Wednesday, February 17, 2010

2010 Edinburgh Art Festival Exhibition/Event Proposals

Deadline: 8 March 2010 by 5pm (RECEIVE) or (EMAIL)

Exhibition/Event Proposals
2010 Edinburgh Art Festival

Edinburgh, Scotland
29 July - 5 September

EAF encourages the development of a broad range of ambitious, high quality, visual art initiatives through a process of open invitation followed by rigorous selection.

Visual art practitioners, curators and organisations are invited to propose exhibitions and events. In addition to promoting and celebrating the work of resident exhibiting organisations of the city of Edinburgh, the Festival encourages additional projects conceived specifically for the Festival, from within the UK and internationally.

The Festival recognises artists at every stage of their career and seeks to promote and celebrate a wide range of visual art from the historical to the contemporary. For the 2010 programme we are extending the Festival to include open studios and artist film screenings in order to increase the range of opportunities for artists to show their work.

EAF targets both new and existing audiences, seeking to attract national and international audiences and cultural tourists.

Participation in the Art Festival is free of charge, and EAF do not make financial contributions towards proposed projects.

All proposals are reviewed and selected by a panel comprising of members of the Edinburgh Art Festival board and invited visual art professionals from outside the city.


1. Exhibitions should fall into one of more of the following categories: sculpture; painting; printmaking; drawing; photography; sound; experimental film; live art; installation; artist video; and new media. Work that pushes the boundaries of definition, creates links between these categories and other art forms or utilises emerging technologies is equally welcome.

2. Similarly where a proposal is for an event or open studio, the event must have as its subject work that can be categorised as above.

3. All proposals must demonstrate a high degree of artistic quality, equally in the subject and presentation of the project.


If you would like to submit a proposal, please download the proposal form: proposal_form_eaf_2010_newc [doc]

Completed proposals should be received by 5pm, 8 March 2010. Please email to or post electronic copies on disc or paper copies to: 2010 Proposal, Edinburgh Art Festival, PO BOX 23823, Edinburgh, EH1 1NT.

Please contact us at if you encounter any issues or if you have any queries regarding the information and requirements outlined in the proposal form. We cannot guarantee that proposals received after 8 March 2010 will be considered.

Visit website for full details:

2010 Proposal
Edinburgh Art Festival
PO BOX 23823