its timing.

You must discuss your application with the Country Arts WA Regional Arts Fund Project Officer before submitting your application. 08 9200 6200 or regional freecall 1800 811 883.

Download full Guidelines [zip] and an Application form [zip]

Visit website for complete details:

Country Arts WA
PO Box 7012
Cloisters Square WA 6850

School of Art Galleries

Multiple Deadlines: (RECEIVE)

13 August 2009 - Project Space Proposals 2010
19 October 2009 - School of Art Gallery Proposals 2010 (February - June)
9 March 2010 - School of Art Gallery Proposals 2010 (July - December)

Project Space/Spare Room 2010 Program
and the School of Art Gallery 2010 Program

School of Art Galleries
RMIT University
Melbourne VIC


The School of Art Gallery and Project Space / Spare Room are managed by the School of Art of RMIT University.
Exhibitions at the School of Art Galleries are selected using specific criteria -

Higher Degrees Examinations (automatic programming)
Exhibitions from the School of Art Artist in Residence Program and/or in partnership with other cultural organizations (automatic programming)
Exhibitions associated with a DEST countable publication
Exhibitions aligned with a School of Art Research Clusters
Exhibitions from staff and students from the School of Art
Exhibitions from local, national, international community considered of high standing by the School of Art Galleries Advisory Committee


Proposals are to be presented on a CD or DVD and must include a completed proposal proforma alongside the additional material requested in the proforma.


The School of Art Galleries has a pivotal role in supporting research in the School of Art and, as such, proposals for exhibitions at the School of Art Galleries (Project Space/Spare Room and the School of Art Gallery) are sought directly through the School of Art Research Clusters.

External exhibition proposals sent directly to the School of Art Galleries from the non-RMIT art community will be forwarded to the most relevant School of Art Research Cluster Leader for consideration by their Research Cluster.

Please consult the Research Cluster Leader's schedule so as to allow enough time between the proposal deadline and its planning and consideration.

Proposals will be sent on your behalf (by the Research Cluster Leaders) to the School of Art Galleries Coordinator for compilation and distribution to the School of Art Gallery Advisory Commitee.

The School of Art Galleries Curator/Coordinator will present the proposal to the School of Art Galleries Advisory Committee for discussion, evaluation and selection. All decisions made by the School of Art Galleries Advisory Committee are final. Once a decision has been reached, applicants will receive a written response to their application. Approved proposals will be supplied with a copy of the policy and guidelines for exhibiting. The policy and guidelines must be adhered to; any changes to proposals must be discussed and approved by the School of Art Galleries Curator/Coordinator. School of Art Galleries reserves the right to cancel any exhibition that does not adhere to the policy and guidelines.

If you are interested in exhibiting at the School of Art Gallery, please read the policies guidelines for exhibiting. These can be found at

Visit website for complete details:

Download Proposal Forms:

Stephen Gallagher, Curator/Coordinator
School of Art Galleries
RMIT University
GPO Box 2476 V
Melbourne VIC, 3001

PPA Project Stream Grants

Deadline: June 19, 2009 (POSTMARK)

PPA Project Stream

Pennsylvania Partners in the Arts
Harrisburg, PA
Funding period September 1, 2009 to August 31, 2010

The PPA Project Stream is a funding opportunity of the Pennsylvania Partners in the Arts (PPA), a regionalized funding program of the PCA. The Project Stream provides grants up to $3,000 to eligible organizations or individuals to conduct arts projects.


Project must: be an arts activity conducted for the benefit of the public (for profit organizations are ineligible); take place in the PPA Partner’s service region and have a public component.

The applicant, if an individual, must be at least eighteen years old.

PPA Project Stream applicants may not apply to the following grant programs for the same period: PPA Program Stream, PCA AOAP track; or PCA Entry Track.

PPA Project Stream applicants may apply to the following PCA grant programs during the same period: Arts in Education Residencies; Accessibility to the Arts in PA for Individuals with Disabilities; Individual Creative Artists; Local Government; Preserving Diverse Cultures; and Professional Development and Consulting.

Arts projects conducted with or in venues owned and/or operated by organizations or programs the PCA already supports through the PPA Program Stream, AOAP Track or the Entry Track are eligible for support. Previously these types of projects were ineligible for support.

There are a limited amount of funds available for these type of projects.

Statewide, at least 75% of the PPA Project Stream funds will support projects not conducted with or in PCA supported organizations or programs. 25% of the funds will support projects that are conducted with or in PCA supported organizations or programs. The level of competition for funding in the two project categories will vary among PPA service regions.

A list of arts organizations and programs the PCA already supports through PPA Program Stream, AOAP, or Entry Track is available at the PCA’s website and from your PPA Partner. You may use this list as a reference in determining whether your project is
conducted with or in a PCA-supported arts organization or program.

Grant requests may not exceed $3,000. Most grant awards are less than $3,000. Last year, the average grant was $1,400.

Pennsylvania Partners in the Arts – Project Stream applications must be submitted electronically via eGRANTsm. The PCA’s eGRANTsm website is located at

Download PROJECT STREAM 2009-2010 Project Guidelines & Application brochure for complete details.

Room 216, Finance Building
Harrisburg, PA 17120
717-787-6883 (Phone)
717-783-2538 (Fax)
TTY users 1-800-654-5984

The Artist Trust: Artist Fellowship

Deadline: June 12, 2009 (ONLINE) & (POSTMARK) & (Hand Delivery)

Artist Fellowship
Music, Media, Literature & Craft Artists

The Artist Trust/Washington State Arts Commission
Seattle, WA
2009 Cycle

June 12, 2009 - Music, Media, Literature and Craft Artists may apply

June 2010 - Emerging Fields & Cross-Disciplinary, Performing, Visual and Traditional & Folk Artists may apply

The Artist Trust/Washington State Arts Commission Fellowship awards $7,500 to practicing professional artists of exceptional talent and demonstrated ability. The Fellowship is a merit-based, not a project-based award. Fellowship recipients must present a Meet the Artist Event to a community that has little or no access to the artist and their work.

Artist Trust/Washington State Arts Commission Fellowships are awarded in two-year cycles: Music, Media, Literature and Crafts disciplines are awarded in odd-numbered years (2009). Emerging Fields & Cross-Disciplinary, Performing, Visual and Traditional & Folk Arts Fellowships are awarded in even-numbered years (2010). A selection panel of three artists and arts professionals in each discipline select the Fellowship recipients.

Applicants must be a practicing artist, 18 years of age or older by application deadline date, a generative artist, and a resident of Washington State at the time of application and when the award is granted. Applicants may NOT be a graduate or undergraduate matriculated student enrolled in any degree program.

Only one application will be accepted per artist. Applicants should apply to the category that best describes their work.

All applicants must submit an online application by 5pm on Friday, June 12, 2009. Mailed work samples must have a US POSTAL SERVICE POSTMARK on or before Friday, June 12, 2009. Hand-delivered work samples must be delivered by 5pm on Friday, June 12, 2009 to Artist Trust's office.

Download the complete Fellowship Award Guidelines

Apply for the Fellowship Award

Visit website for more details: Artist Trust/Fellowship

For more information about Artist Trust:
Artist Trust
1835 12th Avenue
Seattle, WA 98122
Phone: 206/467-8734 ext.9
Phone (toll free): 1/866/218-7878


Deadline: September 1, 2009 (RECEIVE)


a book art and altered-book exhibition
Gallery 96
Stratford Public Library
Stratford, Ontario
October 18 – November 7, 2009

Gallery 96 invites artists working in all media and styles to participate in BookMarked, a book art and altered-book exhibition, hosted by the Stratford Public Library. This juried exhibition kicks off the annual Ontario Public Library Week with an opening reception on Sunday, October 18th from 2:30 to 4:30 pm. BookMarked runs Sunday, October 18th to Saturday, November 7th, 2009 at the Stratford Public Library. There is a submission fee of $30 and you may submit up to three pieces.

Jurors are: Marian Davies, sculptor and librarian; Jean Stevenson, painter and librarian; and Karoline Varin-Jarkowski, internationally exhibited altered-book artist and painter.

Who may apply: This exhibition is open to all artists.

Please include in your submission:

• CV or Bio
• Up to three entries for submission (please submit images only - no original work) with a maximum of two jpgs per entry (standard size = 1024 x 768 pixels, 72 dpi) on a CD or photographs – two per submission. Please label your material.
• Image list of CD or labels on each photograph with artist’s name, title, date, medium and dimensions in inches.
• Unusual requirements for presentation
• Include a cheque or money order payable to Gallery 96 for $30 in Canadian funds.
• SASE (self-addressed, stamped envelope) if you wish your submission returned.

Gallery 96 and the Stratford Public Library are not responsible for lost or damaged submissions. E-mailed submissions will not be accepted.

Notification of acceptance will be sent out the third week in September. Artists are responsible for delivery and pick-up of artwork.

Mailing address:
Gallery 96 (BookMarked)
PO Box 21108
Stratford, Ontario
N5A 7V4

For more information contact: Michelle Salter, curator, at

Visit website for more details:

Arlington Arts Center: 2010 SOLOS

Deadline: August 1, 2009 (RECEIVE)

2010 SOLOS
Exhibition Proposals

Arlington Arts Center
Arlington VA

Every year, the AAC picks 10-14 of the finest, cutting-edge, contemporary artists working in all media from across the Mid-Atlantic region. Each artist will have a self-contained SOLO show in one of AAC's seven separate exhibition spaces, or outside on the grounds. Proposals that specifically take into account AAC’s space, layout, and surrounding environs are encouraged. Floor plans are available.

Artists who produce cutting edge contemporary art in any/all media, and who live or work in Virginia; Washington, DC; Maryland; West Virginia; Delaware; or Pennsylvania may submit exhibition proposals. Any existing works must have been completed within the last 3 years in order to be considered.

Submissions will be reviewed by our Exhibitions Committee, which will be led by two special guest panelists: Anne Surak, Director of D.C.'s Project 4 Gallery, and Henry L. Thaggert, notable D.C. collector and curator.

Entry fees
AAC Members $25
Non-Members $35
New members $45

EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT: Apply by June 1, 2009, and take $10 OFF your entry fee!

New member entry fee includes a one year AAC Artist’s Membership with all benefits, including announcements
of exhibitions, show and program opportunities, and reduced rates on classes, workshops, and other events.

Application: [pdf]

Floor Plan: [pdf]

Arlington Arts Center
3550 Wilson Blvd
Arlington VA 22201
t: 703.248.6800
f: 703.248.6849

Sharadin Art Gallery: Residency Project

Deadline: June 12, 2009 (RECEIVE)

Residency Project
Sharadin Art Gallery

Kutztown University of Pennsylvania
Residency Dates: Jan. 11 - 29, 2010
Exhibition :January 29 – March 5, 2010

The Sharadin Art Gallery at Kutztown University of Pennsylvania requests proposals from artists, craftspersons, and designers for the production of an original, temporary, site-specific installation for our exhibition space.

The artwork will remain on view from January 29 – March 5, 2010. The selected artist (or artist team) will be awarded $10,000. The award must cover all material and labor costs associated with the production of the work, all travel expense to and from our site, all incidental costs, meals, and all artist fees and honoraria. The university will provide housing one block from the gallery (Main Street Inn). A group of Kutztown University students will be available to assist with the physical production of the selected proposal.

Proposed artwork can be realized in any medium and there are no restrictions on form or content. However, proposals that demonstrate innovation and deep, nuanced understanding of contemporary art, craft, or design are preferred. All proposals will be reviewed for overall artistic merit, feasibility within the established time-frame and budget, artist’s demonstration of ability to complete such a project (as evidenced by past projects or a detailed work plan and budget for the KU project), and the relationship of the project to the gallery’s mission:

The Sharadin Art Gallery of Kutztown University presents significant and professionally executed solo and group exhibitions of contemporary art in a variety of mediums as well as supporting programs, events, and services that will directly enhance the artistic and philosophical development of our students and will contribute to the lives of residents within our service area. We strive to challenge assumptions and stimulate discussion by presenting artwork and programs relevant to the social and cultural life of the general and special populations within our service area.

