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ART342 Artist in Residence Program

Two Deadlines: (RECEIVE)
November 1, 2009
March 1, 2010

Artist in Residence Program

Fort Collins, Colorado
Spring 2010: January 11 – April 23
Summer 2010: May 3 – August 13

ART342 is an artist-in-residency program in Fort Collins, Colorado. We offer free studio and living spaces to resident artists. We can accommodate visual artists, ceramicists, scholarly and creative writers, and composers. Applications are reviewed by an independent jury. Up to 5 artists are selected for each 15-week session. Residents are asked to donate work and/or services to the Fort Collins community.

ELIGIBILITY: The Residency Program is open to visual artists, creative writers, scholars in arts or aesthetics, composers, interdisciplinary artists, and collaborative teams. Applicants must show professional standing in their field. Both mature and emerging artists of promise are welcome to apply.

General Policies and the Site

At this time our studios are primarily designed for visual artists, ceramicists, and composers. We are not set up for welders, metal smiths, woodworkers, choreographers, and other media. We will consider creative and scholarly writers, although we may ask them to share a studio.

We will ask that residents give back to ART342 and/or the Fort Collins community. This could involve an informal work shop, a class, a donation of a piece, etc.

We may propose one 'open house' per session. Each artist can then decline to open their studio or be present.

At this time, each session lasts 15 weeks. We will consider accepting two applicants who can share a session without overlap.

We will award each resident a weekly stipend of $100. This may be used for supplies, or any other expenses as the resident prefers. At this time, we do not offer additional stipends for the residents who live on site.

We will supply each studio with a chair, work table, work sink and some shelving. Just let us know what additional furniture and equipment you require and we will do what we can. Studio Miles is equipped with a kiln for ceramicists. Studio Mingus will have an extensive set of electronic music composition gear.

Fort Collins, Colorado is located alongside the foothills of the Rocky Mountain range, about 60 miles north of Denver. It offers a wide range of outdoors activities, cultural events and many fine restaurants.

Residency Schedules

Spring 2010
January 11 – April 23
Apply by November 1

Summer 2010
May 3 – August 13
Apply by March 1

All sessions will last for approximately 15 weeks. Visit website for complete details:

Download Application:
Studio Application Forms (PDF)
Studio Application Forms (MS Word)

Artist-in-Residence Program

342 W Douglas Rd
Fort Collins, CO 80524