Saturday, January 02, 2010

Haliburton Art & Craft Festival

Deadline: February 26, 2010 (POSTMARK) & (Hand Delivery)

Haliburton Art & Craft Festival
Rails End Gallery & Arts Centre

Head Lake Park
Haliburton Village, Ontario
July 23 to 25, 2010

The 46th Annual Haliburton Art & Craft Show is an outdoor show held in Head Lake Park in Haliburton Village. This juried show welcomes applications from a wide range of artists and artisans and is sponsored by the Rails End Gallery & Arts Centre, a non-profit public gallery located in Haliburton’s heritage railway station. The Haliburton Art & Craft Festival is run by Volunteers in support of the Rails End Gallery & Arts Centre. It is attended by more than eight thousand visitors from across Ontario. Further information is available by calling 705-457-2330 or at

• Applicants must be the designer, creator and producer of the art/craft sold at the show. The work must be original, well conceived, expertly executed without technical faults and show an identity of design.

• NO manufactured items are allowed in the show. Our foremost interest is that the items are made by hand using a hand controlled process. Ready-made components are acceptable only if their importance is secondary to the skill and design contributed by the artist or artisan and, where their use is clearly appropriate to the nature and design of the work.

• Articles made from moulds are acceptable only where the mold is the design and product of the artist or crafts-person or where the mould is subordinate to the maker’s creativity.

• Any article in any media using a commercial kit is automatically disqualified.

• Traditional items have a greater emphasis on craftsmanship rather that innovation and exploration of materials. Both approaches are equally valid and all pieces will be judged on the overall success of the design.

• Original paintings and drawings are strongly encouraged. Reproductions i.e. giclee prints must be done to professional standards and must be clearly identified as such.

• An entry will be disqualified if the work includes: kits; work made from kits; factory, commercial or mass produced work.
• No food items are allowed.

The Jury reserves the right to decide on the appropriateness of all work to be included in the show.

Artists may apply in one of the following categories:
Wood, Clay, Painting/drawing/printmaking, Jewelry using precious metals, Jewelry using other materials, Fibre art/fashion/accessories, Metal, Stained glass/hot glass, Sculpture, Photography, Other

Booths are available in 1 size only:
10’ wide x 10’ deep $ 288.75 (275 + 12.50GST)
Additional spot(s) may be purchased. A 50% discount will apply to additional spots.

Visit website for full details:

Applications can be completed online, printed, signed and mailed. NOTE: Digital images must be submitted on CD with your mailed application.

Guidelines: Word print version OR PDF print version
Application Form: form-fillable Word OR PDF print version

Please contact Rails End Gallery & Arts Centre 705-457-2330 or email:

Rails End Gallery & Arts Centre
23 York Street
Haliburton, ON
K0M 1S0