Questions should be e-mailed to (E-mail only – NO PHONE CALLS)

Complete details available at the Sharadin Gallery website: Sharadin Gallery

More information about Kutztown University: Kutztown University

More information about the physical facility, floor plan, and dimensions: Floor Plan [pdf]

Requested materials should be submitted to:

Sharadin Art Gallery at Kutztown University of Pennsylvania
P.O. Box 730 (for UPS or FedEx delivery: 15200 Kutztown Road)
Kutztown, PA 19530-0730

Walker Street Gallery: He 2009

Deadline: 16 July 2009 (RECEIVE)

He 2009
Walker Street Gallery

1 to 26 September 2009

Emerging and established male artists are invited to submit work for the Walker St Gallery’s He exhibition in September 2009.

Work can be two or three-dimensional and can be created in any medium. The applicant must submit original artwork that explores their personal interpretation of the exhibition theme, He...who discovers.

Finalists of He 2009 will be exhibited at the Walker St Gallery 1 to 26 September 2009, with the official opening night launch on 3 September at 6.30pm.

Winners will receive exhibitions at our sponsoring galleries (Burrinja Cultural Centre and Kingston Art Centre), allowing for exciting professional development opportunities.

Download He application form: form

For more information:

phone the Walker St Gallery on: T: 03 9706 8441



Turner Galleries Residency Programme

Deadline: 1 November 2009 (RECEIVE)

Turner Galleries

Northbridge, WA

Note: This residency is now only available to Australian artists living in Australia.

Turner Galleries strives to exhibit the work of artists who fall outside of the mainstream of conservative art practise. We encourage artists to approach us if their work is unique, experimental, challenging, visually and mentally stimulating. We also believe in the importance of the connections between artists and the community as a whole, so we have created an innovative ARTIST IN RESIDENCE PROGRAMME, which has attracted artists from interstate and overseas to foster those relationships.

The Residency
This residency programme began in 2001, as The Church Gallery Artist in Residence Programme. In 2007, after moving to new premises and a change of name, the programme recommenced as the Turner Galleries Artist in Residence Programme. Each residency is now held in conjunction with Central TAFE, who provide the artist with accommodation and a large studio space. Residency length is four to six weeks long, in consultation with Turner Galleries and Central TAFE. Each residency incorporates a solo exhibition in Turner Galleries and a floor talk. We are happy to consider artists who work with wall mounted works, sculpture, jewellery, photography, new technologies [including computer, film, video and media generated imagery], and installation.

Turner Galleries takes 40% commission [+GST] on residency exhibitions and sales from the stockroom. If another gallery exclusively represents you, we are willing to discuss a shared commission.

Minimum funding for each residency will include return airfare, return freight [to a maximum of $3,000] and $4,400 towards producing 60 limited edition artworks, whilst membership numbers are under 60. Over the past three years memberships have averaged 45 per year equalling approximately $9,900 per residency.

What we require
Each artist in residence is required to produce an edition of 60 limited edition prints or artworks [in any medium], in return for financial support from Turner Galleries Art Angels. A sum of $4,400 is provided to the artist for this purpose.

Residency times
Each residency can range from four to six weeks in the following months:

mid February + March [solo exhibition in March]
mid May + June [solo exhibition in June]
mid September + October [solo exhibition in October]

Collaborations with other institutions
Turner Galleries has an ongoing agreement with Central TAFE to hold joint residencies. Central TAFE supplies fully furnished accommodation and a large studio for the artist in residence. In return the artist must provide an artist talk, or floor talk, to a class of Central TAFE students.

How to apply
Download artist in residence programme info + application form 2011 [pdf]


Please contact the gallery if you have any queries:
Helen Morgan (Director)
Allison Archer (Manager)
PH 08 9227 1077

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Friday, May 15, 2009

27th Annual Asheville Quilt Show

Deadline: July 1, 2009 (POSTMARK)

27th Annual Asheville Quilt Show

The Asheville Quilt Guild
The North Carolina Arboretum
Asheville, North Carolina
August 7- 9, 2009

Theme “Carolina Blues”

Quilt Show Rules (truncated)
  • Any group or individual is eligible to enter. All entrants receive a free pass to the quilt show.
  • Entries for judging must have been completed after 1/1/07 and not previously entered in the Asheville Quilt Show.
  • Entry limited to one (1) entry per category and two (2) categories per person with the exception of category 13. This includes “Exhibit Only”. The Quilt Show committee reserves the right to change the category of your quilt up until it is judged.
  • Entry fee is $10 per quilt. Exception: Current members of the AQG and Young Designer entrants, no fee.
  • Entry must have three (3) layers (top, batting, and backing) with the exception of category 15.
  • Entry must be quilted, not tied, with the following exceptions: Young Designer category and Crazy Quilts.
  • • If you wish to sell your quilt during the Show, please state sale price. AQG charges a 20% commission and will handle the sale.
  • All entries may be considered for the Theme Award. The 2009 theme is “Carolina Blues”.

1. Pieced, Large
2. Pieced, Small
3. Appliqué/Mixed, Large
4. Appliqué/Mixed, Small

5. Pieced, Large
6. Pieced, Small
7. Appliqué/Mixed, Large
8. Appliqué/Mixed, Small

9. Art Quilt - quilts created using quilt making techniques displaying an original nontraditional design and/or materials, with fabric as the primary medium.
10. Miniature - all aspects of the quilt are in reduced scale. Must not exceed 24” on any side. If the quilt is composed of blocks, they must not exceed 4”.
11. Group or Team - excludes paid service.
12. Juvenile - quilt made for a child.
13. Quilting Service - paid service ineligible for Best of Show or Best Machine or Hand Workmanship. Show Committee reserves the right to limit entries in this category if limited space is an issue.
14. Young Designer - 16 and under in age.
15. Wearable Art
16. Exhibit Only - quilt will hang in the show but will not be judged.

More than $6,000 in Prize Money

For more information go to

Download the entry form: [pdf]

Buffalo Indie Market 2009

Deadline: May 22, 2009 (POSTMARK)

Buffalo Indie Market 2009
Outdoor Summer Season

Buffalo, New York
June to September 2009

Our goal is to create a fun and inviting shopping atmosphere, a strong Local Indie Art community that promotes the growth and commercial viability of independent artists and businesses in the Buffalo area.

You are cordially invited to participate in Buffalo Indie Market 2009 outdoor summer season, located at Bidwell Parkway, Erie Canal Harbor and Lafayette Avenue Presbyterian Church in the Elmwood Village. All Applications and a minimum of 50% of the total show fees are due by Friday, May 22, 2009. The remaining balance is due no later than Friday, June 19, 2009.

