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Feltrosa 2010: The climate is changing!

Deadline: 1 November 2009 (POSTMARK)

Feltrosa 2010: The climate is changing!

Coordinamento Tessitori &
International Feltmakers Association &
Filz Netz Werk &
Fondazione Museo del Tessuto
Prato, Italy
7th May until 7th July 2010

Coordinamento Tessitori, in collaboration with International Feltmakers Association, Filz Netz Werk and Fondazione Museo del Tessuto is organizing a juried traveling exhibition of felt textile art on the impact of human actions on the environment. The exhibition is the result of collaboration between the three European organizations that are dedicated to the promotion of the art of felt, in order to create opportunities and opportunities for interaction and cultural exchange.

Felters and textile artists are invited to take part by submitting entries for consideration by the selection panel. The exhibition is open to both individual artists and groups, but all artists must be members, or agree to become members for the duration of the exhibition tour, of one of the three organizations collaborating on the exhibition

The exhibition will be shown in different locations in Europe during 2010 & 2011, a catalogue will be printed in three languages, illustrated in colour.

• The work must address the artist’s response to climate change; either in terms of the impact on the artist’s local environment or on a national or international level. It may be influenced by natural or man made changes to the environment.

• Each entrant may submit up to 2 works which have not been shown either through an exhibition or a publication before.

• The work will be selected anonymously, so must not bear the artist’s signature or other signs to identify it to the selection panel as being by that artist.

• The work must be made by hand, personally by the artist (or the artists who are submitting the work as a group work ), and after 31.12. 2008. The work must be original and be predominantly made using the technique of felt crafts. Work done during courses or under the guidance of teachers is not allowed.

• Every hand made felting technique is accepted, and the use of recycled materials and the inclusion of found objects is encouraged. It can be enriched by other textile techniques, installation and mixed media.

• The artist must submit two photographs, one of the whole piece and one a detail.

• Dimensions: the submitted work can be any size but the container by which the work will be transported, if it is selected for the exhibition, must not exceed one meter (1 m) in each side and must not weigh more than 10kg in total (work and container). In addition, the container must have clear instructions as to how the work should be packed and displayed.

• Two-dimensional works intended for wall hanging must have hanging devices attached. Work intended for freestanding display must be supplied with any rods or devices necessary for its display, otherwise the organisers will not take responsibility for the incorrect display of the work. Artists can include photos or drawings to document the mode of display.

A participation fee of 25,00 Euro will be levied per artist after having been selected.

The works will be insured at the discretion of the galleries hosting the exhibition and will not be insured during transport: the artists who so desire will insure their work independently.

A brochure in three languages (Italian, English, German) will be printed. Artists can buy it at reduced prices. Artists will give permission for their photos to be used by the organisers free of charge for press & promotional purposes and for use within the catalogue.

The work will be selected by a panel of qualified experts and art critics. The panel’s decision is final and will be based on the vision of works by projecting digital photos sent by the artists and compared with samples material attached.

The panel will not consider works that do not conform to this call for entries. If a selected work arriving for hanging is found to be significantly different from the photos and sample submitted for selection then it may be rejected from the exhibition.

The submission dossier containing photos, short CV and the completed and signed forms must be sent to the representative of the associations to which the artist belongs or intends to join by November 1, 2009 (postmarked). The name and address of each representative is given below.

The notification of the jury’s decision will be sent by mid-December 2009.

Selected artists will be informed of the dates by when work must be sent to the Prato Textile Museum.

Selected artists will be required to sign and return an artists’exhibition agreement.

Coordinamento Tessitori C.P. 543, Fi Centro, I-50123 Firenze, Italia

Filz-netzwerk e. V. c/o Sigrid Bannier, Burgweg 20, D-66871 Albessen, Germany

International Feltmakers Association Lesley Bossine, 15 Garrick’s Ait, Hampton, Middlesex, TW12 2EW, United Kingdom

For more information please contact Lesley Bossine on

View the call:

Download the call for entry:

For the exact competition rules see the websites of the German and Italian organisers:

The Old Island Days Art Festival

Deadline: October 1, 2009 (POSTMARK)

The Old Island Days Art Festival

Key West, FL
Feb 27-28, 2010

The Old Island Days Art Festival is a two day juried outdoor fine art festival. This nationally recognized show brings over 100 fine artists to this beautiful historic area of Key West. Exhibitors will set up along Whitehead Street from Greene Street to Eaton, and on Caroline Street through the famous Presidential Gates into the beautiful Truman Annex. Set among historical attractions such as Audubon House, the Little White House and Mel Fisher Museum, the City of Key West closes two blocks of Whitehead Street and another block of Caroline Street to vehicle traffic for the show. Visitors can leisurely browse the beautiful displays of paintings from watercolor to oil and acrylic, decorative sculpture, photography and other fine arts from the selected artists. Tropical themes are abundant here, but contemporary and traditional styles make something for everyone!

The show, which is in its 45th year, is sponsored by the Key West Art Center, and was originally held to raise money for the renovation of the building at 301 Front Street. That building is now home for the KWAC and displays works by the 60 plus local members. The first show was held on the sidewalk on Front Street, near the current gallery and artists used clothespins to attach their work to the fence in front of the old Custom’s House. Since then the show has been held annually and grown from just local artists and now includes exhibitors from across the country and Canada.

ELIGIBILITY: NO dealers, stores or agents may participate. The artist must be present for the entire show and present ID at check in. Work is fine art, and must meet show criteria.

CATEGORIES: Oil/Acrylic, Watercolor, Sculpture, Photography, Mixed Media, Other

PRINTS: Limited to 10% of hung work.

SPACES: Spaces are assigned by the committee, which tries to honor requests, but makes no guarantees. Each 10’ x 10’ is $200, limited 10’ x 15’ spaces are available for $300.

JURY FEE: $10 for slides or $25 for digital cd in a separate check. Make all checks payable to Old Island Days Art Festival.

The OID Art Festival has a ZERO tolerance policy for buy/sell, mass produced items, post cards, stationary, books, artist reps or items unlike those juried. Work must be produced by the exhibitor. This will be strictly enforced with no exceptions.

APPLICATION PROCESS: Send 3 images of your work and 1 of display along with the completed application. Slides must be in a sleeve strip with Artist’s name on all slides. JPGs on CDs identified with artist name on CD. Applications with slides are $10 jury fee. Digital images are $25 Jury fee. CDs and slides returned if appropriate envelope/postage is included. Booth fee checks will not be deposited until 1 week after notification.

CONTACT: Lois Songer, Director
Phone: 305-294-1243 or 305-294-3500

Download the application: [html]

Visit website for complete details:

Old Island Days Art Festival
301 Front St.
Key West, Fl 33040

Key West Craft Show

Deadline: September 1, 2009 (POSTMARK)


Key West, FL
January 30-31, 2010

The Key West Craft Show is a two day juried outdoor craft festival. This nationally recognized Craft Show brings over 100 fine and skilled craft artists to this beautiful historic area of Key West. Exhibitors will set up along Whitehead Street from Greene Street to Eaton, and on Caroline Street through the famous Presidential Gates into the beautiful Truman Annex. Set among historical attractions such as Audubon House, the Little White House and Mel Fisher Museum, the City of Key West closes two blocks of Whitehead Street and another block of Caroline Street to vehicle traffic for the show. Visitors can leisurely browse the beautiful displays of pottery, fabric, glass, wood, jewelry and other colorful handmade works by the selected artists.

The show, which is in its 25th year, is sponsored by the Key West Art Center, and was created to complement the Old Island Days Art Festival held in February. The Craft show has been recognized by the Sunshine Artists’ Magazine consistently over the last 10 years as one of their top 200 in the nation and is popular with exhibitors and visitors alike.

ELIGIBILITY: Craft artists only. NO dealers, stores or agents may participate. The artist must be present for the entire show and present ID at check in.

