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Delaplaine Visual Arts Education Center: Solo or Small Group Shows

Deadline: (ONGOING)

Exhibit Proposal
Solo or Small Group Shows
The Delaplaine Visual Arts Education Center

Frederick, MD

The Delaplaine seeks proposals on an ongoing basis for shows in our six galleries as well as school and community groups for the Community Art Wall.

Selection Process
Exhibit selections are made by the Center’s Exhibit Selection Panel, comprised of working artists and arts administrators. Final decisions may require a studio visit when necessary. Exhibitions are scheduled 2 years in advance.

Application Fee: $30 processing fee. This fee is waived for members of the Center (if the proposal is for a group show, the group contact person must be a member in order to waive the processing fee).

Proposal must include: (truncated)

• A Power Point (ppt.) presentation. 6-10 digital images per artist, noting the title, media, dimensions and year produced on the image slide. A current, brief resume and bio on a ppt. slide.
A proposal (on ppt. slide) describing the focus or intent of the exhibit - no more than one page.

If you cannot provide a Power Point presentation...
• Individual TIFF or Jpeg images are acceptable. They may be on a disk or sent by email.
• Email a Word document with the same information as is required for the Power Point presentation: title, media and dimensions, bio and resume, focus of exhibit, etc.

Additional Information:
Images submitted should substantially represent the scope of the work to be exhibited; however, it is recognized that new work may be created for the exhibit. Work in all media will be considered, including installations, video and film. Preference is given to artists living or working within a 75-mile radius of Frederick.

Site Visit
We strongly recommend you visit the gallery spaces before making a proposal. You may indicate a preference for gallery space, but final determination will be made by the Center staff based on Exhibit Selection Panel recommendation, scheduling and space availability.

Questions? Contact Diane Sibbison 301.698.0656 ext. 115, or by e-mail

Download Solo Proposal Guidelines:

More details on the website:

Visual Arts Education Center
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