We will notify all artists of their acceptance within three days of receiving your application and market fee/s. All participants will receive a floor plan with table type and location 1 to 2 weeks prior to event along with a market checklist and information of setup times and parking.

If your application is not accepted for the specified show/s you may be given the option to apply for the next available date/s.

Each artist will receive a 10 x 10 space and must bring their own tent, table/s, chairs & linens to each show/s (unless otherwise specified). All participants will be listed and linked on our website for each show they will participate.

Each show will be juried to ensure there is a mix of current hand-made/designer products. NEW to 2009 each participant will be asked to submit one work of art or product of their own creation by the specified time the day of the show. (Please note this is not mandatory). The judging will take place shortly after the start of each show. The winning piece will be seen as the most innovative, creative and unique hand-made piece. The first place winner will receive a $20 Buffalo Indie Market Gift Certificate and will be interviewed, photographed and recieve their very own article in Buffalo Rising.

Product Categories:

paper goods + gifts, jewelry, pottery, art + design, photography, fashion + accessories, toys, home decor, body care, mixed media, pre-packaged food

Outdoor Market Fees:

-Members: Option 1: $55 per day/ $85 per weekend show
Option 2: $27 per day + 25% commission of total sales (before tax)
(Please Note:There will be up to 6 spots per show for option 2, open to BIM members only)

-Non-Members: $70/ $100 per weekend show
(Please Note: The above fee/s include the City of Buffalo Special Event License fee ($26.25) per day for each participating vendor. Buffalo Indie Market will submit all Special Event Licenses & fee/s for each participating vendor.)

Download the application: 2009OutdoorSummerApplication [pdf]

Visit the website for complete details

Buffalo Indie Market
PO Box 661
Buffalo, New York 14223
p. 716.200.0819

Crafty by Nature 2009

Deadline: Uniquely specifed; see application

Crafty by Nature 2009
An Outdoor Indie Market

Shupp’s Grove
Adamstown, PA

We are proud to announce our first season as the featured indie crafts market at lovely Shupp's Grove in Lancaster County, PA! Every first Sunday of the month beginning in May through October 2009, Crafty by Nature will showcase up-and-coming indie designers, crafters, artists, and makers. Shupp's Grove is an outdoor vintage and flea market, known throughout Central and Eastern PA as a local favorite. The events will be juried, and spots must be reserved in advance.

Market Dates:
May 3rd, 2009
June 7th, 2009
July 5th, 2009
August 2, 2009
September 6th, 2009
October 4th, 2009
Seasonal (all 6 events)

Booth fee per event is $35 for a single artist, $40 for a shared space. To reserve a space for the entire season (6 events), you will receive a special seasonal rate of $175 for individuals, and $205 for co-ops and shared spaces ($35 discount).

All artists using a space must be juried individually, and must submit their own form. Co-ops may send one application but must provide a website or images to adequately display the range of their artists.

Download the Application: craftybynature/season-2009-intro-letter-and-application [doc]

Visit website for complete details:

Contact info:
fax: 610-680-3790 attn Alex/Crafty by Nature

Craft Hatch – an incubator market

Deadline: Uniquely Specified; see website

Craft Hatch – an incubator market
Craft Victoria

City Library
Melbourne, Australia
9 May, 13 June and 11 July 2009

Craft Victoria is pleased to be partnering with the City of Melbourne's, City Library to hold Craft Hatch – an incubator market that showcases the work of student and emerging designers. Craft Hatch is a rare opportunity for you to purchase the freshest, hand-made products direct from the designer; including homewares, jewellery, clothing, accessories, stationery and more.

Craft Hatch is held on the second Saturday of every month at the City Library, 253 Flinders Lane, Melbourne, 11.00am – 4.00pm. Upcoming Craft Hatch diary dates are Saturdays 9 May, 13 June and 11 July 2009.

Registration for stalls in June, July and August are now open to students and emerging designers looking to build their market confidence in one of Melbourne's busiest CBD retail precincts. The City Library is the centre for learning and creativity with up to 3000 visitors a day.

Please ensure that you email at least three clear, good quality images with your application to High resolution (300dpi), professional photographs will be considered for use in promotional material and print media.

Register here: crafthatch/registration

Full details available at Craft Hatch website:

Information may also be obtained via email or telephone on (03) 9650 7775.

The Journal of Artist's Books

Deadline: Ongoing

Publishing Opportunities
The Journal of Artist's Books

Chicago, IL

JAB welcomes submissions of ideas for articles or artist's pages/projects to be included in JAB. We also accept books for review and announcements of activities of interest to the artists' book community.

Submission of Articles
JAB publishes both commissioned and unsolicited articles. JAB is interested in articles that document current artist book activity through reviews of books, exhibitions, opinion pieces, as well as articles about particular artists, presses, and organizations. JAB is also interested in thematic pieces and examinations of book works that focus on the relation between form and content, including historical examples created prior to the time when the term “artist's book” was in use. JAB recognizes that books are a site in which various media come together, whether it be poetry, photography, design, and/or textual and visual narratives and is interested in articles that examine these intersections.

For unsolicited articles, please send a writing sample (or links to writings available online) and a one or two paragraph description of your proposed article. Finished manuscripts are not necessary. You will be notified as to whether your article idea is of interest for an upcoming issue and to make arrangements for submission of a completed manuscript. Completed articles must then go to the editorial board for review and final acceptance.

Submission of Artist Pages or Projects
JAB publishes artist's pages which can either be a single page or a multiple page spread. JAB also publishes inserts to be included with each issue, either as printed components of the issue or stand alone pieces including small artists books. Send proposals along with a pdf attachment of images or other supporting material.

Submission of Books for Review
Students, emerging artists, and mature professionals are encouraged to send recent works to be included in a Received and Noted Column. This column will have a special subsection devoted to showcasing student work. A selection of these books will also be photographed and/or given reviews in the New Books Column. Books submitted become a part of the JAB Archive at the Center for Book & Paper Arts. If you would like your book returned, please send an SASE or package. See the Contact Us page for JAB's mailing address.

Visit website for complete submission guidelines:

Kala Art Institute: Artist-in-Residen

Multiple Deadlines: (RECEIVE) & Ongoing

Application deadlines (materials received by):

January 31 for residencies starting in March, April, May, or June
April 30 for residencies starting in June, July, August, or September
July 31 for residencies starting in September, October, November, or December
October 31 for residencies starting in December, January, February, or March

Kala Art Institute

Berkely, CA


Artists working in various printmaking techniques, photo-processes, book arts and digital media including sound/video production can apply to become an Artist-in-Residence at Kala Art Institute. Residency applications are accepted four times per year. Artists who apply for residency should be familiar with at least one of the media offered at Kala. Considerations for acceptance are conceptual creativity and technical knowledge. Kala encourages experimental uses of both traditional and new technologies, and their admixture.

Resident artists receive 24-hour access to the printmaking workshop and/or electronic media center; individual storage space; exhibition opportunities such as the Artists' Annual show in the Kala Gallery and possible exposure on Kala's website and in other exhibitions at Kala or outside exhibition spaces; and participation in a vital, international artistic community. Artists also receive a 20% discount on classes and private tutoring offered by Kala.

Please note that this is a studio residency only; housing is not included. Artists are responsible for finding their own housing.


Applications are reviewed four times per year. Artists may apply for 1-, 2-, or 3-month residencies, and must specify the desired residency length in the application. (6-month residencies also exist, but are only available to continuing and returning Artists-in-Residence who have done the 3-month Evaluative Review.)

Emergency Residency
Kala offers "emergency" residencies to artists who find themselves in immediate need of studio space to complete a specific project. The residency may not exceed one month. The application process for the emergency residency is the same, except that you should disregard the application deadlines listed above and, if you are mailing your application, mark it with the words "Emergency Residency".

The application processes for local and out-of-area artists differ:

Bay Area artists
Please submit a request, by mail or email, for an in-person portfolio review with the Artistic and Executive Directors. Submissions should be in the form of an application cover sheet. Within a week following the application deadline, you will be contacted to schedule the portfolio review.

Artists living elsewhere
Please submit the following by mail, to be reviewed by the Executive and Artistic Directors:
-application cover sheet
-resumé (include detailed information on your previous experience with the media you wish to use at Kala)
-work samples (slides or a CD/DVD); maximum 20 works or 10 minutes of video
-image list
-artist statement
-self-addressed envelope with correct return postage, for the return of your work samples

These below-market rates are made possible through generous donations from foundations and individuals.

1) $225 per month – 1, 2, or 3 Month Contract - Part-Time
-- 3 days per week studio access
-- donation of one sample of work done at Kala

2) $365 per month – 1 Month Contract - Full-Time
-- 7 days per week studio access
-- donation of one sample of work done at Kala

3) $150 per month - 6 Month Contract - Part-Time
-- 3 days per week studio access
-- available only to artists-in-residence who have completed 3 months of residency
-- donation of one print to Kala's Archive per 6 month period; maximum two prints per year

Single-day rate
(available to former artists-in-residence only)
$100 per day (no storage space)

For more information, e-mail Program Coordinator, Patrick Stockstill at

Download the application coversheet: [pdf]

Visit website for complete details:

Generously Odd: Craft Now

Deadline: July 31, 2009 (RECEIVE)

Generously Odd: Craft Now

Lexington Art League
Lexington, KY
October 24, 2009—January 3, 2010

In an attempt to chronicle the unique territory currently being examined by today’s avant-garde craft artists, LAL invites artists/ craftspeople to apply for an upcoming exhibition in the historic Loudoun House. Generously Odd: Craft Now will focus on contemporary craft objects that engagingly experiment with material, form and concept. While all craft media will be considered, the exhibition will place emphasis on works that explore abundant decoration, obsessive techniques, and peculiar narratives or concepts.

Travis S. Townsend, artist, woodworker, and Lecturer of Art at Eastern Kentucky University, will curate the exhibition.

Eligibility and Media
All artists, age 18 and older. All categories and styles of craft will be considered, however the exhibition will place emphasis on works that explore abundant decoration, obsessive techniques, and peculiar narratives or concepts. All work must have been created by the artist applying.

Entry Fee and Procedure
There is no entry fee for this exhibition. To apply for Generously Odd: Craft Now, please send up to 10 images of artwork along with an inventory list of the images (we will accept slides or digital images), an artist statement, and a resume listing other gallery exhibitions. Application materials will not be returned. Submissions are due by July 31, 2009. Please note LAL cannot be held responsible for postal delays.

Applications may be reviewed as they are received. Final notification letters will be sent September 2009.

Please send all application materials to:
Lexington Art League
Mike Deetsch, Exhibitions and Programs Director
Ref: Generously Odd
209 Castlewood Drive
Lexington, KY 40505
e-mail to:

Digital submissions preferred.

Visit website for complete details:

¡Fibra, Vive! (Fiber, It Lives!)

Deadline: July 1, 2009 (POSTMARK)

¡Fibra, Vive! (Fiber, It Lives!)

A Juried Exhibition
Sponsored by The Missouri Fiber Artists
The Old Orchard Gallery
Webster Groves, MO
September 18 - October 9, 2009

Textiles from Mexico to Peru, Guatemala to Brazil, Panama to Bolivia and more influence fiber artists work. Traditional techniques are part of their heritage and legacy, but an explosion of color, design, and texture is their gift to the world.

¡Fibra, Vive! celebrates today’s artist’s personal interpretation of their “magical journey ” through Latin America in their own work. All fiber media is welcomed.

Becky Grass teaches Fibers and Textiles at Saint Louis University.

Current MoFA membership is required to participate. All members are encouraged to participate.

* Up to 3 fiber pieces may be entered.
* Work should follow the exhibit’s theme of inspiration from Latin America and completed in the last 2 years.
* Work should be priced and marked for sale or not for sale (NFS).
* 2-D work should be ready to hang. Image restrictions: work may not exceed 36in. x 36in.
* No size restrictions on wearable fiber pieces or 3-D freestanding work.

Fee: $15.00 for one to three entries

Digital images only. Due July 1, 2009

* All work must be ready to exhibit.
* There will be a 60/40 standard commission fee on work sold.

Contact Judy Cobillas:

Download the prospectus:

The Missouri Fiber Artists:

From Our Perspective: A National Women’s Art Exhibition

Deadline: July 31, 2009 (ONLINE)

From Our Perspective:
A National Women’s Art Exhibition

Smith Theatre Gallery
Oakland Community College
Farmington Hills, Michigan
September 17 - October 9, 2009

The gift of the artist is the way she gives us the opportunity to experience and reflect upon the world around us from a novel and unconventional perspective. Within their chosen medium, today’s women artists continue to share their unique viewpoint on the material, personal, global, political, and cultural landscapes that surround us. This exhibition commits to giving women artists a forum in which to share their singular position and outlook on the inner and outer worlds we all share.

