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The Inside Loop

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Spring Issue - 20 January 2009
Summer Issue - 31 March 2009
Autumn Issue - 30 June 2009

The Inside Loop

Knitting and Crochet Magazine
Publishing Opportunity

The Inside Loop publishes quality knitting and crochet patterns from designers all over the world. Fine attention to detail and new and original ways of thinking about yarn will help get your pattern noticed and contribute to the distinction we aim for at The Inside Loop. Articles are also accepted on a range of topics including technique and history of Fibre Arts.

Knitters and crocheters of all levels of ability can find joy in working with luxurious yarns and beautiful patterns. ‘Easy’ doesn’t necessarily mean ‘boring’ or ‘plain’, and if your pattern has the power to teach a new skill, or inspire a newcomer to create something beautiful, then it belongs here just as much as any more intricate pattern for advanced knitters.

We hesitate to give you any very strict guidelines for what you should submit – we want to see what you come up with, we’re open-minded and ready to be inspired by your creations.

The Inside Loopp is for everyone, but primarily for the UK. It draws on the skills of our home-grown designers and showcases the fabulous yarns available readily here. Foreign materials are by no means outlawed, but we will guarantee that everything you fall in love with on this site is easily found in your local bricks-and-mortar or online yarn store.

The Inside Loop is published five times a year.

Upcoming Themes

Spring 2009 - Children’s Issue

Summer 2009 - Summertime

Autumn 2009 - All About Spinning

Your Design Submission

All patterns submitted should be your own, original work and not previously published elsewhere, either in print or on the internet. Any designs you submit should not have been pictured on a blog or other website. Please also avoid blogging about an accepted submission before the issue goes live, other than to say that you have a design in an issue. We do want to keep the actual contents a surprise!

Patterns should be written using the appropriate The Inside Loop style sheet:

Knitting Pattern Style Sheet

Crochet Pattern Style Sheet

Remuneration for pattern submisisons to The Inside Loop will be 30 to 50 GBP, depending on the complexity of the design.

Photographs and Illustrations
All accompanying photographs MUST be clear and sharp. The photos you send may make or break your submission: think carefully about your photo shoot, get a friend to model or to help out and get snap happy – pick out the best ones for sending in.

Garment patterns should be accompanied by a clear schematic showing all relevant measurements. This may be hand-drawn and scanned in if necessary.

Article Submissions

Our readers are interested in a wide variety of topics related to the Fibre Arts. Knitting, spinning and crochet techniques, historical essays and interviews are all welcome and help to make the magazine relevant and inspiring.

As often as possible, we like to link the articles in an issue to the patterns they accompany. For example, an issue may contain a traditional Fair Isle patterned ski cap, and an article about one reader’s exciting trip visiting the islands of the north sea.

You are very welcome to submit both an article and a pattern together if the theme is closely related, we may choose to use either or both depending on our plans for the issue. You may also join the contributors’ mailing list – soon to be added to the Yahoo! group – where we will post special requests for articles we feel will particularly complement a given pattern. Articles should be between 300 and 1,000 words in length.

Remuneration for article submisisons to The Inside Loop will be 30 to 50 GBP, depending on the length and complexity of the article.

Photographs and Illustrations
All article submissions should be accompanied by relevant illustrations to engage the reader and complement the topic material. Technique articles in particular should have as many illustrations as possible to clearly explain the subject matter. Articles such as interviews and reminiscences benefit greatly from the inclusion of personal photographs.

Please remember, photographs MUST be clear and sharp. Drawings or diagrams may also be submitted after being scanned in.

The Team

Editor: Kate Blackburn
Editor: Diane Mulholland
Web Developer: Grit Brunssen
Tech Editor (crochet): Kai Mistry

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