Tuesday, January 01, 2013

NURTUREart Gallery Call for Artists and Curators

Deadline: February, 28, 2013 (POSTMARK)

Open Call for Artists and Curators
NURTUREart Gallery

Brooklyn, New York
2013-14 Exhibition Season

Each year, emerging curators, artists and gallery staff organize seven to eight exhibitions in NURTUREart's Bushwick gallery. NURTUREart has created more than fifty exhibitions to date, in addition to gallery talks, performances, and readings, both at the gallery and outside venues.

NURTUREart’s Brooklyn gallery presents a full season of exhibitions each year. The majority of these exhibitions are organized by emerging curators and artists whose proposals have been selected by a rotating guest panel of art world experts—curators, gallerists, writers, and other professionals.

NURTUREart is currently accepting proposals from emerging curators and artists. The deadline is set to February, 28, 2013. All proposals will have to be postmarked to (or before) this date to be accepted and advanced to the selection process.

A panel of respected curators, artists and gallerists will evaluate your proposal and determine who the winners will be. We do this to make sure that as many different voices and points of view are considered, and to give emerging artists and curators the chance to present their work to the attention of indisputable experts in the field.


Proposal guidelines for ARTISTS: http://nurtureart.org/opencallmaterials/Artist_AppliPack2013_14.pdf

Proposal guidelines for CURATORS: http://nurtureart.org/Curatorial_Appli_Pack2013_14.pdf

NURTUREart Floorplan: http://nurtureart.org/56_Bogart_Floor_Plan.pdf

A Curatorial Workshop will be organized to give Artists and Curators the chance to discuss the proposal BEFORE applications are submitted. More details on that initiative will be posted to the website: http://nurtureart.org

For any questions, please contact Marco Antonini via email at marco@nurtureart.org

NURTUREart Gallery
56 Bogart Street
Brooklyn, New York 11206