The Oakland Community College Womencenter sponsors From Our Perspective: A National Women’s Art Exhibition – a juried exhibit featuring two- and three-dimensional works of art. The exhibit occurs September 17 – October 9, 2009 at the Smith Theatre Gallery at Oakland Community College in Farmington Hills Michigan. The opening night reception and a theatre performance will be held on Thursday, September 17 at 7:00 pm.

• Open to all women artists nationwide
• Recent original works only
• All media (excluding video and performance)
• Submit up to three works

• Entry fee of $25.00
• Mail fee immediately after submitting online entry
• Entry is not complete until fee is received

• Best of Show $800.00
• President’s Award $250.00
• Purchase Award up to $250.00


All entries must be submitted online including JPEG images.

1. View the entry
2. After viewing the guidelines, enter information and JPEG images online at:

E-mail: or please call Arlene Frank at the OCC Womencenter, 248.522.3642

OCC Womencenter Art Exhibition
Oakland Community College Womencenter
27055 Orchard Lake Road
Farmington Hills, MI 48334-4579

The North Carolina Arboretum

Deadline: Ongoing

Exhibition Proposals
The North Carolina Arboretum

Asheville, NC

The Arboretum accepts submissions from established visual artists whose work will help to further our mission: to connect people and plants through creative expressions of landscape stewardship, including education, conservation, garden demonstration, economic development and research. The Arboretum has several exhibition spaces where artwork is displayed. Spaces may or may not have living plants in them and food service may also be allowed in gallery areas from time to time. Artists are encouraged to apply to one of the following spaces:

Baker Exhibit Center
Education Center Gallery
Various outdoor landscape exhibit areas

To submit your work for review please include the following: (truncated)

Résumé, artist statement, biography, Web site (if applicable) and listing of exhibitions and awards.
Up to 10 digital or print images of current work (produced within the last 2 years; no slides)
Short project description.

Artists' submissions will be reviewed by a selection committee. Due to the volume of submissions we receive, it is not unusual for it to take several weeks to respond.

Visit website for complete guidelines:

The North Carolina Arboretum
100 Frederick Law Olmsted Way
Asheville, NC 28806

Plains Art Museum: The ArtView Program

Deadline: Ongoing

Exhibition Proposals
Plains Art Museum

The ArtView Program
Fargo, ND

The ArtView Program is an opportunity for local and regional artists to show a selection of their work in the adjunct galleries of the Museum. The program is a significant and highly successful exhibition series designed for both new and established artists to gain public exposure in a museum environment. The ArtView Program is announced in the Museum’s newsletter and website. The exhibition period is generally 10-12 weeks.

Currently, the ArtView Program does not offer receptions or educational programs.


Serkland Law Firm and Xcel Energy Hallway Galleries
Located on second floor, 12-15 works; 5-7 small sculptures

Cafè Muse (first floor)
ArtView: Café Muse is an opportunity for local artists / art educators to exhibit a small number of works in conjunction with offering educational programs at the Museum. If interested in showing in the Café Muse and inspiring Museum constituents with pertinent art experiences (classes, workshops, lectures, or demonstrations). Contact Andy Maus, Curator of Public Programming.

Located on first floor, accommodates about 4 two-dimensional works; does not accommodate sculpture

ArtView Requirements for Proposal: (truncated)
CD of up to 20 images (300dpi .jpg or .tif)
Resume (including exhibition history).
Artist statement
Exhibition Theme/Proposal

Selection Criteria:
ArtView is open to all artists who are residents of ND, SD, MN, MT, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan.
Artistic merit
Demonstrated professional recognition (e.g. exhibitions, juried shows, student shows)

Selection Team:
Plains Art Museum curatorial and educational staff

Regarding sales, the Museum cannot act as sales agent for artists. Works will not be offered for sale, however the Museum will facilitate individuals who wish to contact the artist regarding purchase of the work. The Museum will forward the name of the interested party to the artist.

Please contact Rusty Freeman regarding questions on the main ArtView exhibits. Contact Andy Maus ( regarding Café Muse Exhibitions and related Programming.

Visit website for complete details:

Plains Art Museum
704 First Avenue North
Fargo, North Dakota 58102
Phone: 701.232.3821
Fax: 701.293.1082

Radius Gallery: Call for Basketry

Deadline: June 18, 2009 (RECEIVE)

Radius Gallery

Harrisburg, PA
July 1 to August 31, 2009

Please submit handcrafted basketry of exhibition quality.

Terms of Entry
  • No entry fee
  • Must be a PA resident
  • Digital entries ONLY : send to
  • Submit up to 4 entries
  • Works must be for sale under Radius Gallery consignment terms
  • Delivery & pick-up is the responsibility of the artist
  • With digital entry include:
    Title & Dimensions of work
    Contact information
  • Work submitted will be reviewed by the Radius Selection Committee
  • Please submit jpg files
  • Work will be displayed in Radus
Visit website for complete details: Radius Gallery

Radius Gallery
The State Building of Pennsylvania
300 N. Street
Harrisburg, PA 17120
phone: 717-787-5590

School 33 Art Center Call for Projects

Deadline: Ongoing/Unspecified

Open Call for Project Space Installations

School 33 Art Center
Baltimore, Maryland

School 33 Art Center accepts applications from artists to present experimental video and ambitious installation work that they may not otherwise have the support in creating. Proposals from individual artists or collaborative teams that will strive to utilize the space in a unique and challenging way are highly encouraged. Approximately four 8-week long exhibitions will be selected per year. Artist submissions in all media are eligible but artists are responsible for providing all installation materials, equipment, and technology.

School 33 Art Center features three professional gallery spaces with exhibitions rotating every 4-8 weeks. On the first floor, Gallery 1 boasts a 1,240 sq ft exhibition space that showcases our annual Open Calls to Artists and Curators. The second floor Members’ Gallery is a 480 sq ft exhibition space dedicated to hosting 8-10 solo exhibitions per year for School 33 Artist Members from across the region. Additionally, our 165 sq ft Project Space is committed to providing opportunities for emerging artists to present intimate bodies of work or realize more experimental installations that they may not otherwise have the support in doing.

