Sunday, November 22, 2009

Hello, Goodbye and Thanks A LOT!

Hello Readers:

This is it!—the first OFFICIAL message to you in my capacity as Editor in Chief of Fiber Art Calls for Entry.

When THE KEEPER asked me to "take over the reins" of this blog, I jumped at the opportunity. Since its inception, I have worked quietly behind the scenes so it is an honor and thrill to guide the next phase of the site's development. In coming weeks, stylistic CHANGES WILL BE MADE but the overall purpose and focus shall remain the same.

Upon learning of THE KEEPER's departure, several FACFE readers sent are a few snippets:

Thank you for your invaluable links, always arriving with the knowledge that a nice human person was behind the curtain! Good luck in your future endeavors!

Thanks for this regular update on opportunities for fiber artists, and best wishes to you in your new endeavors. Looking forward to what the future brings with this change, and again my thanks!

As a textile artist, your blog is invaluable and inspiring. I've gotten my work into shows that you have published. I'm looking forward to seeing your new ideas! Best wishes to you during this transition.

Thank you so much for your posts. I wish you the best and I am happy to still be able to receive the blog. I LOVE Fiber Art Calls for Entry. I can't tell you how many exhibition opportunities I've had with your help.

Thank you for all your work!! It has been inspirational for me and has pushed me to enter things I would normally not do so I appreciate your work! Good luck with all your new projects.

Thank you for all the information you gleaned for us, Good luck,
and hello to Elise

I also wish to extend my thanks to THE KEEPER. It's been a joy sharing this journey with you. May you find peace in all that you do.


Elise N.
Editor in Chief
Fiber Art Calls for Entry