SPACES: Spaces are assigned by the committee, which tries to honor requests, but makes no guarantees. 10’ x 10’ space $200, 10’ x 15’ spaces for $300 are limited.

JURY FEE: $10 for slides $25 for digital cds. Jury Fee in a separate check. Make all checks payable to Key West Craft Show.

PLEASE NOTE: The KWCS has a ZERO tolerance policy for buy/sell, mass produced items, items unlike those juried and artist reps. Work must be produced by the exhibitor. This will be strictly enforced with no exceptions.

Artists displaying work outside the category in which they juried, may be asked to remove product.

APPLICATION PROCESS: Send 3 images of your work and 1 of display along with the completed application. Slides to be in a sleeve strip with Artist’s name on all. CDs labeled with Artist name.

Applications with slides jury fee $10. CDs jpegs are $25 jury fee.
Booth fee checks are not deposited until one week after acceptance.

Download the application: [html]

Visit website for complete details:

Key West Craft Show
301 Front St.
Key West, Fl 33040

Sarasota Masters Art Festival

Deadline: September 30, 2009 (POSTMARK)

Sarasota Masters Art Festival

Sarasota, FL
January 9 & 10 2010


Exhibiting artists must be 18 years or older and must be present during all show hours. All work shown must be original work by the artists hand. Work made from commercial molds, kits, patterns or copyrighted designs not owned by the crafts person are not permitted. Any commercially made embellishments must be subordinate to the handcrafted work. All work must be for sale. Reproductions (including Giclees) are allowed in browse bins only. Reproduction policy available upon request. No t-shirts, posters, calendars, cards/postcards, or any other personal merchandise that is a mass reproduction of an original piece of artwork will be permitted in artist’s booths.

Media Categories

Ceramics, Digital Art, Drawing/ Graphics/ Pastels,

Fiber Decorative: A Mixed Bag of functional,decorative, and wearable art. Artists will be selected in all segments of this category and although the category is combined jurying will be separated according to slide images. Wall hangings, quilts, rugs, etc., where the primary material is fiber. Leather, wearable art, batique. Should you have any questions regarding this category contact the festival director.

Furniture, Glass, Metal,

Mixed Media

3-D Mixed Media
: Work that is three-dimensional and the primary intention of the work is the union of two or more media. Soft sculptures are included in this category.

2-D Mixed Media: Work that is two-dimensional and the primary intention of the work is the union of two or more media. Make note on your application as to 2D or 3D.

Oil Painting / Acrylic Painting, Watercolor/Gouache Painting, Sculpture: Traditional Sculpture, Photography, Wood.

Application Fee - $20
Booth Fees - $350

Visit website for application and complete details: Sarasota Masters Art Festival

boulderbrook productions
po box 990
naples,fl 34106

Washington Sculptors Group: Bilateral Engagement

Deadline: August 17, 2009 (Online)
(Received by CaFÉ no entries accepted by mail or email)

Bilateral Engagement

Washington Sculptors Group
Art Museum of the Americas
Organization of American States
Washington D.C.
October 15, 2009 – January 15, 2010

The OAS Art Museum of the Americas (AMA) celebrates the 25th anniversary of the Washington Sculptors Group and the upcoming centennial in 2010 of the OAS historic headquarters by exploring the ever-widening directions that contemporary sculpture has taken over the past decades. During the 1980s artists in both North and South America were still absorbing the radical artistic, political and social changes of the 1960s and 1970s. Minimalism, conceptualism, feminism, the de-materialization of the art object, installation art and assemblage are all re-structurings of sculpture that take interesting current forms in the works of the WSG.

Artwork selected will be linked with the Art Museum of the Americas by using work from its permanent collection as touchstones of the above-mentioned sculptural movements. Working with the curator of AMA’s permanent collection, representative examples will be selected to create a dialogue with the work of the WSG artists. For instance, a Latin American assemblage sculpture of the 1960s would be juxtaposed with a contemporary example of “eco-art” using recycled materials.

This exhibition structure will both demonstrate the historical sweep of WSG work in the past twenty-five years, and connect it with the concurrent Latin American avant-garde.

