Sunday, September 01, 2013

Textile Center MN: Call for Exhibition & Workshop Proposals


Exhibition & Workshop Proposals
Textile Center

Minneapolis, MN

Exhibition Proposals

Textile Center welcomes all textiles and fiber art. Programs and exhibitions will be considered by content, educational value, and the experience and impact on our audience. Cultural, traditional , inspirational, and innovative qualities will be evaluated.

Please contact Kraig Rasmussen, Exhibition Coordinator at for proposal requirements

Workshop Proposals

Proposals for classes and workshops are accepted at any time.

If you are interested in proposing a class for consideration, please send an email to Becka Rahn, Education Manager and include the following information:

•Description of the class. Include a brief description of the skills or techniques that the students will learn as well as a timeline/overview of the class activities.
•Schedule and logistics. Describe the number of teaching hours and general format of the class. (ie. 3 evenings for 3 hours each.)
•Materials & Equipment. Include an approximate materials fee or summary of the supplies students will be required to bring to class.
•Facility Needs. Describe any special tools, equipment or facility needs you might have. (ie. I would like to work in the dye lab. I need ironing boards.)
•Skill Level. Describe the skills or prerequisite knowledge students would need for this class. (ie. Students should know how to knit and purl.)
•Teacher Bio. Give a brief biography including your previous teaching experience.
•Images. Include 1-2 images of a sample finished project or example technique from class.

Email your proposal to: Becka Rahn

Visit website for additional information:

Textile Center
3000 University Avenue SE
Minneapolis, MN 55414