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Tilburg, Netherlands

The TextielLab at the TextielMuseum is a unique knowledge centre, combining a specialised workshop for the manufacture of unique fabrics and an open studio where innovation is central. National and international designers, architects, artists and promising students are guided by product developers and technical experts, and so discover the endless possibilities of yarn, computer-controlled techniques and craftsmanship.

The extensive library, museum collection and temporary exhibitions are an important source of information and inspiration for the TextielLab’s clients.

The TextielLab aims to become an international knowledge centre, a place where innovation is born. Collaborating on and further developing exceptional, niche projects is one of its core activities.

It focuses primarily on design projects (design and fashion) and art. Applications are assessed on motivation, innovation (technical or material) and artistry by a committee of creative, technical and content-driven team members.

Training and education are of paramount importance in the TextielLab. Our creative and technical teams regularly visit trade fairs and are knowledgeable and well equipped. We also invest in safeguarding knowledge. All our projects are archived and processes are described.

Through intensive collaboration with the TextielLab’s creative and technical teams, you control the whole process. Push your experimental boundaries with machines, software and yarns!

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For applications and more information about the possibilities of working the TextielLab:

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