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Jerome Fiber Artist Project Grants

Deadline: October 18, 2013 (RECEIVE)

Jerome Fiber Artist Project Grants
Textile Center

Minneapolis, MN

In 2013-14, the sixth round of Jerome Fiber Artist Project Grants will be awarded through the Textile Center. This program is designed to expand opportunities for emerging fiber artists in Minnesota, supporting the artists as they undertake specific artistic projects. Four $4500 grants will be awarded to support a wide range of project activities – from purchasing equipment, devoting time to studio work, to travel and study with established artists.

To be eligible for a Project Grant, you must
• be an artist committed to the field of fiber art
• have completed all formal academic training by the start of the grant period (December 2013), and are not enrolled either part- or full-time in a degree granting institution
• not be employed as a fiber art or art instructor at the college level during the grant period
• be a resident of Minnesota for at least 6 months prior to the application deadline
• be in an emerging or developing stage in your artistic development
Artists who have previously received a Jerome Project Grant cannot apply again until three years after the date of their award.

Defining Fiber Art
Work should include the construction or manipulation of fibers and textiles using textile techniques such as weaving, dyeing, surface design, knitting, quilting, needle work, beading, lace making, felting, hooking, sewing, spinning, basketry etc. Mixed media work is acceptable if the materials or techniques used are primarily textile related.

Defining Emerging
Textile Center identifies emerging fiber artists as artists who are in a formative career stage. While the definition of emerging remains flexible to accommodate individual circumstances, Textile Center uses several broad indicators to determine eligibility in the Fiber Artists Project Grant Program. These indicators include:
• Artist is committed to the field of fiber art.
• Artist is in a developing stage. The term emerging refers to artistic development, professional accomplishment and ecognition, not to stylistic evolution within an artist's
• Artist has limited exhibition exposure/experience (include exhibitions, reviews, commissions, performances,residencies, publications and productions.)
• Artist is the recipient of limited previous grants and awards.
• Artist is under recognized and has not received acknowledgment as an established creator from fellow artists and other arts professionals.

Complete Instructions, Eligibility and Submission: Jerome1314Cover.pdf

Download Application Forms

Application Form .DOC version: JeromeCFE14.doc

Application Form .PDF version (printable): JeromeCFE14.pdf

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The Textile Center
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