Friday, December 07, 2007

In Transition Russia 2008

Deadline: December 20, 2007 (RECEIVE)

In Transition Russia 2008

National Centres of Contemporary Art
Yekaterinburg and Moscow
Russian Federation
16th October to 22nd December 2008

We are currently seeking submissions to be included in the project "In Transition Russia 2008" which is an international interdisciplinary exhibition and conference dedicated to making visible and creating dialogue about displacement as a result of war, globalization, and socio-economic, religious, race, gender and class tensions. It will take place at the National Centres of Contemporary Art, Yekaterinburg and Moscow, Russian Federation between 16th October and 22nd December 2008.

This exhibition is a continuation of the project initiated by Helene Black and Sheila Pinkel, "In Transition Cyprus 2006" which took place in Limassol, Cyprus in October 2006. It included the work of 87 artists from 31 countries and incorporated an opening series of lectures during the exhibition geared at creating consciousness and dialogue about global displacement. Documentation of this exhibition including some catalogue texts have also been posted on

"In Transition Russia 2008" is a NeMe project presented by the Independent Museum of Contemporary Art (IMCA ) in collaboration with the National Centres of Contemporary Art (NCCA), Yekaterinburg and Moscow, The Academy of Contemporary Art and the Ural State Gorky University ( USU), Yekaterinburg.

We do not accept video, web or object art submissions as part of this call.

Submission Formats

  • Digital Images
  • Text submissions

Additional Information

Please note that preference will be given to digital images, photography and text submissions.

A catalogue in both English and Russian including accepted submissions will be published and made available for sale at the exhibition opening. All selected participants will receive one free copy of the catalogue.

All accepted submissions will be published in the IMCA website
Please note that all selected works will become part of the permanent collections of IMCA and NCCA. All submitted works which are not selected will remain in the archives of NeMe and NCCA.

Only accepted participants will be notified. The notification will be by email so please do provide us with a valid email address whether you are submitting via the web or mail.
NeMe and NCCA will not use, share or sell your email to other organizations or individuals for any commercial or other purposes.

  • Digital Images
    • The size of the submitted image should not exceed A3 (42 x 29.5 cm) and the original may be in any media including computer manipulated or generated image, photography, illustration, design etc.
    • The selected images will be printed by NeMe and IMCA in a portrait form. This means that "landscape oriented" images will be resized to fit into the portrait format
    • Selected participants will be required to send us an image in tiff, pdf, psd format at 300dpi resolution or over for the purpose of the exhibition and the catalogue publication
  • Text submissions
    • Text submissions may include poetry or prose. All languages are accepted but unless the submission is in English, Russian or Greek, a translation into one of these languages should be provided by the author in addition to the original.
    • Please make sure that you fill out the form with all the required details whether you submit via email, the web or post. Submissions without a completed application form will not be accepted.

      Selection Process

      If submitting through email, please submit a good quality image of the work in either "jpg", "gif" or unlocked "pdf" format and include the file name. Otherwise follow the instructions on the website if you are submitting the image online.

      Only entries received by 20 December 2007 will be eligible for the selection process.

      The selection committee will consist of NCCA and NeMe representatives

      Selected participants will be requested to re-submit their image in 300dpi resolution, tiff format. Those who wish to submit via surface mail may do that with their initial submission.

      Only selected participants will be notified

      Copyright and Distribution:

      The authors are responsible for the copyright of their work.

      NeMe and NCCA, reserve the rights to use all or part of the submitted works for promotional use of this event only.

      NeMe and NCCA reserve the right of publishing your complete submitted work for the purpose of the catalogue of the "In Transition Russia 2008" exhibition only.

      Methods of Submission

      We provide three methods for submissions

      1. Via Mail
      2. Via email
      3. Via the web

      Via Mail

      Mail submissions should include a completed application form and sent to:

      c/o Helene Black
      POBox 50325
      3600 Limassol

      Download application form:

      Please indicate on the package that its contents is "For Cultural Purposes Only" and that it has "No Commercial Value"

      Via email

      If you wish to submit via email please download and complete the form ensuring to include it with your submission.

      You may submit by email here.

      Download application form:

      Via the web

      Complete the form on the website: neme-imca.org_in-transition-russia-2008/