Thursday, May 27, 2010

ITAMI International Craft Exhibition

Deadline: 30th July, 2010 (RECEIVE)

2010 ITAMI International Craft Exhibition
The Museum of Arts & Crafts

Itami, HYOGO

Theme: “Shuki and Shuhaidai”

Creation of works under the theme “Shuki and Shuhaidai” with no restriction on material. All works must concern Sake.

This is an open competition. Both individual and group entries are welcome.

Maximum Number of Submission
There is no limit to number of works to be submitted. However, when submitting works (or group of works) under different
concepts, please submit separate entry forms for each set of works.

Application Essentials
All works must be complete, original and unreleased with the sales price equal to or no more than 100,000 yen. Regarding the works submitted from abroad, they will not be for sale due to the declaration of exemption from taxation for re-export. There is no limit on size. However, organiser may decide not to show the works that may cause difficulty in transportation and display or for those that are too fragile.

Registration fee of 11,000 yen (general)/ 7,000 yen (students). All fees are inclusive of return delivery fee of 3,000 yen. There is no refund of the registration fee under any circumstance.

Best Overall Award
¥500,000 for 1 artist
2nd Best Overall Award (Shirayuki Award)
¥400,000 for 1 artist presented by Konishi Brewing Co., Ltd.
Itami Award
¥350,000 for 1 artist
Gold Awards
¥250,000 for each of the 2 awards: Shirayuki Itami Morohaku
Award and Shirayuki Classic Award both presented by Konishi
Brewing Co., Ltd.
Awards for Promising Talent
¥200,000 for each of the 3 awards: Oimatsu Award presented by
Itami Oimatsu Brewing Co., Ltd., Koyosha Award presented by
Koyosha Inc. and YOU-I Award presented by YOU-I Co., Ltd.
Best Material Award
¥100,000 for 1 artist presented by Satake Glass Co. Ltd.
Judge’s Choice
¥50,000 for 1 artist presented by Itami Shuzo Association



Contact: Please contact us by email only. email:

The Museum of Arts & Crafts ITAMI
5-28, Miyanomae 2-chome, Itami, HYOGO 664-0895 JAPAN
phone: +81 (0)72-772-5557 fax: +81 (0)72-772-5558

*For applicants who wish to apply from inside Japan, please contact us separately. We will inform you of the procedure for domestic applicants since there are some differences between the international applicants.