Monday, March 27, 2006

Quilt National 2007


Quilt National 2007 is the fifteenth in the series of international juried competitions dedicated to promoting the contemporary quilt by serving as a showcase for NEW work that provides the viewer with an appreciation of the variety of techniques and innovative trends in the medium of layered and stitched fabric.

Visitors to Quilt National '07 will see that the time-honored traditions are thriving and are being expressed in new forms as today's artists rise to meet the challenges of new techniques and materials.

Approximately 85 works will be selected for display at the Dairy Barn Cultural Arts Center, May 26 - September, 2007. Following its debut in Athens,Ohio, portions of the collection will circulate to other venues through December, 2009.

For additional information contact:

Quilt National '07
Dairy Barn Arts Center
P.O. Box 747
Athens, OH 45701-0747
Telephone: 740-592-4981
Fax: 740-592-5090

Rules and Regulations
Entry Form
FAQ About Eligibility