Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Arquetopia: Mexican Textiles Special Artist Residency 2014

Deadline: April 20, 2014 {ONLINE}

Mexican Textiles Special Artist Residency 2014
Oaxaca, Southern Mexico

The Mexican Textiles Special Artist Residency is an Art Production Residency which includes 3 weeks of master instruction in Mexican textiles. Residents learn how to weave using the traditional back strap loom, how to assemble it, and basic weaving techniques, or they learn Mexican embroidery techniques, for which we offer instruction in the following: cross stitching, chain stitching, shading and pepenado hilván. Each technique is offered as its own individual program. Artists wishing to do both weaving and embroidery may apply for two backto-back residencies totaling 6 weeks.


Our residency programs offer important professional opportunities for emerging and mid-career national and international contemporary artists age 25 and over. Our programs are oriented to promote social consciousness, and artists are strongly encouraged to address social themes as part of their artistic goals for their residency project. As Arquetopia’s mission is to promote social transformation, understanding Mexico’s context, and specifically Puebla and Oaxaca’s cultural complexity, is key for a successful cultural exchange. Since our approach is contemporary, we welcome artists from diverse disciplines (painting, drawing, printmaking, sculpture,
installation, performance and time-based work, etc.) who are interested in creating work with elements, techniques or processes that are specific to Mexico and/or unique to Puebla or Oaxaca.


USD $695 per week for 3 weeks, extendable as an Art Production Residency at USD $595 per week, which includes accommodation; daily meals and open access to the kitchen; housekeeping; studio space with basic materials, supplies and tools for the course.

Other Residencies also available. Visit website for complete details including online application:

Arquetopia Oaxaca
Porfirio Díaz 507-A, Col. Centro
Oaxaca, OAX 68000 MÉXICO.
Tel. (+52) 951 516 34 25