Saturday, February 13, 2010

Art and Fine Craft Co-Op

Deadline: March 15, 2010 (RECEIVE)

Art and Fine Craft Co-Op

The Meeting Place
North Charleston, SC
April 2 – May 29, 2010

The Meeting Place Art and Fine Craft Co-Op is a temporary artist cooperative gallery. The gallery is dedicated to presenting many artists of varied backgrounds working in a diverse array of media. The gallery exhibits paintings, photography, pottery, jewelry, sculpture and more in a full range of styles, from representational to contemporary.

The Meeting Place Art and Fine Craft Co-Op is in operation annually in April/May. Other opportunities for visual artists are available year round at the North Charleston City Gallery and The Meeting Place Window Display.

• Only original artwork completed within the last two years will be considered for exhibition. An original artwork is the artist’s sole creation and is not, in whole or in part, a copy of any other persons work or photograph.
• Applicant must be at least 18 years of age and a South Carolina resident.
• Applicants are accepted on an individual basis. Artists will not be accepted as a group.
• All applicants must qualify through the jurying process.
• The Review Panel requires a minimum of 5 quality digital images (300dpi) for consideration. Slides or photographs are also accepted.
• Works must be suitable for viewing by the general public.
• A minimum display space of two approx 3x5 ft screens will be afforded to each 2D artist. Display case and pedistals available for 3D artwork. Artwork will be arranged by the curator of the exhibition.

• The Cultural Arts Department will create and broadcast press releases to the media concerning the exhibition as well as posters, postcards, and other marketing materials.
• The quality of pieces submitted to the gallery and subject/theme must match that represented by application materials.
• The Cultural Arts Department will collect 10% on all sales resulting directly from the exhibition.
• The artist may choose to feature the sale of prints, note cards, or other small works for the duration of the exhibit. Items for sale must be pre-approved by the Cultural Arts Department.
• The artist may provide their own original brochures, business cards, and supplemental handouts.

Download the prospectus: co-op_arts-crafts_appl_2010.pdf

For more information, please contact:
City of North Charleston
Cultural Arts Department
P.O. Box 190016
North Charleston, SC 29419-9016
Phone (843) 740-5854
Fax (843) 529-2291