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2012 Helen Warren DeGolyer Bookbinding Competition

Deadline: January 31, 2012 (RECEIVE)

2012 Helen Warren DeGolyer Bookbinding Competition
Bridwell Library - Perkins School of Theology

Southern Methodist University
Dallas TX

The Sixth Helen Warren DeGolyer Triennial Exhibition and Competition for American Bookbinding

Open to all bookbinders who are American citizens living either in the U.S. or abroad.

Each entry should include 1) a sample binding, 2) a design proposal for binding Libri quatuor De imitatione Christi, and 3) the Artist Statement/Design Intent form

1) Your sample binding should:
•reflect your current level of craftsmanship and preferably use some of the techniques you have proposed in your design
•be sent within an enclosure such as a phase-box, slipcase, or drop-spine box

2) Your proposal should:
•be mounted on 4-ply matboard, 32" x 20"
•depict the full outside opening of the book and any endpaper designs. Your depiction may be smaller than the actual book but reduced no more than 50%
•use accurate colors
•include swatches of the materials you intend to use. Adhere all samples to the matboard
•include your name on the back of the design board only

3) Your Artist Statement/Design Intent form may accompany your binding and design proposal or you may submit online.

This award honors the entry that demonstrates the best of creativity and craftsmanship in the art of fine bookbinding.
This award recognizes a completed binding that demonstrates excellence in structure, technique, and selection and use of materials.
This award recognizes a design that demonstrates originality, effectiveness, and appropriateness to the selected text.

The book selected for this competition is: Thomas à Kempis, Libri quatuor De imitatione Christi. Paris: Ex Typographia Fratris Regis natu proximi (Pierre-François Didot), 1788.

The Imitation of Christ is the most widely read Christian text after the Bible. Consisting of four Books, the first two offer counsel on the spiritual life, the third teaches on the inward consolation of the soul and the fourth extols the virtues of the Eucharist. The Latin text was written around 1418 by Augustinian canon Thomas à Kempis (ca. 1380–1471).The Imitation of Christ has appeared in hundreds of translations and has been printed in some ten thousand editions. Its spirit of personal devotion patterned on the life of Christ has been embraced by Catholics and Protestants alike and has profoundly influenced the spiritual reflections of readers from its first appearance through the present day.

Winners will be announced at the opening of the Helen Warren DeGolyer Exhibition for American Bookbinding on June 8, 2012.

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