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Alaska Fiber Festival: Recipe Quilt Challenge

Deadline: February 2, 2008 (RECEIVE)

Recipe Quilt Challenge

Alaska Fiber Festival
March 7th -16th, 2008

The theme: Half-Baked Alaska

Eligibility: Artists residing in Alaska or the Yukon

Entry Fee: $10

An entry must be accompanied by the entry fee and a signed copy of the entry form, to be accepted.

Please choose your favorite recipe and interpret however you wish. It must include color(s), shape(s) and/or texture(s) of the dish you have chosen to “cook-up”.


A quilt is loosely defined as three (more or less) layers held together by stitching or some kind or another. You decide what that means.

At least two materials not usually found in a quilt

At least two additional materials that are indigenous to Alaska

No larger than a cookie sheet

Bake in the method of your choice:

Traditional – follow the recipe

Non-traditional – modify the recipe

Free-for-all – throw out the recipe (and leave a mess)

Most important part: The recipe you used to concoct your Half-baked Quilt.

All quilts must have a hanging sleeve attached to the back at the top edge. The hanging sleeve measurements are as follows: the width of the quilt less one inch at each end and with a depth of 3 inches

All entries must have a sewn-on cloth label on the back listing the name of piece, the artist’s name, address, and phone number The label must contain the same name and contact information that appears on the entry form.

Entries must be packed in a cloth bag, i.e. pillow case, with the artist's name on it. This makes sure the piece can be returned to the artist in good condition.

Artists are responsible for door-to-door shipment and return freight.

Alaska Fiber Festival retains the right to disqualify pieces that do not meet exhibition standards.
If you have any questions about a challenge check out the FAQ section. If you can't find an answer there then email it to

Entry Form: Challenge Entry Form