Saturday, May 01, 2010

Dance of Life: Bras for Breast Cancer

Deadline: September 24, 2010 (RECEIVE)

Dance of Life: Bras for Breast Cancer
Hosted by: Artisan Style

Dallas, TX
October 2 to October 23, 2010

Curated by: Junanne Peck, 214-336-8526,

This exhibit is to give vision and voice to the experiences of all those affected by breast cancer. The mission of this exhibit is to bring awareness of breast cancer and how it affects survivors, patients, families and friends who have stories to share. It is to increase community awareness and healing through art.

This exhibition is a celebration of strength, courage, fragility and feeling expressed through painting, collage, sculpture, dance, storytelling, film/video, mail art and song.

The “Dance of Life” will have an auction of embellished bras that will be exhibited alongside works of art at the opening reception. We are organizing multiple events centered around the event.

If you or your organization in the DFW area would like to set up a workshop to create embellished bras, I’ll be glad to attend and help get it going.

Everyone is invited to participate in this event.

All entries are donated for the Auction.

All entries will be exhibited and Auctioned and there are no returns.

Funds raised will go to a local cancer research/recovery facility.

Download the entry form" Bras_For_Breast_Cancer/Entry Form [pdf}

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