Saturday, May 23, 2009

A Reader Asks...

Recently, The Keeper responded to a query from a reader regarding filtering posts by category. Here's the reply:

Since we categorize our entries by using LABELS, it's very easy to filter the postings. (Note: the facfe labels are included at the end of this message in comma separated format).

There are three ways for you to do this:

  1. To filter the listings when visiting, scroll down to LABELS on the sidebar and click the category to view ALL items posted using that label.

  2. If you receive our posts via your inbox, simply modify your feedblitz subscription. Go to Login then go to subscription settings. You will see the following options on the "modify subscription" page:

    Include posts tagged: Comma separated, blank for all
    Exclude posts tagged: Use commas, blank for none

    Just include the tags (labels) you wish to receive and exclude the tags you do not wish to receive. Separate the labels with commas.

    Click update publication when you've finished editing.

  3. If you subscribe to the feed via Google Reader, Bloglines, etc., modify your subscription to pull just the items of interest by way of the labels (or categories).

    Type the following:

    Be sure to substitute in the correct label you're interested in for labelname. Also, don't miss the hyphen ("-") in the URL. That's not a typo!

FACFE LABELS in comma separated format: (Note: Categories are added to the website from time to time so update as needed)

EMAIL, Hand Delivery, Ongoing/Unspecified, Online, POSTMARK, RECEIVE, All CRAFT, All FIBER, All Media, Aprons, Artist Books, Artist/Slide Registry, Basketry, Beading, Book Arts, Call for Papers, Challenges, Collage, Competitions, Conferences, Contests, Crafts, Crochet, Curatorial/Exhibition Proposals, DIY, Drawing, Embellishment, Embroidery, Environmental, Exhibitions, Fabric, Fairs/Festivals, Fashion, Fellowships, Feltmaking, Folk Art, Fundraising, General, Grants/Funding, Installations, Internships, Knitting, Lace, Marketplace, Message Box, Miniature, Misc., Mixed Media, Needle Arts, Painted Works, Paper Arts/Paper Goods, Portfolio Review, Postcards, Printmaking, Public Art, Publishing, Quilts, Recycled, Residencies, RFP, RFQ, Rugs, Sculpture, Seminar, Sewing, Shibori, Small/Mini Works, Student Work, Symposia, Tapestry, Teaching Opps, Visual Art, visual culture, Wearable Art, Weaving, Workshops