Friday, November 27, 2009

Toronto Arts and Fashion Week
Call 4 Fashion Designers and Visual Artists

Two Deadlines: (RECEIVE)
December 22, 2009 (Early Deadline)
January 9, 2010 (2nd Deadline)

Call 4 Fashion Designers and Visual Artists

Toronto Arts and Fashion Week 2010
April 21-24 2010

Toronto Arts and Fashion Week produced by Fashion.Art.Toronto. |FAT| is looking for contemporary fashion designers and visual artists to showcase their work for the upcoming festival in April 2010.

From contemporary fashion to street wear, to experimental ideas and avant-garde collections, Toronto Arts and Fashion Week features over 40 runway shows from the best emerging and established, national and international designers, setting the standard for a new era of cutting edge presentations on the catwalk.

In it’s fifth year, Toronto Arts and Fashion Week also exhibits photography, short films, videos and large projections from over 100 emerging and acclaimed, national and international artists annually. In addition, we showcase cutting-edge, dynamic and forward-looking performances from performance artists, fashion designers and dancers along side sculptures, installations and large multimedia art works that reflect on the notion of the body, clothing and fashion.

We are currently accepting proposals in:

Fashion Design
Performance Art
Installation/ Sculpture

• Submitted proposals should reflect on the notion of clothing, the body, fashion and the 2010 theme “Made With Love”

2010 Thematic Approach: “Made With Love”

The 2010, fifth anniversary edition of Toronto Arts and Fashion Week titled “Made With Love” approaches design and art from the intelligence of the heart. It explores the complexities and range of human feelings and the way we relate to the world from an emotional point of view. Love is explored on a broader scale as a complex emotion through four explicit themes: Longing, Lust, Rage and Joy. Artists and designers will interpret and reflect on the human condition; their own and our collective state of being, expressing their ideas through art, design, performance and music.

Starting this month, those who are interested in participating can download applications through our website:

For application inquiries, please contact: