Thursday, January 15, 2009

Beach & Pool 2008/09

Deadline: April 2, 2009 (RECEIVE)

Beach & Pool 2008/09

The Design Institution
May 30, 2009 Online Exhibition Begins

The Design Institution is an organization charged with promoting the development of the design practice, gathering together designers from all over the world who work everyday to improve the vision of the design world around us.

THE COMPETITION: BEACH & POOL 2008/09 (truncated rules)

1. Introduction

In this conceptual design competition, we welcome all designers around the world to create products that reflect new ideas for the beach, sea, terrace or swimming pool spaces, involving aspects such as comfort, pleasure, recreation, cleaning, environment protection, etc.

2. Competition objective

This design competition is intended to design a piece of furniture, accessory or any other item to be used within a beach, sea, swimming pool or terrace spaces.

The subject-matter of the competition is very wide, ranging from re-designing typical objects, such as umbrellas and sun beds, to entirely new items.

Some examples of the types of products to be designed are:

Furniture and umbrellas (tables, sun beds, umbrellas, canopies and awnings, chairs, sofas, and the like), accessories (trays, glass holders, pillows, towels, snack or picnic sets, and the like), recreational accessories (air beds, children beach toys, and the like), clothing (sunglasses, bathing suits, beach sandals, purses and bags, and the like), cleaning products (garbage bins, cleaning items for the sea, sand or pool, showers, etc.), new products (items that have not been invented yet, that could be useful in such environments), etc.

The competition participant may create a generic design, that is, applicable almost to every context, or, if desired, consider a more specific context, such as: type of beach (sand, stones, among others), whether (warm, hot, rainy, snowy, among others), type of sea (with or without waves, transparent water, cold or hot water, among others), location of pool or terrace (natural environment, indoors or outdoors, etc.) type of pool (indoors or outdoors, covered/heated swimming pool, etc.), etc.

Therefore, the products to be submitted for competition may be: generic-re-invented, applicable to almost every environment, or specific, intended for a particular space or environment.

3. Participants

The competition will be intended to design students and professionals from all design branches.

The competition considers two categories:

A.- Individual.- Participants can register for the competition individually.

B.- Group.- Participants can register in group, writing the names of each of the members on the registry card. Each group may have up to 03 participants

4. Design parameters

Competitors must consider the following aspects for the creation of their designs:

Dimensions.- Dimensions will be determined by competitors.
Materials.- Materials will be determined by competitors.
Context (optional).- if deemed convenient, competitors may present their proposal within a context providing a clearer picture of its functionality and design concept (real context using a photomontage or virtual context that you may create digitally)

5. Assessment criteria

The following aspects of the proposals will be assessed:

Innovation. - Originality in the concept and design of the proposal.
Functionality. - Capacity of the proposal to respond to intended functions.
Materials. - Correspondence between selected materials and design of the proposal.
Context. - Integration of the proposal to the chosen context in case it has been considered by the participant.

6. Prizes and awarding

The following are the prizes to be awarded:

First Prize: $ 3,000 USD
Second Prize: $ 1,000 USD
Third Prize: $ 500 USD

Honorable Mentions: There will be 5 honorable mentions.

Winning designs and other selected works will be published in a virtual exhibition at The Design Institution web page.

7. Jury

The jury members will be conformed by:

Marco Acerbis – Italy, Architect, Interior and Product Designer (Marco Acerbis Studio).
Prospero Rasulo – Italy, Artist and Product designer.
Jeff Miller – USA, Industrial designer (Jeff Miller Design).
Michael Sodeau – England, Product Designer (Michael Sodeau Partnership).
Jeannette Altherr – Germany, Industrial Designer (Lievore Altherr Molina, Studio).
Constantin Wortmann – Germany, Industrial Designer (Büro für Form, Design Studio).
Harry&Camila - Harry Paul Van Iersel, Netherlands, Industrial Designer; Camila Vega, Chile, Industrial Designer.
Carmen Fiol – Spain, Architect (Arriola&Fiol, Architects).
Helen Kontouris – Australia, Product and Interior Designer.

8. Registration fee

Registration fee for this competition is USD $75 (USA dollars) for both, Individual and Group categories.

Registration fee is per project (you may register as a GROUP, up to 3 participants paying the same amount).

9. Questions

Any communication referred to this competition should be addressed to:

Visit The Design Institution website for complete details:

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