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Deadline: Multiple Deadlines (see below)


independent Canadian Textile and Fibre Arts/
Craft and History on-line magazine
Puublishing Opportunity

2010 - 2011 call for submissions & due dates

Volume 6 Issue 1/ Spring 2010
Comfort Zone ( blankets, sweater, scarves old family textiles things that inspire safety.
Story Ideas December 15, 2009
Editorial Deadline February 15, 2010
Posting March 21, 2010

Volume 6 Issue 2 / Summer 2010
Rugs and Carpets
Story Ideas February 15, 2010
Editorial Deadline May 15, 2010
Posting June 21, 2010

Volume 6 Issue 3/ Fall 2010
Story Ideas June 15, 2010
Editorial Deadline August 15 , 2010
Posting September 21, 2010

Volume 6 Issue 4/Winter 2010
Anthology with the year in reviews plus report from Textile Society of America Symposium from Lincoln Nebraska
October 6 – 10, 2010

Volume 7 Issue 1/ Spring 2011
Wall Hangings
Story Ideas December 15 , 2010
Editorial Deadline February 15 , 2011
Posting May, 2011

fibreQUARTERLY shall explore these “categories”:
  1. Tapestry. Is it a specific method of working or a mislabeling of something that is hung on a wall?

  2. Hangings. “Art” or just blankets, rugs, carpets and quilts?
    What are the construction methods? Are they woven, knotted, hooked, punched, whole or pieced?

  3. These few words outline the variety of approaches and methods in creating the objects that, depending on size or scale, can limit or alter function; can be used for explaining or describing fibre based, textile/fabric work that is hung on walls.


We invite submissions in the following areas:

Articles: We are seeking essays and profiles dealing with the categories (as listed above). Histories of national, provincial, or local organizations; associations, guilds or “networks” that developed to focus on or facilitate study, creation, and promotion of specific traditional ways of working.

Profiles of Individual Artists identified as “masters” of these methods [contemporary or deceased]

Up and coming practitioners with portfolio presentations accompanied with critical examination and/ or interviews.

Profile of mid career artist with either interview or bio sketch

On Going Sections:

Thinking Fibre

In the Viewfinder

Who Made That?; Textiles as Public Art: Contribute to building a database of textile and fibre work on display in public spaces.


After Words

Retracing History [a new section of the publication]


fibreQUARTERLY(est. 2005)is a non- affiliated, independent Canadian Textile and Fibre Arts/ Craft and History on-line magazine. It is produced with the volunteer contributions of artist, writers, curators and educators.

Publisher: Joe Lewis
Associate Editors:
Montreal: J Penny Burton
Toronto: Sharon Butler, Michell Walker
Calgary: Jane Kelley

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