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stickstich 011

Deadline: 28th February 2011 at 5 pm. (RECEIVE)

stickstich 011
internationaler designpreis plauen - vogtland

presented by partners und initiators:
Deutsches Innovationszentrum für Stickerei e.V.
Verein Vogtländische Textilgeschichte Plauen e.V.
Plauen - Germany
The jury session March 2011

The theme “Embroidered Living Space Construction” brings together embroidery technology and the 3rd dimension. Within the field architecture we are for example constructing for both outside and inside space. Our view of contemporary cities is seen through industrial development- constructive, clear lines, clean- transparent design elements, using construction materials such as concrete, steel, and glass. But not only in architecture can industrial development be seen, but also in machinery advancements in the expanding world of technical decorative design. Whether in the automobile industry, medicine, or advertising: embroidered textiles are everywhere often in combination with printed textiles and 3D forms, which are examples of contemporary achievement.

We are expecting presentations and material studies that make a statement, innovative embroidery technology that is functional and implies repeatability. The work should be machine produced. The design aspect is in the forefront along with the innovative product point through a free choice of materials and technologies. New materials and prototypes are not restricted.

The international dpvs is a international Design competition for creative and innovative solutions in the area of embroidery one of the textile industries prized modifying technolo ies. Designers and Students from Germany and elsewhere are being approached.

Size of the Work
Every participant or group can offer 2 or at the most 3 separate submissions. The submitted material sample/work should be presented with a short text concerning the idea and its design on no more than one A4 sheet of paper (1800 characters). The submitted 2 dimensional material sample/ work should not be smaller than 50cmX50cm and no bigger than 140cmX400cm.

The 3 dimensional presentation area has a minimum area of 50cmX50cmX50cm and a maximum area of 120cmX-120cmX120cm and should not be heavier than 20kg. For work that is is larger or heavier will be submitted as a model or on no more than three 70 X 100 cm sheets. The terms for the submissions for the final exhibition will be individually decided on.

Submitted apparel should be size 36/38.

Submissions do not have to be produced on either a shuttle embroidery machine or a multihead. Submissions produced on a home sewing machine fulfills the requirements.

The members of the international jury will be posted in the Fall of 2010.

Evaluation Criteria
The Jury will the judge submissions based on the following criteria.
- Design Quality
- Innovative intent and vision
- Technological usefulness
- Presentation

The submission deadline is 28th of February 2011 at 5 pm.
The jury session March 2011. Qualified participant will be notified by mail.

1st prize: 1.500,00 Euro
2nd prize: 1.200,00 Euro
3rd prize: 1.000,00 Euro

Prizes for honorable mention are possible. Prizes do not have to be awarded and they can be shared. The jury‘s decision is final.

There is no participation fee.

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