Complete information available by contacting:
Jason Hughes
email: jhughes@promotionandarts.comor
Phone: 410-396-4641.

Visit website for more details:

School 33 Art Center
1427 Light Street
Baltimore, Maryland 21230
P: 410.396.4641 F: 410.625.2634

School 33 Art Center is dedicated to providing opportunities for artists through exhibitions, art classes, workshops, a Studio Artist Program, and special events. School 33 Art Center is a program of the Baltimore Office of Promotion & The Arts, Inc., and is supported in part by grants from the Mayor and the City Council of Baltimore, Provident Bank, Corrigan Sports / The Under Armour Baltimore Marathon, the Maryland State Arts Council, and through private contributions to School 33 Art Center.

School 33 Art Center Call to Artists

Deadline: July 10, 2009 (POSTMARK)

Open Call to Artists:
School 33 Art Center

Baltimore, Maryland
August 2009 – June 2010 Exhibitions

Juried Group Exhibitions
School 33 Art Center accepts applications from artists to participate in Juried Group Exhibitions as part of its annual exhibition programming. Artists are selected by a rotating Exhibition Selection Committee comprised of professional artists and curators from the region. School 33 Art Center hosts two 8-week long juried exhibitions annually. Juried Group Exhibitions can be either thematic or an Open Call and is typically predetermined by School 33 Art Center or guest jurors. Artist submissions in all media are eligible but artists are responsible for providing all installation materials, equipment, and technology.

School 33 Art Center features three professional gallery spaces with exhibitions rotating every 4-8 weeks. On the first floor, Gallery 1 boasts a 1,240 sq ft exhibition space that showcases our annual Open Calls to Artists and Curators. The second floor Members’ Gallery is a 480 sq ft exhibition space dedicated to hosting 8-10 solo exhibitions per year for School 33 Artist Members from across the region. Additionally, our 165 sq ft Project Space is committed to providing opportunities for emerging artists to present intimate bodies of work or realize more experimental installations that they may not otherwise have the support in doing.

Complete information available by contacting:
Jason Hughes
email: jhughes@promotionandarts.comor
Phone: 410-396-4641.

Visit website for more details:

School 33 Art Center
1427 Light Street
Baltimore, Maryland 21230
P: 410.396.4641 F: 410.625.2634

School 33 Art Center is dedicated to providing opportunities for artists through exhibitions, art classes, workshops, a Studio Artist Program, and special events. School 33 Art Center is a program of the Baltimore Office of Promotion & The Arts, Inc., and is supported in part by grants from the Mayor and the City Council of Baltimore, Provident Bank, Corrigan Sports / The Under Armour Baltimore Marathon, the Maryland State Arts Council, and through private contributions to School 33 Art Center.

Head to Toe: Fiber Art to Wear from the Funky to the Sublime

Deadline: July 1, 2009 (RECEIVE)

Head to Toe: Fiber Art to Wear
from the Funky to the Sublime

St. Louis Artists' Guild
September 20, 2009 - November 6, 2009

This exhibition is in conjunction with Innovations in Textiles 2009. We are seeking submissions that challenge the notion of functionality yet honor the tradition of wearable art. Entries should range from head to toe, the Funky to the Sublime and the functional to the non-functional. All textile techniques are encouraged. Jewelry not included.

Submissions should challenge the notion of functionality yet honor the tradition of wearable art. Entries should range from head to toe, the Funky to the Sublime and the functional to the non-functional. All textile techniques are encouraged. Jewelry not included.


When a simple strand of thread is knotted, stitched or woven into art, you know that the touch of an artist's hand has transformed the simple to the sublime. Innovation in Textiles 8, coordinated by the Craft Alliance in St. Louis, MO and presented biennially, investigates contemporary fiber art.

This fall, more than 20 local galleries, non-profit and private arts organizations will collaborate to showcase textile arts, guest lecturers, fiber-centerd workshops and programs, free of charge.

This bi-annual, collaborative exhibition will focus on a wide range of materials and techniques; soft yarns woven into tapestries, shaped and dyed shiboi wearables, paper stitched with horse hair, fusions of glass and fiber and quilts whose vivid colors rival the palettes of the Old Master. The exhibits, lectures and workshops will demonstrate how a single strand of thread is transformed, through process, manipulation and its materiality, to a complex and sublime work of art.

Requirements: (truncated)
  • Artist must be 18 years of age
  • Up to 3 entries may be submitted
  • Originals (not copied from other art, photographs or done under instruction).
  • All work must be either fiber in content or executed in a fiber technique.
Entry Fees:

Members of the St. Louis Artists' Guild may submit up to three works for a non-refundable fee of $7.00 per piece.

Non-members of the St. Louis Artists' Guild may submit up to three works for a non-refundable fee of $35.00.

Download the prospectus: [pdf]

St. Louis Artists' Guild
Two Oak Knoll Park
St. Louis, MO 63105
Phone: 314.727.6266

Recycled Tendencies

Deadline: June 20, 21 2009 (HAND DELIVERY)

Recycled Tendencies

St. Louis Artists' Guild
June 28, 2009 to September 4, 2009

Recylced Tendencies is a juried exhibition showcasing art that incorporates recycled materials, found objects and the redefinition of everyday materials.

verb [ trans. ]
convert (waste) into reusable material
• return (material) to a previous stage in a cyclic process.
• use again

noun ( pl. -cies)
• an inclination toward a particular characteristic or type of behavior
• a group within a larger political party or movement

Juror: Eugene Ruble

Requirements: (truncated)
  • Artist must be 18 years of age
  • Up to 3 entries may be submitted
  • Originals (not copied from other art, photographs or done under instruction).
  • All work must be either fiber in content or executed in a fiber technique.
Entry Fees:

Members of the St. Louis Artists' Guild may submit up to three works for a non-refundable fee of $7.00 per piece.

Non-members of the St. Louis Artists' Guild may submit up to three works for a non-refundable fee of $35.00.