This exhibition is open to Washington Sculptors Group members but persons who are not members may join by submitting a membership form and annual membership fee of $45.

Applications are being processed through the web-based organization "CallForEntry.Org." (There is no login or entry fee.)


Artists must use the CaFÉ web services ( to enter their artworks for “Bilateral Engagement”. If you are a current WSG member no payment is required.

An artist statement is required with all entries and is limited to 1 (one) paragraph per artist only.

Sculptures and mixed media sculptural installations: artists may enter from 1-3 works, up to 2 digital images per artwork, a maximum of 6 images per artist.

Video and New Media installation: All video and new media installation artists are required to enter still images for their artworks. Video and new media artists may enter 1-3 works, maximum of 2 digital images per work, and a maximum of 6 images per artist. Upload still images on the CaFÉ web site (

OAS will insure work during exhibition dates not during transport to or from the exhibition.

Juror: Laura Roulet, independent curator and writer, specializing in contemporary and Latin American art. She is the mentoring curator this year for the DCAC Curatorial Initiative.

Visit the website for complete details:

Threadworks 2010: TREES

Two Deadlines: (RECEIVE) & (Hand Delivery)
April 7-9, 2010 Shipped Entries
April 11 & 12, 2010 Hand delivered entries

Threadworks 2010: TREES

Wellington County Museum & Archives
Ontario, Canada
April 24 to June 13, 2010

Threadworks is a special project of the Ontario Network of Needleworkers (ONN) and is sponsored by the Wellington County Museum & Archives (WCMA) Threadworks’ mandate is to mount, every three years, a juried show of exceptional creative needlework stitched by artists from across Canada. The show opens at the WCMA and travels to a number of museums and galleries across Ontario during the next two years. This year’s theme is TREES.

  • Selection will be made on the basis of interpretation of the theme TREES and the quality of the submission.

  • A substantial part of the piece must be made with a threaded needle.

  • Entries must be of original design (no kits) and completed since 2007.

  • Entries (or parts thereof) must not exceed 36” x 45” x 20” in size.

  • If an entry is begun in a workshop, credit must be given to the instructor.

  • Entries are open to any Canadian resident.

  • Entries must be available for the duration of the travelling show (which may be up to 3 years).

  • Entries must be suitably finished and ready to hang or display, and accompanied by any necessary hardware and special instructions.

  • Maximum number of entries per artist is three.


$20 for first submission
+$10 for second submission
+$10 for third submission (maximum)

Best in Show
Hand Embroidery
Free Motion Machine Embroidery
Traditional Stitching
First Entry in a Juried Show
Mixed Media
WCMA Curator’s Award (non-monetary award)

Dianne Gibson, Judith Dingle and, Susan Burke.

Download the prospectus: CALLforentry2010 [pdf]

Visit the website:

For more information:

Sharron Begg
Phone: 519.763.3316

Elizabeth Litch
Phone: 519.843.5915

Maggie Vanderweit
Phone: 519.843.6361

Virginia Buchanan-Smith
Phone: 519.822.1859

Wellington County Museum & Archives
#0536 County Road 18
between Fergus and Elora

Manifest Gallery: NUDE

Deadline: July 17, 2009 (POSTMARK)


An International Competitive Exhibit Exploring
the Uncovered Human Form in Current Art
Manifest Gallery
Cincinnati, OH
August 14 to September 11, 2009

Eligibility: NUDE is open to everyone. Professionals as well as students are encouraged to enter. The only limitation is that entries must represent original works of art or design and represent or address the human nude in some way.

Media: Open to all traditional and non-traditional genre and media.

Jury and Curator: Manifest's selection process involves a complex two-part system. This exhibit will be juried by a 5-7 member panel of professional and academic advisors with a broad range of expertise. The jury will then pass along their recommendations to the exhibit curator who will make the final selections from the jury-approved pool.

Catalog: Manifest will produce a full-color catalog documenting the work selected for exhibit. Exhibitors will receive a 50% discount on one copy of the catalog.

Entry Fee: Each work submitted must be accompanied by a $10 non-refundable entry fee. Number of entries is unlimited. Detail images may be included at no additional cost. Fees may be paid by check, credit card or PayPal.

Sale of Work: All work, unless indicated as not for sale (NFS), will be available for sale during exhibit. Manifest Gallery will retain a commission of 30% on all artwork sold during the exhibition.

Images: In an effort to conserve resources Manifest now accepts only digital images for consideration.

Visit website for complete details:

Prospectus/Entry Form:
Online --
PDF --

Manifest Creative Research Gallery and Drawing Center
NUDE 2009
P.O. Box 6218
Cincinnati, OH 45206


Deadline: August 21, 2009 (RECEIVE)


A Cooperative Book Arts Exhibition between
The Book Arts Roundtable & The Printmaking Council of NJ
Branchburg, NJ
October 10 through December 5, 2009

This unique exhibition offers members of both organizations an opportunity to explore the intersection where book arts and the printed surface meet. Consider what structure or form; what materials and content will assist you in understanding and creating work inspired by what lies "below the surface". Artists may create alone or in teams. Entries may reflect the passive nature of what is below a surface, or the active process of scratching the surface of things to reveal hidden layers. Artists may choose to look into the layers of meaning, as they relate to our own personal experiences. How will the layers speak to you? What surface will you choose? In what way will you interpret what lies "below the surface"?

ELIGIBILITY & MEDIA: Original work must relate to the art of the book, the chosen theme, and have a sense of ‘bookness’ about it. Books can be bound using a variety of techniques, including accordion, tunnel, coptic, etc. Work must be recent (completed 2008 to present), and must not have been shown previously at PCNJ. Framed work will not be accepted. All accepted work meets standards of PCNJ and its Exhibition Committee. Each artist may submit 3 pieces of work. Work will be displayed on pedestals, shelving or walls. Space limitations may apply.

ENTRY SPECIFICATIONS: Artists may submit up to 3 entries. Up to 3 images may be sent for each entry. PCNJ accepts slides or digital (JPEG) images. There is no charge for entries (artists must be paid up with membership to BAR or PCNJ).

Those interested in new membership may pay time of entry.

EXHIBITION COMMITTEE: Four distinguished New Jersey artists have planned/conceptualized this collaborative exhibition - Bonnie Berkowitz, R.D. Burton, Elizabeth Mackie, and Barbara Scharf Lehrhoff.

SELECTION COMMITTEEE: Bonnie Berkowitz & Elizabeth Mackie

Download the prospectus: Book_Arts_Prospectus.pdf

Visit the website: for entry


Book Arts Jam

Deadline: July 31, 2009 (RECEIVE)

Book Arts Jam 2009

Bay Area Book Artists (BABA)
Foothill Community College
Los Altos, CA
October 17, 2009

Bay Area Book Artists (BABA) is a group of artists who seek to expand horizons in the book arts by making books, organizing exhibitions and maintaining and furthering an awareness of the greater community of book artists and book

ACCEPTABLE MEDIA INCLUDE: ‘zines, artist's books, limited edition handmade books, letterpress books and broadsides, multiples in any media, fine art prints, calligraphy, hand-made paper, ephemera.

We will take the following into consideration in selecting exhibitors: quality of craftsmanship, originality of ideas/ design, and educational content, which could include demonstrations, handouts, make and takes, or informational displays – anything that will help educate visitors about the book arts.

If you are a new exhibitor, we need to see examples of your work to evaluate your application. You may refer us to a website that has images of your work or send usimages in any format (slides, digital files on CD in jpg format, photographs, photocopies) to assist us in reviewing your application. Please do not assume we know your work.

FEE: $50.00 per table if you will be selling your work at the Jam ($25.00 if you will be exhibiting/demonstrating only).
This fee will be refunded if your application is not selected.

Download the application:

QUESTIONSAfter reviewing the above application, questions can be directed to:

Visit website for complete details:

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