Friday, December 07, 2007

Alaska Fiber Festival: 50/50 Challenge

Deadline: February 2, 2008 (RECEIVE)

50/50 Challenge

Alaska Fiber Festival
March 7th -16th, 2008

The theme: Half-Baked Alaska

50/50 Challenge

Eligibility: Artists residing in Alaska or the Yukon

Entry Fee: $10

February 2nd is the deadline for the finished garment along with size information (so we can begin finding the models).

There is a $100 late entry fee for any entry delivered after February 2nd. No entries will be accepted after February 23rd. An entry must be accompanied by the entry fee and a signed copy of the entry form, to be accepted.

Who: Single or paired, in-town or out-of-town, male or female, young or old (or anyone in-between), those who take life seriously – or not, artist or anyone with a yen for creativity.

What: Half (however you define it) a garment to go into our Half-Baked Alaska – 50/50 Challenge. Work alone or with others. This is a “define your own risk level” challenge. Accessories of all kinds are welcome.

How - The Rules:

1. Make it out of anything you want.

2. Make what you want.

3. Make as much or little of the garment as you want.

4. Have fun.

5. Make it last long enough for a runway show and a display.

When - Timelines:

Send Mary Hertert an email if you are intending on participating. (just a simple “I think I am planning on doing this…”) Or, if you are not sure you want to do it by yourself, let me know early on (like summer) so I can be on the lookout for someone.

Before Christmas 2007 please send a photo, concept drawing, description, or some basic idea of what you are working on along with your name and those of your collaborators. You don’t have to be finished or even started with the garment – just an idea…

Mary Hertert at

Mary Hertert
3052 North Circle
Anchorage, AK 99507

Entries must be ready to wear.

A photo showing how the item is to be worn must be included with the entry if there is any question on how it is to be displayed.

Entries must have a cloth label sewn on the inside at the top of the item listing the name of piece, the artist’s name, address, and phone number. The label must contain the same name and contact information that appears on the entry form. A paper label pinned to the entry is not acceptable.

If the artist chooses, their item can be for sale. Be sure to include the price of the item if you decide to offer it for sale.

All entries will be modeled at the Wearable Art Fashion Show then displayed at Sunday's Fiber Show, even if previously sold.

Entries must be packed in a cloth bag, i.e. garment bag, pillow case with the artist's name on it. This makes sure the piece can be returned to the artist in good condition.

Artists are responsible for door-to-door shipment and return freight.

Alaska Fiber Festival retains the right to disqualify pieces that do not meet exhibition standards.

If you have any questions about a challenge check out the FAQ section. If you can't find an answer there then email it to

Entry Form: Challenge Entry Form