Sunday, January 22, 2012

Infinity Art Gallery: 2012 and Beyond

Deadline: March 1, 2012 (ONLINE)

2012 and Beyond: Charting the Future
Infinity Art Gallery

Grand Opening - March 15, 2012

In response to the theories and superstitions regarding the "End of Days" predictions by Mayan calendars and Nostradamus in 2012, this exhibition looks to the horizon of the new year and those to come. What if the end of the world is simply a new beginning?

2012 and Beyond: Charting the Future focuses on speculations for the future and exploring worlds, technologies & movements we have yet to create. It approaches science fiction through the lens of speculative fiction, observing technology and environments that evolved from dreams into reality.

How would a still life painting portray life in 2012 or 2022? What will our homes look like? Fashion? Animals? How will spacecrafts be designed? Will Aliens live amongst us? Will humans look the same? What about interspecies offspring?

Qualified Artwork:

In defining the uncharted future, "tomorrow" is just that, 2012 and Beyond encourages artists of all mediums to let their imagination be the limit and chart humanity's future from 2012 onward. The exhibition asks artists to dream and merge current technology and astronomical knowledge of today with the genre of science fiction.

Curator: Flavia S. Zúñiga-West, is a Los Angeles based independent curator and artist consultant.

Awards: $1500
Five awards, three cash awards.

Call and Prospectus:

Early Entries Accepted Now

Pre-Exhibit Show begins online February 10, 2011

Entry Fee $25 for 2 pieces of artwork.

Infinity Art Gallery is commission free.

Julie Weismann, Gallery Director