Friday, October 30, 2009


Deadline: Ongoing (see dates below)


Publishing Opportunity

How to submit to CROQ Zine (truncated)

Our focus is the DIY crafty community with an indie business focus.

Contributors receive a byline with a website address, and a complimentary copy of the issue in which the contribution appears. There is no other pay at this time.

What we want:

  • DIY Projects with pictures (approximately 300-600 word articles, 2-5 clear pictures of the process and the final product)

  • Personal essays that deal with your craft, your crafty life, craft ethics, the craft community or other crafty topic (600 words or less)

  • Interviews with crafty visionaries, indie crafters, or influencers (preferably somewhat known in crafty circles) (600-1000 words)

  • News/Feature stories of crafters doing something notable or craftivism-related

  • Seasonal crafty content (think one season ahead!)

  • Fun Crafty Print Activities (Example: Summer issue Word Find, Craft MASH game)

  • Crafty and Indie Business Articles

We are looking for a wide variety of illustrations. If you are interested in illustrating for us, please send a message of inquiry along with links to some examples.

Illustrations can be any style or media, but should work well when printed in black and white.

We are willing to look at your existing illustrations for use in the zine, but are more interested in custom illustrations that compliment our content specifically.

Payment at this time is non-monetary. We will give your illustration a credit with your name & web address, along with a complimentary copy of the zine.

(Note: As of this posting, deadline dates conflict on the CROQ blog and the CROQ website. Contact CROQ zine publisher for clarification.)

Spring issue (due date: January 15), , Projected publishing date: March 1
Summer issue (due date: April 15) , Projected publishing date: June 1
Fall issue (due date: July 15), Projected publishing date: September 1
Winter issue (due date: October 15), Projected publishing date: December 1

Complete information is available at the website: