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Call for Papers/Costume Colloquium IV: Colors in Fashion

Deadline: July 1, 2013 (EMAIL)

Call for Papers
Costume Colloquium IV: Colors in Fashion

Florence, Italy
November 6-9, 2014

The next edition of Costume Colloquium will focus on a kaleidoscope of topics that rotate around the color wheel of fashion. As with all the past three Costume Colloquium conferences, an international, interdisciplinary and intercultural format will spark a lively and informative dialogue among speakers and participants from a variety of backgrounds, professions and points of view.

The Advisory Committee and organizers of the next Costume Colloquium dedicated to “Colors in Fashion” are seeking new and unpublished papers for the 2014 conference. As with all the previous Costume Colloquium conferences, presentations can be made on material of a theoretical and/or practical nature. Not only informative, but also inventive and creative presentations are welcome.

Topics of interest include the following:

Codification of colors past and present:
◦Lexicon and terminology: problems and eventual solutions
◦Archival documents and corresponding examples

Symbolism of colors in dress and fashion:
◦Variations of the meaning and value of color in fashion over time
◦The significance of color in dress among different cultures
◦Color as a language of power
◦Color as a language of belonging

Interaction among colors in style and fashion presentation:
◦Color of dress and fashion in museum or commercial displays: to sell or to save?
◦Color combinations in dress: rules or lack of?

Colors and techniques of fabrics:
◦New methods of dye research and analysis
◦Alteration of colored fabrics: causes and conservation
◦Methods of color reproduction for conservation or exhibitions: natural or synthetic?

Color and fashion trends:
◦Designers, stylists and forecasters: how are fashion color palettes determined?

Submission Information and Instructions: (truncated)

Your proposal abstract must be received following these criteria:

- Language for the paper submission is English.

- All the personal data for the author and the co-author(s) must be filled out.

- Your affiliation and job title or description are requested.

- The abstract text can be a maximum of 400 words. Should your abstract proposal be accepted, the text you submit will be published online as it is received.

- Include a brief autobiography (200 words maximum).

- You can include a list (maximum 5 entries) of publications that best represent your expertise.

- If you have images (maximum 5 of maximum 1mb size each) to support your proposal include them in the CCIV Submission Form in the indicated field.

Costume Colloquium will be unable to pay for any expenses involved in the preparation and presentation of papers. Please obtain all necessary permissions for use of images before the presentation is given.

Length of presentations: 20 minutes

Your proposal abstract and brief autobiography must be received via email by July 1st 2013.

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