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Wine Country Quilts Biennial Exhibition

Deadline: 10th March 2012 (RECEIVE)

Biennial Exhibition
Wine Country Quilts

Pukeora Estate, Waipukurau
23rd – 25th March 2012

Wine Country Quilts biennial exhibition showcases the work of quilt makers up and down the East Coast of the North Island of New Zealand.

General: (truncated)

» Entry is open to East Coast Quilters from Gisborne to South Wairarapa.
» Entries must have been finished since April 2010
» Entries must be predominantly fabric and made up of three layers: top, batting and backing
» All parties who work on the quilt must be named.
» Inspiration or design source must be acknowledged on the entry form

Entries: (truncated)

» One entry form per quilt
» Insurance is the responsibility of the exhibitor at all times
» All entries will be accepted and we will endeavour to hang all quilts. However some may be draped over props i.e. quilting frame, bed, etc.
» The entrant will choose which category the work is to be judged in, however, if unsure tick box on entry form and committee will discuss with you.
» A 10% commission will be added to the sale price of all quilts for sale.
» The Judges decisions shall be final and no correspondence will be entered into.
» The committee reserves the right to not award a prize in any category if it sees fit.


Traditional: a pattern or design with an established history in the quilting tradition.
Contemporary: a design with fundamental deviation from traditional patterns and sets.
Group Quilt: a quilt pieced/appliquéd by two or more people
Pictorial: quilt showing recognizable scene or picture
Child’s Quilt: quilt made for a child
Challenge: see page below

2012 Exhibition Challenge: “Harvest Happenings”

» 100 x100 cm (maximum) quilt
» Must have 3 layers
» Can be mixed media
» Must contain an interpretation of the word "harvest"
» Entry fee waived
» Back labelling & hanging ability as per conditions of entry

Entry Fee: $10 for each quilt (waived if entry is for “Harvest Happenings” Challenge)


Conditions of Entry
Entry Form

Visit website for more details: