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Deadline: 1 February 2010 (RECEIVE)

Textile Design Competition

Ljubljana, Slovenia
27 May 2010

TEXTILE BOOK Textile Design Competition Brief

In 2010 Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia will host the "WORLD CAPITAL OF BOOK EVENT".

Textile and Fashion Design, Department of Textiles, University of Ljubljana is launching the "BOOK IN FASHION" and "TEXTILE BOOK" international design competition which will be the contribution to the events in Ljubljana as a world capital of book.

The competition is open to fashion and textile students at undergraduate and postgraduate level.

The finalists of the fashion and textile design competition will take part at the final exhibition in May 2010 in Ljubljana. The event will be a part of the whole festival celebrating the occasion and will be sponsored by City of Ljubljana.

TEXTILE BOOK Project Description (truncated)

The task is to create a textile book - a tactile diary of textiles based on theme "BOOK". Consider what reading and books mean to you and how will you interpret your relationship through textile technics and materials.

Create and develop a textile book, which is defined and inspired by your own set research and theme.

The candidate will be required to submit all the following qualifying documentation to the Textile and Fashion Design, Department of Textiles, University of Ljubljana:

a. a portfolio in A4 (cm 21 x 29,7) format containing:

- inspiration, research, drawings, colour specifications, textile samples or other materials from a textile book. Each portfolio must be marked with the name and surname of the designer and the name of the college.

- a text detailing the concept of the textile book in no more than 250 words.

Any fabric, technics or material may be used.

Portfolios will not be sent back. Candidates are advised to send copies if this is an issue.

All material must reach Textile and Fashion Design, Department of Textiles, University of Ljubljana at 1st of February 2010.

In February 2010, a jury will examine all material received. The results will be promptly published online on the site http://www.oto-lj-si/ under the »News« section and all selected candidates will be immediately notified.

Selected candidates will be asked to create 1 outfit + accessories to be shown at the exhibition »BOOK IN FASHION«.


»Textile book« award's jury will include renowned national fashion experts. Selection criteria will include: creativity, internationality and feasibility.

Judges will consider all entries and then create a shortlist of the best 3 entries.

1st prize: 150,00 euro

2nd prize: 125,00 euro

3rd proze: 100,00 euro

The finalists will be invited to take part at the final event on 27th of May 2010 in Ljubljana. The organiser will pay for each single participants's accomodation expenses, according to the programme.On the contrary, participants will have to pay for their travel expenses. Designers selected for the competition will be sent a detailed programme and all relevant information on the event immediately after the selections.

Visit either of the following website for complete details: