Saturday, February 13, 2010

Rocket Grants

Deadline: April 2, 2010 by 4 PM (RECEIVE) OR (Hand Delivery)

Rocket Grants

The Charlotte Street Foundation
Kansas City, MO

Rocket Grants will fund projects that exist outside of established institutions, occur outside of traditional forms of support, challenge traditional methods of production or presentation, add energy and diversity to the field of arts activity in our area, and provide opportunities for the creative growth of those involved. Elevating the presence of unconventional or under-recognized art forms is a strong priority for this grant program.

Rocket Grants will enable individuals and groups of artists to take new risks with their work, push the scope and scale of their activities, develop and pursue collaborative projects, and/or engage with the public and public realm in inventive and meaningful ways. In doing so, these Rocket Grants seek to create ripple effects, as artists, processes, and projects supported engage, inspire, and propel other artists; spark new ideas and ways of working; and contribute to a regional culture characterized by unconventional and expansive forms of interaction, exchange, provocation, and surprise.

Artists, curators, collectives, collaboratives, partnerships, and artist-run spaces residing within an 80 mile radius of the Kansas City metropolitan area, including Lawrence, Kansas, are eligible to apply. If applying as a group, the artistic group can be long-standing or created specifically for this project. Please identify one participant to serve as the lead contact for the project. Non-profit organizations are NOT eligible.

These Rocket Grants will provide $40,000 in cash awards of up to $4000 each to area artists, curators, and writers, or groups thereof, to support the creation and presentation of new work/projects. Supported projects may include visual art, performance, film, video, new media, social practice and interdisciplinary projects. Performing artists are eligible to apply if their work includes a strong visual component/ involves meaningful collaboration with a visual artist or artists.

Projects must have a public life – i.e., they must engage and be made accessible to the public via process, presentation, production, or publication. Manifestations may include exhibitions, public art projects, public programs, events, performances, screenings, online projects, publications, residencies, programming of artist-run spaces, etc. Support for curatorial and publication projects will be for original projects involving significant collaboration with artist(s) from the geographic region and substantially contributing to this region’s contemporary art and cultural discourse. Projects that will reach or connect artists and/or communities from different parts of the region (i.e. Kansas City and Lawrence) are encouraged.

rocket-grants-guidelines (pdf)

rocket grant 2010 application (pdf)

Contact: Julia Cole, Rocket Grants Program Coordinator,


The Charlotte Street Foundation
1000 W. 25th Street
Kansas City, MO 64108