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Bead&Button Magazine

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Bead&Button Magazine
Kalmbach Publishing Co.
Waukesha, WI

Bead&Button is a bimonthly magazine devoted to techniques, projects, and designs of beaded jewelry and accessories. Our beading designers are skilled artisans (not necessarily skilled writers) who are willing to share what they know.

We accept proposals for beaded projects and proposals for articles about artists.

Submission Guidelines (Truncated)

WRITERS are invited to submit proposals for stories about accomplished beadmakers and jewelry artists as well as trends and other information that appeals to our readers. Complete information on how to submit stories can be found in "Bead&Button contributor guidelines for writers" at

BEAD ARTISTS are invited to submit projects for replication in the magazine. We accept a broad range of original designs published as intermediate to advanced level project articles. Most of our projects involve stitching. Submitted designs and instructions should describe how to make jewelry using specific beading and bead-related techniques. Each piece is remade by a Bead&Button editor and photographed for publication with the editor's remade piece(s). Instructions are edited or rewritten to ensure that the project can be made by the Bead&Button reader. Submissions must be exclusive to Bead&Button.

PROJECT ARTICLES are considered for publication based on original artistic quality and craftsmanship. The acceptance process involves input from several editors who consider the originality and sophistication of the concept, the precision with which the work was created, interesting techniques, desirable color combinations and textures, and the drape, style and flair of each piece. Projects that combine materials and shapes in an innovative way, feature materials that can be easily obtained or substituted, and expose readers to challenging and rewarding beading processes are more likely to be selected. Projects may be published as feature articles or in Chic & Easy, Quick Stitch, Clearly Crystals, Claymaker, Wire Expressions or another section of the magazine.

TO SUBMIT A PROJECT ARTICLE, send a highresolution electronic image or a photograph with a short description of the project. If your proposal is accepted, you will be contacted and asked to send the complete project, instructions and a list of materials with resource information for any hard-to-find items. Upon receipt of the project and instructions, Bead&Button will contact you to discuss when the project is likely to be published, payment and other details.

Additional opportunities

TIPS & TECHNIQUES features short items sent in by readers that help make beading easier, faster, neater, or more fun. Send your tip with a photo, rough drawing, or sample. If your tip is accepted for publication, we'll send you a contract for payment. Once we get the contract back from you, we'll pay you for your tip.

PATTERNS provides a place for readers to share charted beadwork patterns. To submit a pattern, send us an electronic or hard copy of the chart along with a finished piece, if possible. If your pattern is accepted for publication, we'll send you a contract for payment. Once we get the contract back from you, we'll pay you for your pattern.

YOUR WORK is a photo gallery of readers' beadwork. To share a beaded item, send an electronic image or a photo with a short description. If your piece is accepted for publication, you will be asked to send it to Bead&Button. When the piece arrives, it will be photographed in our studio and scheduled for publication. There is no payment for Your Work submissions; designers receive a complimentary magazine. Your piece will be returned to you in four to six weeks, along with a contract for you to return.

BEAD SOUP offers short articles about new products, books, beading-related events and other information our readers would like to know. To submit a new product or book for review, send the item to the address below. To submit other information, write to Bead&Button about your idea and we will contact you. The lead time for publication may be four to five months, depending on where your submission falls in the publication calendar. Please send electronic submissions to

Mail all hard copy submissions to:
Bead&Button Magazine
PO Box 1612
21027 Crossroads Circle
Waukesha, WI, 53187-1612

Visit website for complete details.

Contributor Submission page:

Writers should submit their queries to

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