Friday, April 27, 2012

Infinity Art Gallery: Fiber Art Show 2012

Deadline: JUNE 1, 2012 (ONLINE)

Fiber Art Show 2012
Infinity Art Gallery

Grand Opening - June 15, 2012

All juried exhibits are open to artists everywhere.

Artists must be 18 years of age or older. Media (video/film/audio) not accepted. The original design and concept must have been created by the submitting artist, have been created without the use of a kit, and may not have been created under supervision or instruction. Artists may submit work that was submitted for previous exhibits, but may not submit artwork previously selected by the jury as a finalist in any exhibit at Infinity Art Gallery.

Qualified Artwork:
Open to all fiber artists. Fiber art is a style of fine art which uses textiles such as fabric, yarn, and natural and synthetic fibers. It encompasses a wide variety of styles, including art quilts, wall hangings, sculpture and other 3 dimensional art, weavings and mixed media.

Fiber art works are works of art that communicate a message, emotion or meaning and go beyond just the literal meaning of the materials. We invite artists to showcase the fiber art medium.

Intention: (truncated)
Finalists will be selected for artistic excellence, which includes concept and mastery of technique. Artwork will be selected solely on its own merit without regard to the artist's name, geographic location, national home or any other factor outside of the quality of their artwork.

Material ARTistry is a group formed from five artists of a like mind but broad experience in the fiber and fine arts. A passion for creating art that makes use of fiber, textiles, thread, and other seemingly humble materials brings together the diverse visions of Sally Zehrung, Jae McDonald, Sandra McMorris Johnson, Margot
Lovinger, and Janet Hiller the members of Material ARTistry.

Entry Fee: $25 USD to submit 1 or 2 works of art

Download Call for Artists:

Visit website for full details and to submit artwork: