Saturday, February 06, 2010

Art Fair on the Square

Two Deadlines:
March 1, 2010 (RECEIVE)
March 12, 2010 (ONLINE) *Late Registration Deadline
*Applications will only be accepted through ZAPP
after March 1 and will incur an additional $10 late fee.

52nd annual Art Fair on the Square

The Madison Museum of Contemporary Art
Madison, Wisconsin
July 10 and 11, 2010

Art Fair on the Square is not only the single largest art fair in the Midwest, it is also rated among the best fine art shows in North America by artists from across the country, and by publications such as Sunshine Artist magazine. Furthermore, Art Fair on the Square is the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art’s most important annual fundraiser, providing crucial support for exhibitions and education programming. For two days, the eight blocks that surround Wisconsin’s beautiful State Capitol are transformed as artists, entertainers, vendors, and some 200,000 visitors come together to celebrate the arts.

RULES (truncated)
  • Art Fair on the Square is open to all artists 18 years of age or older.
  • All exhibited work must be original in concept, and must have been created by the accepted applicant. No work made with commercial kits, molds, patterns, plans, stencils, or prefabricated forms may be exhibited.
  • Artists must be present to exhibit and manage their displays during Art Fair. Artists are limited to the booth space(s) they were assigned; booth spaces are non-transferable. Any artist who has not been juried into Art Fair, or has not paid the jury and booth fees, will not be allowed to exhibit.
  • All sales will be conducted between the artist and the purchaser. Participating artists must obtain a State of Wisconsin seller’s permit prior to Art Fair and must collect and pay Wisconsin sales tax on all sales made during the fair. Accepted artists will not be permitted to exhibit until this permit number has been recorded.

Best of Show Award – A Best of Show Award will be given in each of the 11 media categories. Winners will be invited to return to the 2011
Art Fair on the Square at no cost. Both jury and booth fees will be waived.
Invitational Artist Award – Up to 100 Invitational Awards will be given to artists in all categories. Invitational artists will be invited back to Art Fair on the Square 2011 without the need to submit to the jury process. The jury fee is waived for these individuals.

Submit four images, three that are representative of your work and one that clearly shows your booth. Artwork will be evaluated on the criteria of skill, originality, impact, and design. (Do not submit written or printed materials as they will not be considered by the jury.) Artwork shown in your booth shot should be representative of your current work.

o 2-D Mixed Media
o Ceramics
o Fiber/Leather
o Furniture −
o Glass
o Jewelry
o Metal
o Painting
o Photography
o Printmaking, Graphics, and Drawing
o Sculpture and 3-D Mixed Media
o Wood

FEES (truncated)

Jury Fee: $35*
Late Jury Fee: $45
The late jury fee pertains only to applications submitted through ZAPP between the dates of March 1 and March 12

Booth Fee (10’x10’): $445
Double Booth Fee (20’x10’): $890
Do not send a booth fee payment until you have been accepted to the show.

Download the 2010 Art Fair on the Square prospectus:

Visit website: