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North Bend, WA
Syne Mitchell, Editor
Publishing Opportunity

Submission Guidelines (truncated)
WeaveZine is an online publication with an emphasis on fun, inspiring, weaving articles and projects. New designers are encouraged to send us work; we’d love to be your first publication.

WeaveZine wants informative and entertaining articles and projects that are fun, beautiful, and inspiring. Extra credit if they are whimsical and/or break new ground in weaving. Double-extra credit for projects that do all of the above and are also approachable for new weavers and knitters. (Tip: these people rarely have floor looms.)

Projects and articles must be entirely your own work, without infringing on the copyrights or designs of others. In other words, “inspired by” is okay, plagiarism is not.

Your submission must be unpublished. This means that it can’t have previously appeared in a book, magazine, Web site, blog, or social networking site such as Ravelry, Facebook, etc.

WeaveZine has several regular features. You can write to one of them, but don’t feel limited by them. If you send an article or project that makes me rush to the loom, I’ll find a place to publish it.

Weaving 101
Articles about how to do basic weaving tasks. For example: winding a warp, beaming on, sleying the reed, warping cards for tablet weaving, warping an inkle loom, etc. Step-by-step photos are ideal here. Video clips would be very welcome, as would simple projects for beginners.

Selvedges: Weaving on the Edge
Projects that push the boundaries of handweaving. Articles about novel techniques or people weaving new and innovative things. Surprise me!

K1; Weave One
Projects that combine knitting and weaving, playing to the strengths of each craft. For example: a knitted hat and woven scarf or knitted tea cozy and woven tea towels. Also articles that describe how knitting can improve your weaving, and vice versa. WeaveZine is knitter friendly.

Spin 2 Weave
The congruence of spinning and weaving. Articles about how to spin a particular fiber to serve for a specific type of project. Projects in which handspun is an integral part. For example, a corrugated scarf that relies on overtwist in the weft.

Make me laugh. Weaving should be fun. This can be a whimsical project, a story about weaving gone awry, or whatever would tickle a weaver’s funny bone.

What to Weave?
The heart of WeaveZine. Projects that are beautiful and make weavers want to run to their warping boards. Bonus points if they are also easy and approachable to beginners. Whimsical/different/unusual is a bonus. Plain weave and projects that appeal to color/texture weavers are welcome. But don’t be afraid to send those 16-draft projects as well. WeaveZine has room for all kinds of weavers.

WeaveZine Schedule
WeaveZine is published four times a year.

WeaveZine currently pays $25 per article or project.

Payment is made “on publication” which means that when the issue is uploaded to the Web, checks and Paypal payments go out.

We’re very open to new designers and writers; people who’ve never been published before. WeaveZine is a great way to get your work seen in a professional and public venue. The author bios that accompany each article or project optionally contain a link-back to your personal Web site or blog, which will drive traffic to your site.

Submission Format
Email submissions are preferred, and will get the quickest response. Send text, image files, and WIFs or Fiberworks DTX files (if available) to

Postal submissions should be sent to:

WeaveZine Editor
Post Office Box 860
North Bend, WA 98045

Visit website for full submission guidelines: WeaveZine Submission Guidelines