Download the prospectus: RecycledTendencies_Prospectus [pdf]

St. Louis Artists' Guild
Two Oak Knoll Park
St. Louis, MO 63105
Phone: 314.727.6266

Texas Gallery

Deadline: June 26, 2009 at 5:00 p.m. (POSTMARK) & (Hand Delivery)

Texas Gallery

Arts Council of Brazos Valley
Brazos Valley Art League
College Station, TX
2010 Texas Gallery Exhibition Season

Texas Gallery is owned by the Arts Council of Brazos Valley and is operated in conjunction with the Brazos Valley Art League. Featuring 16 rotating exhibitions annually, the 1,000 square foot Texas Gallery is the main art, exhibition and reception space.

Exhibition Eligibility
The Texas Gallery is a venue for artists to showcase and market their art to the Brazos Valley community and its 3.5 million annual visitors. All works must be original. Mass produced, commercial art as well as art and/or craft pieces not of original design will not be accepted.

Categories: You may apply in more than one category.

Category One: 2-dimensional works

2-D MIXED MEDIA - Includes collage and handmade paper, incorporates more than one type of material, and has a relief depth of less than 1/8 inch.
DRAWING - Pencil, charcoal, chalk, pastels, etc.
PAINTING - Oil, acrylics, etc.
PHOTOGRAPHY - Prints made from Artist's original - Must be processed by the Artist or under Artist's supervision, properly signed and numbered, in editions of not more than 450.
PRINTMAKING - Artist created prints, serigraphs, digital art, etc., properly signed and numbered, in editions of not more than 450. Giclées may be sold if less than 50% of your exhibit and they are signed and numbered in limited edition not more than 450. No mechanically printed offset printing or lithography will be accepted.
WATERCOLOR - Layered and pigmented water-based media including; acrylic, gouache, tempera and transparent watercolors applied to archival acid-free stock or handmade papers.

Category Two: 3-dimensional works

3-D MIXED MEDIA - Works with more than 1/8 inch of relief depth - This category is for objects which are "decorative" rather than "useful" - See FUNCTIONAL ART Category
3-D FUNCTIONAL ART - creations which serve a purpose such as implements, furniture, doll houses, kaleidoscopes, etc.
CERAMICS - Original Clay Work - No machine made or mass produced work is accepted.
FIBER - No machine tooling, machine-screened patterns or other forms of mass production accepted - This category is intended for handcrafted fiber, straw, leather, or other similar materials. No studio production work will be accepted.
GLASS - No molds or other forms of mass production allowed.
JEWELRY - No commercial casts, molds, or production studio work.
SCULPTURE - 3-Dimensional original work done in any medium will be considered.
WOODWORK - Original hand-tooled, machine worked or carved work. If painted or inlaid with a different material, applicants should choose 3-D Mixed Media or Functional Art.

Fee: $35

Sales and Commission: 40% commission on all sales.

For more information, contact the Arts Council at or (979)696-2787.

Download the application: CALL_FOR_ENTRIES_APPLICATION_2010 [pdf]

The Texas Gallery
Arts Council of Brazos Valley
2275 Dartmouth Street
College Station, TX, 77840

For more information about the Arts Council of Brazos Valley and the Texas Gallery can be found at:

Green: A Color and a Cause

Deadline: January 29, 2010 (POSTMARK)

Green: A Color and a Cause
The Textile Museum

Washington, DC
April through September 2011

Brief exhibition summary: Many cultures traditionally associate the color green with nature and its attributes, including life, fertility, and rebirth, and in recent years green has become the symbolic color of environmentalism. This exhibition celebrates green as a color and a cause.

Work to be considered: Artworks must include fibers or textile techniques.

Selection process: Submissions will be reviewed by curators and other museum staff who make up The Textile Museum’s Exhibitions Task Force.

Entry fee: $25

Juried exhibition to be held April through September 2011 at The Textile Museum in Washington, D.C.

Entries should be represented by digital photos in JPEG format, with images of all entries copied onto one single CD. Limit six pieces per entry. Label each JPEG with name, title, and size (slides allowed, but digital preferred).

Include an artist's statement and a list detailing name, date, size, and medium of each piece.

Entries via YouTube video also will be considered.

Send entries to Eastern Hemisphere Department, The Textile Museum, 2320 S Street, NW, Washington, DC, 20008.

Contact for entry form and additional information.

The Textile Museum
2320 S Street
NW Washington, DC 20008-4088
PHONE 202-667-0441
FAX 202-483-0994

VIA: Textile Society of America

Kentucky Guild of Artists and Craftsmen

Deadline: July 31, 2009 (POSTMARK)

Kentucky Guild of Artists and Craftsmen
Standards Jury Session

Berea, KY
August 12, 2009

KGAC holds two jury sessions each year: February and August

The Kentucky Guild of Artists and Craftsmen is an organization of professional level artists and craftspeople. Exacting standards of excellence are required for Exhibiting Membership.

KGAC’s jury process is not intended to exclude individuals and their work, but rather to include
those whose work is of exemplary quality. The standards of KGAC are not taken lightly for they create the reputation for excellence on which the organization bases its entire operation. The standards level applied to jurying is solely that of this organization and its jurors. It is not based on the levels of any other organizations or groups.

No quotas for Exhibiting Membership exist either within categories or within the organization as a whole. Each submission to the KGAC Standards Jury process is judged on its own merit. Consistent design, workmanship and overall excellence are essential. The submitted work must be representative of the applicants’ best efforts, both creatively and technically. Marketability of work is not considered a criterion for acceptance.

Applicants to the KGAC Standards Jury process must live in Kentucky or within fifty miles of Kentucky’s borders.

Application is made in one of the following categories:

Individual – A single artist or craftsperson producing his/her own work.

Designer/Craftsperson – A single artist or craftsperson who employs a limited number of people who work directly under his/her supervision in the production of work to be sold under the artist’s/craftsperson’s name.

Associated – A group of individuals who work together to produce a single type of work. (This does not include families in which various members are involved with different media.)


KGAC Exhibiting Member Benefits include: (truncated)

Opportunity to have a voice in the future of arts and crafts in Kentucky
Statewide exhibit opportunities
Opportunity to exhibit at Guild Fairs
Invitation to KGAC and other Exhibit openings
Inclusion in KGAC Membership Directory and Online Directory
Opportunity to be included in KGAC press releases, marketing material and media interviews

In order to be eligible for KGAC Exhibiting Membership, you must submit 5 pieces of your work to be juried by the KGAC Standards Committee.

Information & Application [pdf]
Entry Form [pdf]

Visit website for additional details: