Monday, February 16, 2009

Crafthouse Shop and Gallery

Deadline: Multiple Deadlines/Ongoing (see below)

The Crafthouse Gallery
The Crafthouse Shop

Opportunities for Exhibition and Sales
Crafts Association of British Columbia (CABC)
Vancouver BC -- Canada


The Crafthouse Gallery
Exhibition Proposal Applications must be submitted to the Gallery Committee by May 31 of the year prior to the exhibition. Please request a Gallery Exhibition Proposal Application form for submission. The criteria for selection include: quality and strength of work, educational value and innovation. The proposal and slides should present a cohesive body of work with a unifying theme and personal style.

The Crafthouse Shop
Crafthouse juries work from craftspeople who are Canadian citizens or residents of Canada, on a bi-monthly basis. The criteria for selection is originality , good design, technical competency, good presentation and suitability to venue. Membership in the Crafts Association of BC is mandatory.

Applicants must pre-register with Crafthouse by phone, personal visit, e-mail or fax, as a maximum of 10 people’s work is looked at per session (20 in October).

The Crafthouse Shop 2009 jury dates are as follows: February 9, April 6, June 8, August 10, October 5 (this jury is aimed at the Holiday, with emphasis on hand made ornaments and work that retails in the $100 and under category. Other work is also accepted). There is no jury in December.

The jury is comprised of the Crafthouse Shop Committee. Members of this committee include the shop manager, a Board member, craftspeople and occasionally craftspeople who are invited for their expertise in a particular medium.

Please supply:
1. Five samples of work. Pack this work safely and deliver in a labeled container/s. Indicate if this work is available for sale, should it be accepted.
2. Biographical information, a brief description of the making of your work, artist statement and retail price. Please include your phone number.
3. If the work is from outside Vancouver, slides or photos (preferable) can be sent, but a minimum of one piece should accompany the presentation. Return shipping instructions, an address label and costs should also be included.

Upon acceptance, the craftsperson receives 55% of the retail price. Membership in the Crafts Association of BC is required at time of pre-registration. If your work is considered unsuitable for Crafthouse, membership is not refundable. If your work is accepted, Crafthouse asks for exclusivity in the shops on Granville Island.

Juror's Guidelines and Suitability to Venue Guidelines included in the Application Guidelines.

Crafthouse is a program of the Crafts Association of British Columbia (CABC), a non-profit charity.

Download the Application Guidelines: [doc]

Visit the website for additional details:

Crafts Association of British Columbia (CABC)
366 Cartwright
Granville Island
Vancouver BC
Canada V6H 3R8
Telephone: 604.687.7270
Fax: 604.687.6711