Sunday, December 30, 2007

Textile Art: Symposium and Exhibitions

Two Deadlines:
1 February 2008 (Symposium)
1 February 2009 (Exhibition of Mini Textile)

"Scythia 7"

The International Biennial Symposium
Conference and Exhibition on Textile Art
June 18-22, 2008, Kherson, Ukraine

4th International Exhibition of Mini Textile
June 14-22, 2009, Kherson, Ukraine

"Scythia 7" international biennial exhibition on contemporary textile art and conference
June 18-22, 2008, Kherson, Ukraine.


The entry is restricted to experienced professionals.

Juried Exhibition
On regular intervals international exhibitions on contemporary textile art, more than 300 applicants, 80 beneficiaries and three prize winners. The entry is openned to all professionals worldwide. The event is publicly announced. Documentation and written reports in English.

Organization of symposium. Lectures and reports on contemporary textile art, fashion, innovative techniques etc. More than 110 reports are made by specialists from universities, museums, art arganizations.

Textile art projects' coordination in cooperation with museums, galleries educational institutions and professional textile organizations.

Extended stays and project participation in foreign countries, e.g. UK, USA, Greece.

Special courses, workshops, master classes at regular intervals.

Fashion Show
Cooperation with fashion and art to wear designers all over the world, organization of fashion shows. Ukrainian Art to Wear Award.

Cultural tour to the Crimea
Crimea tour: Genoese fortress (Sudak), Jalta, Alushta - visit to tsar's palaces Massandra, Livadia, Vorontzov palace, Ajvasovsky picture gallery (Feodosia), Novy Svit and Koktebel.

Deadline for slides, photos and CV - 1 February 2008.

Please contact to receive Entry Form.

June 14-22, 2009, Kherson, Ukraine
4th International exhibition of mini textile (30x30x30cm).
Deadline for slides, photos and CV - 1 February 2009.

Please contact to receive Entry Form.

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