Monday, February 02, 2009

Maine Public Sculpture Grant 2009

Two Deadline: March 31, 2009 and June 30, 2009 by midnight 12:00 a.m. (EMAIL) & (RECEIVE)

2009 Maine Public Sculpture Grant

Maine Arts Commission and the Harry Faust Art Fund
For: Artists, Art Educators, Organizations, Arts/Cultural Businesses
Disciplines: Media Arts, Visual Arts/Crafts, Sculpture, Multi-Disiplinary

In an ongoing effort to support public art in Maine, the Maine Arts Commission and the Harry Faust Art Fund proudly announce a one-time competitive grant program offering up to $20,000 for artists, non-profit organizations, and for-profit organizations in Maine to create public sculpture.

The purpose of this grant is to encourage the creation of public sculpture by Maine artists and designers within the state of Maine.

Applicants may employ a broad definition of "public sculpture" when crafting their proposal. Large and small scale projects will be considered as well as temporary work. Sculpture may be installed on public or private sites, but must be located outdoors and visible to the general public. Projects that reference the history of their location are acceptable. Funding will be considered to support ongoing programs that seek to place sculpture in the public view, permanently or temporarily. Projects to restore existing public sculpture, including land art, are also eligible.

In addition to supporting the arts, the aim of this grant is to encourage positive cross-sector communication and collaboration between artists and non-arts entities. Applicants are encouraged to initiate projects that actively engage sites, civic or service organizations, and artists. Projects may be initiated by any one of these three entities, but proposals that involve all three are encouraged. Engagement with the community, private parties and local leaders is an important ingredient to successful public artwork and often essential when the work intersects with municipal domains.

Applications with both specific and general proposals about placement of the work will be considered.

Matching funds are not required for this grant; however applicants are strongly encouraged to have at least a 25% match from either financial or in-kind contributions, such as site preparation, delivery, installation.

Who is Eligible to Apply
Maine Artists, Maine arts organization, non-profit and for-profit organizations in the state of Maine.

The maximum award for Public Art Sculpture Grant is $20,000.

Review Process
A committee composed of citizens chosen by the Harry Faust Art Fund and the Maine Arts Commission will review applications.

Recommendations will be presented to the Maine Arts Commission and the Harry Faust Art Fund. The Maine Arts Commission approves the selection process and the Harry Faust Art Fund approves the artwork.

Review Criteria
All grant proposals are reviewed on a competitive basis using the following criteria:
  1. The qualification of the artist/agency
  2. The quality and relevance of the proposed project
  3. Community outreach elements
  4. Collaboration elements
  5. Availability of matching funding for the project
Materials may be emailed or mailed.

Public Sculpture Grant
c/o Kerstin Gilg
Maine Arts Commission
193 State Street
25 State House Station
Augusta, Maine 04333-0025

If you have questions about your Public Art Sculpture Grant application, please contact Kerstin Gilg, Public Art Associate, at 207/287-6719 or

Visit the website for complete details about this and other public art programs: