Friday, February 14, 2014

Library Thoughts 4

Deadline: March 31, 2014 (RECEIVE)

Library Thoughts 4
Hegyvidek Gallery

Budapest, Hungary
August 26 - September 06, 2014

This exhibition is part of the AIR/HMC, Budapest, International Artists in Residency program.

Johann Gutenberg's invention of movable type books ignited the explosion of art. These days the printed books that were previously published by publishers now can be read on line as ebooks. What is the future? Instead of having to interact with computers through not-so-intuitive and sometimes even counter-intuitive devices like a computer mouse or trackpad, soon users will be able to control their computers doing natural human movements such as gestures, whole-body movement, eye movement, and perhaps even such things as facial expressions.

Is it the end for books as we know them?

Question the survival of paper, books, libraries in this digital age. The process of sending artworks through the mail, with the envelope, the stamp and the postmark as entire part of the mail-art-object make this process to what we call Mail Art. Since 1986 we call mail-artists also networkers because they are active in/with several "media": music, computer (internet, e-mail), fax, copy-art, performance, small-press, artists' books, etc.

Curator: Beata Szechy

Acceptable Artworks:

Artist books, works on or of paper may be any size, but MUST fit in a 9 X 12 (22.9X30.5cm) envelope.

Un-matted, unframed photography, drawing, painting, printmaking, collage, mixed media, cast or folded paper, multimedia or digital prints.

Submission Requirements:

1. Send the application form, artist resume/CV, artist statement, 1 - 3 still image work samples OR short video (YouTube) by email and application fee by PayPal ($35)

2. Original artworks & SASE arrival to HMC, Dallas by 04/15/14 or HMC, Budapest by 06/15/2014

3. Notification letter will be sent on 04/04/14

As a courtesy to Fiber Art Call for Entry readers, the Entry
Form/Prospectus may be downloaded via Google Drive:
Library Thoughts 4.pdf

Visit website for additional information: www.hungarian-multicultural-center

Contact: Beata Szechy,