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Laughingstock - Humor in Art & Craft

Deadline: October 1, 2008 (RECEIVE)

Laughingstock - Humor in Art & Craft

Pittsburgh, PA 15201
November 15, 2008 - December 23, 2008

LUKE & ELOY GALLERY currently reviews images for the gallery's exhibition "Laughingstock - Humor in Art and Craft" (November 15, 2008 - December 23, 2008)

We are interested in artists whose work displays a strong "humorous component" either in design, material, or context and we would like to explore how artists use irony, goofiness, satire, and sarcasm in their work. The exhibition should reveal how humor and satire can stimulate laughter as well as serve as a vehicle to explore more serious subjects, such as feminism, the natural environment, the excesses of consumer culture, social injustice, and war. Can artwork be "funny" and critical at the same time? How does the artist's choice of materials affect the outcome so that the work is perceived as "funny"? What are the boundaries in humor and who gets to decide what these are? Are there topics we are not allowed to laugh about ?

All media will be considered including but not limited to painting, sculpture, art jewelry, mixed media, textiles, clay, metal, wood, glass, paper, photography, video and performance. All artwork must be one-of-a-kind originals or limited edition pieces created by the artist. Mass produced pieces are not acceptable. Wall and ceiling hung work must be tightly wired for hanging; no saw tooth bars.

All artwork submitted for review and exhibition must be for sale and remain at LUKE & ELOY GALLERY throughout the exhibition. A gallery commission on all sold works will apply. Artists are responsible for the transport of their work to the gallery, arranging for pick up of their unsold work after the exhibition closes and for insuring their work during transit.
Artwork is insured while on the gallery premises.

Eligible to submit are US artists 18 and older. Students currently enrolled in undergraduate or graduate art programs are welcome to apply.

Please submit to LUKE & ELOY via mail only.

Artist entry form:

Artists selected for exhibition will be informed promptly after the submission deadline, their information materials will be kept at the gallery for promotional use. Artists will receive a gallery contract. Materials of artists not chosen to exhibit will be returned only when a SASE was provided.

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5169 Butler Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15201