Monday, November 28, 2011

Miami International Airport: mia Galleries


Call for Exhibition Proposals
mia Galleries

Miami International Airport
Miami, FL

mia Galleries at Miami International Airport is looking for quality and engaging exhibitions in diverse media. Artists, curators, organizations and educators are encouraged to submit proposals for projects.

Exhibitions are awarded to projects which:
•are unique
•explore new art forms
•are of high quality
•demonstrate thoughtful consideration of the airport environment as a public place
•get viewers to see things in new ways
•address themes that are relevant to specific local community in an innovative way
•present traditional art forms that are rooted in a particular culture, place, or history

mia Galleries at Miami International Airport has several exhibition locations throughout the airport. You may propose exhibitions or projects for a specific location, but the airport reserves the right to select the final location based on availability, space constraints and other factors. Please be flexible as exhibiting in other areas of the airport often offers the opportunity for even more visibility and engagement with the airport environment. Adaptability and flexibility are great qualities for any artist, curator or group exhibiting at the airport.

•Four to six month exhibition in the mia Central TerminalGallery or exhibition site throughout the airport terminal
•Insurance of all work and materials in the exhibit
•Design, printing and distribution of an exhibition publication
•PR and distribution of promotional announcements to mailing list
•Promotion through Miami International Airport website
•Installation assistance
•Labels and signage

Please note that if your proposal is accepted, we may need to work with you to modify the proposal/exhibition plans based on unforeseen changes in funding, availability of space and other factors.

Complete submission guidelines available on website:

Once you have reviewed the guidelines and information, call 305-876-0749 or email if you have any questions.

Division of Fine Arts & Cultural Affairs
mia Galleries Exhibition Proposal
Miami International Airport
P.O. Box 025504
Miami, FL. 33102-5504