Saturday, January 02, 2010

The Ian Potter Cultural Trust

Three Deadlines: by 5:00 pm (RECEIVE) or (HAND DELIVERY)

1 February 2010
For project/travel after 14 May 2010

1 June 2010
For project/travel after 10 September 2010

13 September 2010
For project/travel after 17 December 2010

The Ian Potter Cultural Trust

funded by The Ian Potter Foundation
Melbourne VIC
Funding Opportunity

The Ian Potter Cultural Trust:

Makes grants to individuals to the maximum sum of $7,000
Only makes grants for projects in cultural and arts fields
Is funded on an ongoing basis by The Ian Potter Foundation.

Applicants should be in the early stages of their careers and must demonstrate initiative, exceptional talent and passion for their work.

Grants are made to practising artists for professional development and are only available to Australian citizens or those permanently residing in Australia.

Requests must be for

Postgraduate study that will take place overseas
Mentoring or private lessons overseas
Overseas residencies or study tours with an educational focus or;
Non standard musical instruments or equipment.
If seeking support for the making of a film, applicants must be final year or post-graduate film students.

Financial contributions

Applicants must make a reasonable personal financial contribution to the project. The Trust considers support to individuals to the maximum sum of $7,000.

The Trust does not currently have an application form. Instead, applicants are asked to complete the requirements detailed in the Submitting an Application section of the website. Note: the Application Coversheet must be completed and included for your application to be considered.

Applications are accepted throughout the year but are only considered at the three meetings of the Board of Trustees.

In order for requests to be considered, they must be received by 5pm on the specified closing date. Late applications may be held over for consideration at the next meeting.

The applicant’s intended project commencement or travel date should be after the dates specified in the Closing Dates section below. This is due to the timing of the Trustee’s meeting, as the Trust does not fund retrospectively.

Visit the website for complete details:

Claire Rimmer
Program Manager
The Ian Potter Cultural Trust
Level 3, 111 Collins St
Melbourne VIC 3000